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15 Most Popular Crochet Hat Patterns from AllFreeCrochet by Nicki's Homemade Crafts #crochet #patterns #free #allfreecrochet #hat #beanie #popular #best #collectionWhen you try to find the best crochet hat patterns, it can get be overwhelming very quickly, because there are so many available. Furthermore, everywhere you look you suddenly see new ones pop up.

Well, I would like to make your life a bit easier. I have several of my patterns listed on AllFreeCrochet, so do many other crochet designers. Although there are so many wonderful and creative crochet hat patterns easily accessible on their website, I would like to provide you with the most popular 15 of them that I found.

Furthermore, I would like to mention that I am listed as one of their top designers, which is very much an honor to me as this site really helped me spread the word about all my free crochet patterns. And if you have ever looked through my crochet pattern list, you will notice that most of crochet patterns are hats or beanies.

I just love making hats as gifts. They go quick, look elegant and unique and most people will need them during the winter season, so you will ever get people disappointed when gifting a crochet hat.

15 Most Popular Crochet Hat Patterns from AllFreeCrochet by Nicki's Homemade Crafts #crochet #patterns #free #allfreecrochet #hat #beanie #popular #best #collection

To this day, hats and beanie are always my most popular and crochet patterns. They are also requested by my followers the most if I need more crochet ideas. Well, as I love making crochet hats, I will properly never get borrowed of making them. At least I hope so.

So, before I babble on more, let me provide you with the 15 most popular crochet hat patterns on

1. Their top hat crochet pattern is a Minecraft Creeper Hat. It seem like after so many years Minecraft is still very popular. Find the pattern HERE

2. Another very cute hat pattern is the Berry Delight Beanie. OMG, this little girl on the picture really captures the beauty of this hat pattern. Get the pattern HERE

3. Do you need an elegant hat pattern that is perfect for any girl? Look no further, this crochet pattern provides exactly that. Find the pattern HERE

4. When it comes to very easy, but still elegant hats, I think this yellow crochet hat pattern really sums it all up. Find the pattern HERE

5. When I look at this crocheted hat, all I can say is wow. It just looks so intricate and stunning. Find the pattern HERE

6. When are watermelons not in trend? Never! They always make the perfect gift, even as a crocheted hat. Look at this adorable watermelon hat! Find the pattern HERE

7. Sometimes hats just have to look simple, but still provide a touch of elegance, well, this crocheted hat for sure has these features. Find the pattern HERE

8. And of course there are times, you need a beanie for your man! Have you seen this one? It looks like a perfect fit. Find the pattern HERE

9. I am not sure I have the words to describe this hat. I just love this crocheted hat pattern so much, I might just make it for myself! Find the pattern HERE

10. I really like the Chevron Stitch. This crocheted hat pattern actually features this stitch very well. I like it a lot. Find the pattern HERE

11. And yes, one of my hat patterns is also featured. I really loved making this Snowflake Messy Bun Hat. It is also very sturdy and looks super elegant. Find the pattern HERE

12. I really enjoy the simplicity of this crocheted hat pattern. The colors changes are very nicely done. Find the pattern HERE

13. I am not surprised that one of my most popular hat patterns is listed here as well. It went viral quickly when I published it. I still love it and make it many times. Find the pattern HERE

14. This dragonfly hat is so nicely done. I really like it a lot. I am sure any girl would love it a lot. Find the pattern HERE

15. Let’s round up this pattern collection with this very adorable looking crocheted hat pattern. This Robot hat would make any boy super happy to have it. Find the pattern HERE

Although there are many more hundreds of patterns that are just as awesome as these 15, I wanted to provide you with a snapshot of the 15 most popular ones in my opinion. Remember this listed changes daily as more patterns are added to their list. Be sure to subscribe to AllFreeCrochets newsletter as you will get so many more send in an email.

The same goes for my email newsletter. I always send out newsletters when something new appears on my website so you will never miss out on anything. Sign up on the side (on desktop) or below (mobile).

Please make sure you share this awesome collection with the world on social media! I truly believe these are the most popular hat patterns right now listed on AllFreeCrochet.

15 Most Popular Crochet Hat Patterns from AllFreeCrochet by Nicki's Homemade Crafts #crochet #patterns #free #allfreecrochet #hat #beanie #popular #best #collection

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