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Now, that Halloween is over, everyone starts creating Holiday gifts or decorations. I started making lots and lots of them as well. While making using many patterns from other talented crocheters I created another pattern for you: a Christmas bauble with two hearts. The bauble is made by creating first two halves and then crocheting them together with a zigzag stitch.

Besides giving you this free pattern below, I also created a full video tutorial on how to make this Christmas bauble.

You will need:

    • worsted weighted yarn (I used Knitpicks dishie yarn) in any color combination you like
    • an ornament ball that is 3 inches in diameter
    • scissors
    • needle for weaving in
    • 3.5mm hook


Stitches that you need to know (click on the stitch below for a tutorial, if you need help):


Note: I will mention the colors I used, so you can follow along in my video tutorial and photos, but feel free to use any colors you want to use.

Bauble Halves (make 2):

Starting with red yarn (making the heart)

Row 1: Ch4, you will now place all the following stitches in the same stitch which is the 4th chain from the hook: 3tr, 3dc, ch1, 1tr, ch1, 3dc, 3tr, ch3, sl st into the center of the heart



Change yarn to green, drop red behind (you will pick it back up in row 4)

Row 2: Ch1, in BLO sc in each stitch all around, sl st into 1st sc


Row 3: Ch2, 2dc in the same stitch, ch1, sk st, *2dc, ch1, sk st, repeat from * all around, sl st to first dc


Change yarn to red, drop green behind (you will pick it back up in row 5)

Row 4: Ch1, *1hdc into space between the 2dc from the previous round, 2hdc into chain space from previous round, repeat from * all around, sl st to first hdc



Change yarn to green, drop red behind (you will pick it back up in row 6)

Row 5: Ch2, 1dc into the same st, *place 2dc into the space between 1hdc and 3hdc from the previous round, ch1, place 1dc into the space between 3hdc and 1hdc from the previous round, repeat from * all around, sl st to first dc


Change yarn to red, drop green behind (you will pick it back up in row 7)

Row 6: Ch1, 1hdc into the space before the ch1 you just made (video is very helpful on this part), ch1, *3hdc in space between 2dc and 1dc from previous round, ch1, repeat from * all around, place 2hdc into the last space where the first hdc was placed, sl st to first hdc


Change yarn to green (tie off red)

Row 7: Ch1, sc into the same st, *2hdc into the next space, 1sc into next 2st, repeat all around, ending with 1sc (not 2sc as you already place 1sc in the beginning), sl st to first sc

img_3851     img_3853


Tie off and weave in the ends.


Crocheting the two halves together using a zigzag stitch:

Attach the red yarn

Ch1, *sc to second half of the bauble, ch2 (let go of the chain), sk st, pull the hook thru the next stitch of the first half bauble, pull the loop you juts let go thru, ch1, sk st on the second half of the bauble, sc, repeat from * all the way around, placing the plastic ornament between the two halves after a couple of stitches, tie off and weave in the end.

img_3861    img_3863

Note: The video is very helpful below, especially for the zigzag stitch. I tried my best to get my camera to focus. I hope it is helpful and makes sense. Please let me know if you have any questions, comments or concerns. I am always happy to help.


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