DAY 6 of the Valentine’s CAL

Heart Envelope

This pattern is so cute and perfect for pretty much anyone. I used Premier Deborah Norville Everyday yarn, but you could use any other yarn, just be aware to use a smaller or lager hook (depending on which yarn you pick) and realize that the envelop either shrinks or gets bigger than for what I wrote it for. So cute though, right 🙂



You will need:

Final size of the envelope will be about 8×8 inches when using the same yarn.

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This pattern uses the C2C stitch (Corner to corner) by using hdc’s. If you have never done a C2C I highly recommend you watch the video tutorial below.

Using 2 color and half double crochet (hdc), make a C2C square of 20×20 squares/tiles. I started on the right bottom corner, but it actually really does not matter where you start as long as you know how to do a C2C.

Fasten off, leaving long yarn tail, weave in all other ends, fold 3 corners inwards to a point and sew the side together leaving an opening as the picture shows. Picture on the left shows before sewn together and the right side shows sewn together and turned right side out (sewn parts are inside).


Then add a button and attach the yarn of the oak heather color on the tip of the envelop flap and make a chain as long as needed depending on the button you use and reattach at the same spot as the starting point. So the loop needs to be long enough that it goes around your button.



Once you have done that, you are done with your Heart Envelop:-)

Here is the Video tutorial how to make a C2C (includes increases and decreases).

During the video I show how to do the C2C using double crochet and for the decreases I used single crochets on the sides, but for the envelop I used half double crochet and for the decreases I used slip stitches. Just keep that in mind when watching the video.

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