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A Crochet Best Seller Like No Other!

What if….

You are in the middle of a project, and you ran out of yarn and don’t know how to finish it.

Do you know what to do?

What if…

You are working on an amigurumi pattern and you just don’t know how to finish the head to make it look perfect?

Do you know what to do?

What if…

You best friend calls you and says she is pregnant and getting married and loves blankets? Do you know how big to crochet the blanket when you only have a short time to make it?

Do you know what to do?

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I know how you feel. Getting stressed out because you don’t know how to finish a project on time.

I’ve been there. And it’s not fun. I wanted to give up. On many of my projects, because I didn’t know how to make them look good and finish them on time!

The basics of crochet can be very quick to master, but feeling confident about how to move beyond the basics and create an amazing, professional finished products for all your crochet projects is a common dilemma faced by many crocheters.

But no more!

I found the solution to all those problems!

This 300+ Crochet Tips and Tricks Mini-Course!

All of these questions and hundreds to thousands more are all answered in this ONE Video Ebook!

"It's like having your very own crochet assistant available to you 24/7!
For LIFE!"

Anytime you have a question or troubles, she is there for you! Ready to answer your most crucial questions.

Even if you could search Google for Tips and Tricks, you would never find it all with as many detailed and interactive videos in a single resource like this!

This is a Crochet Best Seller like you’ve never seen before.

What's included in this interactive Video Ebook

Over 300 Tips & Tricks

This Mini-Course includes a PDF ebook with 61 pages of tips, tricks, and interactive videos, from fixing an uneven crochet seam to creating different sized hats, beanies and scarves for any pattern to perfecting the most intricate detailed crochet projects.

You will not find a book or ebook or course that is this interactive and filled with so much quick and easily accessible information to make your crochet projects easier, more fun and more beautiful.

It also includes 48 video tutorials embedded into the mini-course for you to access any time. They are accessible as they are mentioned in the ebook AND as you need them.

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“I love this Video Ebook!
This is by far the best one yet!”

As always, this Video Ebook by Nicki is excellent. Lots of videos and explanations for every tip and trick you could think of! This is by far the best one yet! An aha moment, like why did no one tell me about this before? Definitely one to treasure.
Sherrie Lee

Tips and Tricks for every day!

Step-by-step diagrams, videos, pictures, tables and instructions will guide you through each tip for any stage of your crochet work.

Simple and easy to read bullet points and directions that allows you to understand the concept easily.

When in doubt, you will have videos to guide you through almost every part of a crochet tip or trick.


“This Video Ebook is hands down one of the best resources that I have used. ”

This Video Ebook is hands down one of the best resources that I have used.

There were so many tips and tricks that I had never seen or heard of before it was amazing! The ebook is so helpful at answering questions that I might have and there are tons of videos!!! I could not believe how much useful information was in one easy to find place!!

I also really love all of the resources that it has. This is a must have for every crocheter, especially if you are looking to take your skill to the next level!
Meghan Cruikshank

Everything you will ever need!!!

Arranged in a logical order that will allow you to not only get your questions answered, but also learn more tips along the way, you likely never heard about.

Inspiring and motivating content that helps you to start, continue or finish any crochet project you ever wanted to make.

Tips and Tricks Crochet EBook + Videos

Ebook, Resources and Videos

You'll get LIFETIME-ACCESS to this Video Ebook with lots of videos, resources and an ebook. If ever I decide to add new content you will get access to it without having to pay a penny more!

No subscription is needed for this amazing Crochet Tips & Tricks Video Ebook.

Once you purchase the Video Ebook, you will instantly have access to the PDF ebook with all the tips and resources to download.

With a simple click of a button you have the videos ready to teach you the most detailed tutorials with ease. No additional software needed! And no need to download the videos.

You can even save the Mini-Course as an app on your home screen (*works on Apple and Google Devices).

“Thanks for this Video Ebook!”

I've been crocheting for a few years now and while I know somethings, I'm constantly learning new tips and tricks from Nicki.
I wish I'd known her years ago when I first learned to crochet because not only is Nicki a talented designer, she's a fabulous teacher.
Her tutorials are great quality and she takes her time to explain what she's doing and why.
She's developed a wealth of knowledge for crochet that's beneficial to crocheters of all skill levels.
Dianne Hunt

"Is this Video Ebook really that good?" YES!

This Video Ebook is 2 years in the making and I have spent months writing, editing and creating content for it.

With the help of hundreds to thousands of crocheters, I was able to figure out exactly what every crocheter ever wanted to know.

From fixing an uneven edge or seam, making the perfect size hat or blanket to knowing exactly which yarn to pick and how to take care of it.

Hi! My name is Nicole Riley and I'm the creator and founder of Nicki's Homemade Crafts, The Crochet Club - a VIP crochet membership and many popular crochet video courses. I have been published and sponsored by many of the top yarn and craft companies around the world.

I have helped thousands of crocheters of all skills and ages learn how to crochet - from touching their first skein of yarn to helping people finish their most intricate and detailed afghans.

About the Ebook Author Nicole Riley

A unique interactive Crochet Video Ebook like no other!

Would you like a SNEAK PEEK into the PDF Ebook that is part of this 300+ Crochet Tips and Tricks Video Ebook?

Check out the pictures below! And you will see a small fraction of what you can expect inside!

61 pages with over 300 tips and tricks, all accompanied with resources and 48 video tutorials embedded for easy access and viewing pleasure to learn hours upon hours of crochet knowledge to make YOUR crochet work look cleaner, better and as perfect as you want them to be.

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300+ Crochet Tips and Tricks
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