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Back To School Crochet LIVE Event - Nicki's Homemade Crafts, Simply Collectible, American Crochet, Craft Coalition, Graceful Fibers

Did you ever wanted to crochet a pattern, but you have questions, but writing it all out is too complicated? Well, now it is your chance to talk to me and 3 of my crochet friends who are also crochet designers at a Crochet Live Event. We will present 8 Back-To-School crochet patterns that are all available for FREE!

Although you may know me, you might not know my wonderful 2 crochet friends: Celina from Simply Collectible Crochet and Mistie from American Crochet. Both together have a website called Craft Coalition. Both have been crochet designers for awhile, much longer than me. So, I am proud to say I have learned a lot from them.

Furthermore, Mistie’s daughter Gracie just published her website Graceful Fibers. And being able to collaborate with them does not only benefit me, but also you as get to see more innovative crochet designs.

Check out our video that features us and some of the patterns for this Back To School Crochet LIVE Event:

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So, regarding our Crochet LIVE Event, Sunday, August 13th at 8pm CST we will be live to answer any questions or talk about how to handle certain parts of the crochet pattern. REPLAY IS ON THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE IN CASE YOU MISSED IT!!

We are super excited to be able to bring you such a Crochet LIVE Event. Especially, because this LIVE event is so much different than a Facebook LIVE. To explain the difference, a Facebook LIVE allows you to see us, BUT we can’t see you, just your comments. In our Crochet LIVE Event you will be able to be live as well and let us see you and your crochet WIP that you have questions about.

This is revolutionary, as only Celina as done this before, which great success I must say. She helped her followers along right side by side and helped them all with the problem areas of her crochet design. Fantastic.

So, here is now our links to our FREE crochet patterns, that we highly recommend for you to either print, download the pdf (if available), and/or have started one or more of these projects already. That way you will have specific questions we will be able to answer.

The Crochet Live Event was on August 13th, 8pm CST.



1. Nicki’s Homemade Crafts -> Crayon Tissue Box Cover

Crayon Tissue Box Cover

2. Graceful Fibers – (mystery pattern)

3. Nicki’s Homemade Crafts -> Pencil Shaped Pencil Holder with Zipper

Pencil Shaped Pencil Holder

4. Simply Collectible – Simplicity Phone Sleeve or Cozy 


5. American Crochet – (mystery pattern)

6. Graceful Fibers –  (mystery pattern)

7. American Crochet –  (mystery pattern)

8. Simply Collectible – Reversible Crochet Dress Pattern – Pretty, Pretty Princess

So, now you properly ask, how can I be part of it?

Where will the Crochet Live Event be? Watch the replay below!

Can’t make it? The recorded event will be available Monday morning so you may join us any time you wish!

What? Several FUN free crochet patterns for Back to School! By joining LIVE, you’ll be able to watch from the sidelines or CHAT directly with US about the project at hand. (The list of projects is below.)

What does it cost? It’s free! Contributions are accepted and welcome! All contributions go to offset the costs of services and supplies. Thank you!

I really hope you will be able to attend and have fun with us, get to know us and enjoy crocheting our patterns on this Crochet LIVE Event.

Here is the replay of our live event:


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Back To School Crochet LIVE Event - Nicki's Homemade Crafts, Simply Collectible, American Crochet, Craft Coalition, Graceful Fibers


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