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Crochet Ebook Bundle

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This is your chance to get my entire collection of 8 ebooks all in one bundle for 70% off!

Most of the ebooks are like Mini-Courses as they have videos embedded also.

And one ebook is not even available for purchase regularly. But here it’s included. YAY!

Save $70 with this Crochet Ebook Bundle and WIN Prizes!!!

Imagine this! You want to learn more than just some patterns. You need an entire collection. Plus videos. All in one location easily accessible whenever you want.

And you can get it all even if you don’t have enough time right now to crochet or don’t have enough yarn.

Well, this Bundle has it all!
Over 66 Crochet Patterns, over 50 Stitch Tutorials and Videos all in 1 Bundle!!!
70% off!

But this bundle is only available for 5 days (4/20-4/24 at 11:59pm, PST). AND it’s 70% off! If you would buy each ebook/mini-course individually you would spend more than $110.

So this deal is unheard of! But it’s true! Plus, you can WIN prizes each day when you get a copy of the bundle. YES! All the prizes are sponsored by WeCrochet.

Scroll down and check out all the amazing patterns that are in the bundle and see prizes you can win!

The 8 Crochet Ebooks you get in the Bundle

1. Advanced Crochet Stitches Ebook

Get 30 Crochet Stitches plus video tutorial all in one ebook-video combo. It's simply an awesome min course. It’s my most detailed ebook yet and the most popular one, too.
Regular price: $14.99

Advanced Crochet EBook Vol1 Table content

2. Hat & Beanie Ebook

This ebook includes 20 of my Crochet Patterns for Hats & Beanies plus 3 Viral Tutorials to teach you step by step how to make the perfect hat or beanie every time.
Regular price: $15.99

3. Quick & Easy Crochet Gift Ideas Ebook

If you need and easy crochet patterns, then this ebook with 15 Quick & Easy Crochet Gift Ideas is for you. It also includes links to video tutorials for some of the patterns.
Regular price: $15.99

Scarf, Cowl, Shawl Ebook Content

4. Scarves, Cowls, Shawls Ebook

This collection included 15 of my most popular Scarf, Cowl, and Shawl crochet patterns with lots of pictures. Plus each pattern comes with a video tutorial as well.
Regular price: $15.99

“I love this book.”

I printed the whole thing and have started the cotton bowl cover. I also want to make the fingerless gloves and the elephant tissue cover soon. I find the patterns easy to follow and love that Nicki gives video instruction on Youtube. The pictures with the book are clear and helpful.
Lynda Atwood

5. Learn to Crochet - Beginner Mini Course/Ebook

If you always wanted to learn how to crochet, plus get more information about yarn, hook sizes and abbreviations, then this is your go-to book to learn it step by step.
Regular price: $9.99

6. Tunisian Crochet Mini-Course/Ebook

If you never tried Tunisian Crochet before, then this is the ebook you need. It includes the most basic Tunisian Crochet Stitches plus Videos and patterns to help you practice.
Regular price: $9.99

This ebook has a nice variety of patterns. The pattern directions are clearly written and easy to follow. Any unfamiliar stitches or techniques have a tutorial or video on the author's blog.
Barbara Hicks

7. Apache Tears Pattern Collection Ebook

If you would like to get an entire collection of patterns all done with the same stitch, the Apache Tears Collection (5 patterns – hat, scarf, cowl, mittens and glittens) is perfect for that.
Regular price: $12.99

8. Bag Crochet Pattern Collection Ebook

This ebook is typically not available for purchase. It includes my 8 most popular bag crochet patterns that I ever designed. These patterns will keep you busy for awhile before needing more patterns.
Regular price: $12.99

“Thanks for this e-book!”

I think all of your patterns are very clearly written out, and the photos and tutorials spot on . I have not done them all, but next is the plastic bag holder. It looks very easy.
Leona Nyberg

5 Chances to Win Prizes from WeCrochet

Get the Crochet Ebook Bundle and you are automatically entered in the daily lottery to win 1 of 5 prizes (1 prize pack/day). If you don’t win one day, you roll over to the next day’s drawing. The earlier you get this Bundle the higher the chance to win.

Giveaway is open to US, UK, Canada and Australia

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Day 1's Prize Winner:
Ellen Canoy-Wise

This amazing WeCrochet Dishcloth kit includes super soft 100% cotton Dishie yarn, a hook and a pattern booklet.

Day 2's Prize's Winner:
Nichole Pursley

Yes, you can win this awesome WeCrochet Rosewood Yarn Bowl 

Day 3's Prize's Winner:
Sandy Nolen

Get this incredible spacey WeCrochet Tote Bag 

Day 4's Prize's Winner:
Patricia Green

Get this lovely ergonomic WeCrochet Crochet Hook set 

Day 5's Prize

Get this exceptional Clean & Crafty Crochet Dishcloth Kit from WeCrochet for the last day’s drawing if you get a copy of the Crochet Ebook Bundle.

Get the Crochet Ebook Bundle NOW
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That includes all the ebook and the bonuses in the way you see them here!

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