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600 + Crochet Tips Ebook Vol 2

Having no yarn tangles means less frustration while crocheting.

For some it means having less yarn to weave in.

Or it means you learn different amazing crochet techniques with nice transitions and edges.

And sometimes it means you can create any project you like no matter how many different yarn skeins it needs. 

It can even mean you will have thousands upon thousands of different pattern possibilities you never had before.

Whatever it means to you, I want you to know this …. the more willing you are to learn the more you will see all of these results happen faster.


Crochet Tips Made Easy

1. Well Explained Tips

Over 136 pages of well-written crochet tips with pictures and video links teaching you basics and beyond

Value: $197

Crochet Tips Made Easy Templates

2. Repurpose and Reuse

Crochet once and reuse these tips over and over again for an endless amount of projects!


3. Done for you Templates

Take your time to crochet & customize your projects with professionally designed templates to take notes.

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Crochet Tips Made Easy Videos

4. Detailed Video Tutorials

Hundreds of hours of detailed tutorials explaining the most challenging and interesting crochet techniques

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“I love this Video Ebook!
This is by far the best one yet!”

As always, this Video Ebook by Nicki is excellent. Lots of videos and explanations for every tip and trick you could think of! This is by far the best one yet! An aha moment, like why did no one tell me about this before? Definitely one to treasure.
Sherrie Lee
600 + Crochet Tips Ebook Vol 2 with Videos


Crochet tips Table of content
Crochet tips Table of content
Crochet tips Table of content

“This Video Ebook is hands down one of the best resources that I have used. ”

This Video Ebook is hands down one of the best resources that I have used.

There were so many tips and tricks that I had never seen or heard of before it was amazing! The ebook is so helpful at answering questions that I might have and there are tons of videos!!! I could not believe how much useful information was in one easy to find place!!

I also really love all of the resources that it has. This is a must have for every crocheter, especially if you are looking to take your skill to the next level!
Meghan Cruikshank

Ebook, Resources and Videos

You'll get LIFETIME-ACCESS to this Video Ebook with lots of videos, patterns, stitch tutorials, and extra tips. If I ever decide to add new content you will get access to it without having to pay a penny more!

No subscription is needed for this amazing "Crochet Tips Made Easy" Video Ebook.

Once you purchase the Video Ebook, you will instantly have access to the PDF ebook with all the tips, patterns and tutorials to download. Once you print the ebook - if you choose to - it will feel like you just bought a physical book.

With a simple click of a button you have the videos ready to teach you the most detailed tutorials with ease. No additional software needed! And no need to download the videos.

600+ Crochet Tips Ebook

“Thanks for this Video Ebook!”

I absolutely love all your tips and tricks. I have seen stitches on other Youtube channels and instantly come look at your videos to see how they are done.
Nobody really teaches the way you do they wither do it too fast or don't really explain it in a way that i understand it. Thank you so much for all the work you must put into each and every video, tip, and pattern. You're awesome.
Rose Sallee
Nicole Riley Change Colors in Crochet Course (1)

Hi, I'm Nicole Riley

I've figured out hundreds of crochet tips and put them together for you to save time and crochet happier and more relaxed.

Hi! My name is Nicole Riley and I’m the creator and founder of Nicki’s Homemade Crafts, The Crochet Club – a VIP crochet membership and many popular crochet video courses. I have been published and sponsored by many of the top yarn and craft companies around the world.

I have helped thousands of crocheters of all skills and ages learn how to crochet – from touching their first skein of yarn to helping people finish their most intricate and detailed afghans.

Introducing the 600+ Crochet Tips & Tricks Video Ebook

136 pages with over 600 tips and tricks, all accompanied with resources and 68 video tutorials embedded for easy access and viewing pleasure to learn hours upon hours of crochet knowledge to make YOUR crochet work look cleaner, better and as perfect as you want them to be!

Your Crochet Tips Made Easy Ebook Vol 2 Questions ANSWERED!

Most frequent questions and answers

Yes you may. And it can be easily added to any ebook or pdf reader to access all the content, and also printed. 

Blue links and the table of content are clickable to jump to the content you want to see.

Keep in mind you cannot share the content of this ebook. It’s for your own personal use only. But you can sell your physical crochet makes using the patterns.

Once you made the purchase, you will get a success page with the link and instructions. You’ll also get an email from Thrivecart with the link to the purchase as well as a summary purchase confirmation from me to remind you of the link and login information.

You’ll get over 600 crochet tips, with templates and printables. You’ll also get 68 embedded and linked Video Tutorials. Everything is one ebook pdf you can download and print. You have lifetime access to this ebook. 

Most of these Crochet Tips are great for any skill level, from beginner to most advanced.

Yes! You can ask in my Facebook group “Crocheting with Nicki”. Either I or any of the amazing helpful crocheters will provide support with any questions you may have. 

If you have a personal or billing question, please reach out to me for support:

Each ebook volume is it’s own stand alone product. Just like a physical book, a new volume needs to be purchased to get access. Every ebook, even a new volume, has so much new content that it’s a new ebook with lots of valuable new tutorials, videos and patterns you can’t find anywhere else.

Remember that this version includes double the amount of pages, more templates, printables and reference tables, as well as videos and over 300 extra tips. So an ebook for $29.95 with over 600 tips, and 68 videos at 90% off in 1 pdf is a HUGE DEAL. Plus you can save $10 until 2/22/23! Take advantage!

PS: If you bought a previous volume of this ebook you keep access to it. 

Because the ebook is a digital pdf and once you download it you can’t return it. However, if you accidentally purchase more than 1 of the same product by accident, I will refund you for the additional purchases. Just reach out to me via email:

All the tutorials in the ebook that are available for free (with ads) on my website, are also available without any ads and most as live videos in TCC, but not all of them are there.

However, the membership has way more to offer than just a more than 300 pattern vault. It also has hundreds of exclusive videos, primary support and decision making power of upcoming patterns and video tutorials plus support, and fun monthly digital meetings.

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