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Best Crochet Ebook

for the Holiday

Gift Giving Season

15 Crochet Patterns Mini-Course - Quick & Easy Gift Ideas

Quick & Easy Gift Ideas Mini-Course

80% off!!!

Price will increase soon for this ebook-video combo Mini-Course!

This is your chance to get an amazing Quick & Easy Gift Ideas Mini-Course which includes 15 crochet patterns in an ebook plus videos for 80% off!

Save $60 with this Mini-Course!

Imagine this! You get a text message from your best friend or co-worker that you are invited to a birthday or holiday party. But the party is tomorrow! The only thing you don’t have is: a gift!

Well, this Quick & Easy Gift Ideas Crochet Mini-Course has it all! 15 Crochet Patterns all in 1 ebook plus videos embedded into the Mini-Course.

Every time you need a quick gift, this mini-course has you covered, for any event.

But this mini-course’s price will increase soon! So hurry! So right now, it’s 80% off! If you would buy each pattern individually you would spend more than $75. 

So this deal is unheard of! But it’s true!

The 15 Crochet Patterns you get in the Mini-Course

1. Beaded Bracelet

This is an easy crochet bracelet which includes 2 video tutorials to guide you through making one for a special friend.
Regular price: $5

2.Book Cover

This Book Cover is made using that thermal stitch and due to the nature of how the pattern was designed, you can make it a cover for any book. It's sturdy and thick and will protect a book for years to come.
Regular price: $5

3. Cell Phone Pouch

This cell phone pouch allows you to charge your phone will covered and even hang it up. The stitch makes the pouch elegant and beautiful.
Regular price: $5

4. Flying Hearts Pillow Case

This pillow case can be made in just a few hours and will make any home look more stylish and filled with love.
Regular price: $5

This Mini-course has a nice variety of patterns. The pattern directions are clearly written and easy to follow. Any unfamiliar stitches or techniques have a tutorial or video on the author's blog.
Barbara Hicks

4. Rose with bendable stem and leaves

This rose is so easy to crochet and put together, it even features a video tutorial for it. With this rose you know it will never die and live forever.
Regular price: $5

6. Keychain

Key can damage things in your purse and frankly, are sometimes hard to find. This keychain is elegant, bright and protects your important things while still making your keys easy to find.
Regular price: $5

7. Easy Wrist Pouch

As crafters we lose stitch markers all the time. We also like things close by we need often. This easy wrist pouch is exactly what you need. It also makes a great small wallet.
Regular price: $5

8. Elephant Tissue Box Cover

This Elephant Tissue Box Cover is my most popular tissue box cover and will make any person happy seeing it when they need a tissue when it's being pulled out of its trunk.
Regular price: $5

“I love this Mini-Course with Ebook and Videos.”

I printed the whole thing and have started the cotton bowl cover. I also want to make the fingerless gloves and the elephant tissue cover soon. I find the patterns easy to follow and love that Nicki gives video instruction. The pictures with the book are clear and helpful.
Lynda Atwood

9. Thick Potholder

This potholder is easy to make and was created using a super thick stitch that will make sure your hands are protected when using it with hot things.
Regular price: $5

10. Honeycomb Washcloth

This honeycomb washcloth is stylish and perfect to wash your face. Its texture makes allows you to wash your face easily. It's perfect for spa gift baskets for any occasion.
Regular price: $5

11. Candle with flameless tea light

These candles, no matter the color of yarn, are perfect for any time of the year. Plus they use no wax and simply live forever, providing a romantic feeling all around.
Regular price: $5

12. Lacy Silk Fingerless Gloves

These lacy silk fingerless gloves are great for date nights or even elegant gift baskets.
Regular price: $5

Love your Mini-Course with Ebook and videos. The fifteen patterns will make great fast gifts. I love them. They are amazing. The bowl cozies make a great gift and are so useful. The book is put together well. The patterns are easy to follow. Videos, pictures and directions what more could you ask for. Thank you for the wonderful patterns.
Louise Carter

13. Cotton Bowl Cozy

The Cotton Bowl Cozy is my most popular pattern ever! Plus it includes a video tutorial for every row. It can be used for hot and cold foods and simply keep your hands protected.
Regular price: $5

14. Plastic Bag Holder

The plastic bag holder allows you to store your plastic bags, or even any other often used items. It makes the perfect storage solution and gift.
Regular price: $5

15. Small Tissue Box Pouch

This Small Tissue Box Pouch is ideal for on the go tissue storage. But also makes a great gift card cover as a gift.
Regular price: $5

“Thanks for this Mini-Course!”

I think all of your patterns are very clearly written out, and the photos and tutorials spot on. I have not done them all, but next is the plastic bag holder. It looks very easy.
Leona Nyberg

Get the Quick & Easy Gift Idea Mini-Course NOW for 80% off!

But HURRY, the price will increase soon!

It includes 15 crochet patterns in an ebook plus embedded video tutorials to guide you through each of them easily.

Your purchase comes with a 7 day Money Back Guarantee.

If you see the content from the inside and you tried it out and show us that it will not work for you, we will refund you straightaway.