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The Crochet Club

All- Access Membership

To create an Easier Crochet Life for You!

I offer a monthly and an annual membership! See more information on the bottom 🙂

Will anything change on my website? Nope! But you’ll get a Crochet VIP treatment in the Membership!

Gain Skills & Confidence

You have crocheted for some time now, but you constantly have to frog your project, lose at yarn chicken, or don’t have enough time to crochet because you try to find the solutions online!

You want to create things for your friends and family, but time consuming mistakes keep getting in the way! Are you tired of not knowing whether you are good enough to crochet the projects you want?

Stop! I understand EXACTLY what you are going through. Because this is how I felt when nothing online helped me create easy to make projects in a short enough time that fit with my real world life.


I felt like I had to find all the tips and tricks myself. It cost me so much time, patience and of course yarn.

But I found how to make my crochet life easier. An organized space where I can have all my patterns, tutorials and resources!

I got creative and created the ultimate space for you that will allow you to save time and finally get back to crocheting happily!

I created this space for YOU!

Diamond Scarf with tassels Crochet Pattern
Crochet straight seam with half double crochet video tutorial hdc

You are a Creator!

You know why I know that? Because you created me, a creator! YES! Without you, I wouldn’t have been able to create this club.

As you might know, I’m originally from Germany. I came to the U.S. about 11 years ago and realized that I relearn it all from scratch AGAIN – the language, the culture and most importantly my craft.


I needed a teacher that would guide me through it all step by step, without giving up on me. Providing me with more challenges, but still allowing me to have a voice in deciding what I wanted to do, after all, these were my creations.

The world seems to be spinning faster as technology evolves and produces more content that creates a ticking clock with a mean face telling you to hurry up.

STOP! You deserve a teacher that guides you through every crochet pattern and tutorial step by step. Get your life back and create more time to crochet.

Let me be your teacher to guide you!

No more crochet mistakes

When I asked you what you needed, I listened. I designed and created the patterns and tutorials you wanted!

You created Me – You are a Creator!

You have skills so many do not! You just lack time to gain more skills so that you get confident. So you can create anything you want!

The Crochet Club gives you that! Peace of Mind & More Crochet Time!

I have all the patterns, tutorials and resources you always wanted! All in one spot! And if I don’t, you get to raise your voice and get first priority to get your ideas made into reality!

Testimonials from VIP Crocheters in THE CROCHET CLUB (TCC)

What the Crochet Club has to offer:

Free Crochet Along Bobble Basketweave Bag
  • Get my Patterns as PDFs
  • Get my Tutorials nicely organized
  • Get so many Video Tutorials
  • Get Crochet Resources without having to look for them
  • Exclusive Crochet Patterns
  • VIP Support and Treatment - You get 1st Priority!
  • VIP Support Group
  • 1st Priority Requests for Patterns, Tutorials & Resources
  • New Crochet Products added weekly!
  • Never run out of ideas & always find solutions
  • Finally have time to crochet again!
  • No ads in patterns, tutorials and resources!
Trinity Crochet Bag _ Free Pattern

You will never find any other
Crochet Club Membership like this!

Finally, you have the Support,
gain more Skills &
create Time for you to Crochet!

After your first month it will be $14.99/month unless you sign up for the annual plan.

Or save money & get 3 months free when you can sign up for the Annual Membership for just $109, instead of monthly! So you’ll only pay 9 months worth of payments in one single payment and get 3 months free 🙂

But don’t wait too long, because the price will increase very soon!

The more content is added to the Crochet Club the higher its value! 

Once you are signed up though, you are grandfathered into your signed up price and will never experience a price increase!

The Crochet Club -an All-Access Crochet Membership for Support, Patterns, Tutorials
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