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Granny Bundle

A simple repeat blanket pattern that uses worsted weight yarn and can be made in 3 sizes - Baby, Lap, Throw.

One size

Finished size: Approx. 9" tall x 16" around .

12" bag. Made in several pieces and seamed together.

Available in 10 sizes: Baby to King

Finished Size: Blanket: 24″ x 24″ | Head circumference: 20″

Finished size: 9.5 x 22 inches

Finished Size" 10.5” wide x 14” long

One Size

One Size but adjustable

Finished Dimensions: 11"x11"x4"

Finished Size: Adult: 4.25” (11 cm) width x 56” (142 cm) circumference

Finished size: 4" x 4". Squares can be seamed together to make anything you dream up!

All Sizes available.

Approximate finished size: 8" x 8"

One size: 31x36 cm | 12x14 inches (not including handles)

Finished Size: 17 x 17 inches

Finished Dimensions of Triangle Shawl: 61 inches across the top edge | 29 inches from bottom point straight up | 44.5 inches from bottom point up either side of the triangle

One Size Fits All

Granny Bundle

Available in 10 sizes: Lovey to King. Beginner friendly - no color work required.

Finished Size: 22" wide x 28" long

Size Varies based on starting foundationless hdc

2-in-1 Crochet Pattern and Bookmark Printables!

Finished Size: 31.5in W x 39in L

12”/30.5cm with recommended hook and yarn

Bandana measures approximately 14” wide and can be adjusted to any size you need.

Available in 6 sizes: S/M/L/Xl/2X/3X

Teen/Adult: 60” (152.5 cm) wingspan x 30” (76 cm) spine.

Finished size: 30 inches long

Granny Bundle

This sample is: 87” long X 9” wide without fringe .

Sample is 12” width X 34” length but can be modified as you wish.

Finished Size: 18 x 18 inches

Finished Size: 10" x 10" inches

57 inches circumference

3.5" x 3.5" (but varies depending on yarn weight and hook size)

Finished size: approx. 60" x 67" inches

2-in1 Granny Square Tutorial

Available sizes: 2-3 years up to Adult

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Caryn Cooke

It takes Less Than a Day to Crochet!

Having detailed and easy patterns means less frustration while crocheting.

And sometimes it means you can create any Mindless patterns while having the choice to use the graph or the written pattern or both depending on the pattern. 

It can even mean you will have unlimited pattern possibilities you never had before, because you can easily change the colors or functionality of these patterns easily.

Whatever it means to you, I want you to know this …. the more willing you are to learn these Granny crochet patterns the more you will see all of these results happen faster.

And ALL of these Granny Crochet Patterns are very unique with special designs, from 34 amazing designers!

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This bundle looks to be very thorough and diversified. I am very excited to pick my first project and start pulling my hair out...I'm new to the world of crocheting. We'll be good friends by the time I finish!
Karen Tomlin

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40 Granny Square or Granny Stitch Patterns

272 pages of well-written Granny Crochet Patterns with many pictures and some even with video links teaching you basics and beyond.


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This bundle is wonderful - a wonderful collection of amazing patterns to make beautiful pieces, and I look forward to learning and making all these new and wonderful things!
Abigail Salings
The variety of patterns in the bundle is what attracted me to it. Thank you designers
Ruth Vidunas

Jerri Berg

This Bundle Has It All!

Learn how to create Granny crochet projects with these well written 40 patterns.

Some patterns may also include video. Many pattern include both written patterns as well as graphs, depending on the pattern.

Use these patterns for Craft Markets, as gifts, for fun & beyond.

What is included in the 40 Crochet Pattern Bundle?
Any Bonuses?

40 Pattern Ebook PDF

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Ad-free Printer-friendly PDF

PLUS Bonus: Designer Contact PDF

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Laundry Tags sheets for crocheters

Laundry Tag PDF

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