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I create a lot of different kinds of crafts, whether it is crocheted, sewed, beaded or photographed. I got many people asking me what I use and where I get it from. Well, this post will be all about that.

Lets start with what I use to crochet:

IMG_3544 - Copy

Obviously, the first thing one needs is yarn. I love using different kinds of yarn, whether it is acrylic, cotton, or a mixture of both as a blend. But my absolute favorite is 100% cotton. Most recently, I made elephant booties using Lion Brand 24/7 Aqua yarn. It is so soft and easy and smooth that is so easy to crochet with that my wrist did not hurt at all when using it. Creations coming out of it are so amazing.

I also created Halloween cotton candy earrings  using Lion brand 24/7 lemon yarn, Lion Brand 24/7 goldenrod yarn, and Lion Brand 24/7 white yarn. I also started using knitpicks dishie cotton yarn which is even softer. I love it.

The next thing one would need is crochet hooks. I love having a crochet hook set that is all together, meaning I don’t have buy multiple sets to be able to be flexible when creating new crochet creations.

Furthermore, sometimes I like to create things that require me to use very large crochet hooks, then I use Susan Bates Silvalume Crochet hook set for large blankets for example.


If you need inspiration on what to crochet you can check out my pinterest boards or my etsy store where I will upload my own patterns soon.

Next, lets talk about sewing.


There is a lot of things someone would need to start sewing. Lets start with the main one, a sewing machine. I use the Singer 7470 Confidence 225-stitch computerized sewing machine. I love this machine.

I made quilts with it, baby clothes, fix clothes up, table runners, purses and even tablet sleeves. You could get a different sewing machine also; even a simpler and less expensive sewing machine will help you get started with sewing.

I started with a simple one, but ended up upgrading within months because I wanted to do more and a simple sewing machine did not allow me to do everything I wanted to do when sewing. However, my dream is to upgrade in the future to the Singer Futura XL-580.

I love that this machine allows me to embroider on my sewed creations without me “pocking my finger”. 🙂 But right now, its a dream of mine. I will update you when I will get it or have it and make a review about it.

In addition to a sewing machine, you need sewing thread, thread storage (because if you have kids or pets like me, you need that), sewing machine needles, and fabric. You can cut your fabric with scissors or what I would recommend is you buy fabric cutter, and a cutting mat.

Everything, I create starts with me taking out my cutting mat and fabric cutter. You will not regret getting it, cause all your creations will look wonderful, because of the smooth cut they create.


If you need inspiration on what to crochet you can check out my pinterest boards or my etsy store where I will upload my own patterns soon.

Lets talk about beading for a moment.

IMG_3283edited - Copy

I use many different beads to create the jewelry I wear and sell. My absolute favorite beads are superduo beads, but I also use 11/0 beads. In order to have strong enough thread to hold it all together, I use Fireline beading thread.

Also, you would need beading needles. Once you have all of the above mentioned items, you can create a great amount of jewelry or other beading creations.

If you need inspiration on what to crochet you can check out my pinterest boards or my etsy store where I will upload my own patterns soon.

Last but not least, let me talk about photography.

3 Arise, shine, for your light has come and the glory of the lord rises upon you_NickisHomemadeCrafts_Copy


I always loved photography whether it is me taking the picture or it is me looking at the pictures of other photographers. Some of my photographs can be found on flickr or on my etsy store. The camera that I use for all my pictures is the Canon T6i.

I fell in love with it and never want to go back to my old point and shoot cameras, though they were good, they never took as great pictures as my T6i. I use it to take pictures of my etsy listings, my family, my websites and nature in general.

If you need more inspiration, ideas or help with anything related to making your own crafts, please let me know by contacting me or leaving a comment below.

Thanks for reading my post 🙂

Please share this post as it will help me create more posts or creations for you to look at. Thanks in advance. Also if you sign up to my email list you will receive any exclusive discount to my etsy store. 🙂




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