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Advanced Crochet Stitches

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This is your chance to get an amazing Advanced Crochet Stitches Mini-Course which includes 30 crochet stitch tutorials – all ad-free – in an ebook plus videos for 90% off!

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Imagine this! You need to make a last-minute gift for your best friend. It needs to be something special and handmade. The only thing you don’t have is: a crochet stitch idea for your project!

Well, this Advanced Crochet Stitches Mini-Course has it all! 30 amazing and special Crochet Tutorials all in 1 ebook plus videos embedded into the Mini-Course.

Every time you need a quick gift, this mini-course has you covered, for any event.

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The 30 Crochet Patterns - ad-free - you get in the Mini-Course

1. Waistcoat Stitch

Looks knitted, but made in a special way using a single crochet stitch

2. Thermal Stitch

Simply using single crochet stitches, but placed in a different location, creates the thickest stitch in crochet.

3. Turkish Star Stitch

Thick and so beautiful, it is also made with single crochet stitches, but in a unique way.

4. Spiral Effect Stitch

Single crochet stitches are not just basic, but can also create a spiral effect.

The variety of stitches. I love stitch dictionaries and this one definitely encompasses a wide variety of advanced stitches. From textures to color working to traditional, the list of stitches included in this e-book has something for any project
Courtney Fritz

5.Chevron Stitch

Chevron stitches are all so beautiful. This one makes a thick texture that you can use for bags, blankets and more.

6. Loop Stitch

The loop stitch provides a special kind of texture and volume not other stitch can.

7. Diamond Stitch

This stitch is made with a filet crochet technique that creates open and closed spaces and looks so beautiful.

8. Tri- Squares Stitches

This stitch looks similar to the basketweave stitch, but makes it extra special the way it's made.

“I love this Mini-Course with Ebook and Videos.”

All the different stitches. It took me awhile to finish most of them but you explain them really well and I couldn’t live without your videos!!! They were great!
If you want to learn more about different stitches, this Mini-Course is for you! If you’re tired of the same old stitches, venture out and grab this Mini-Course!
Brenda J Meineke

9. Cable Stitch

This stitch doesn't seem to get the credit it deserves. It is beautiful and should be used more often.

10. Waffle Stitch

The texture of this stitch is like no other. Just make sure not to get hungry when crocheting it 🙂

11. Tulip aka Straight Box Stitch

This stitch is the horizontal version of C2C and is amazingly easy to crochet.

12. Corner to Corner (C2C)

The famous C2C stitch pattern is actually very easy. Try it and you'll use it over and over again.

I love having this Mini-Course because I'm a visual learner. Having the video's and I can print out the stitch I want to learn and make my own notes on the pattern is great. I love that it's in the members vault so I always have this book, so I can go back anytime to look up any information that I need.
Kelly Goguen

13. Catherine's Wheel Stitch

Elegant and so beautiful is all there is needed to say about this amazing stitch.

14. Crochet Cables

Everyone can crochet cables. This tutorial will show you how easy it really is.

15. Celtic Weave Stitch

The Celtic Weave Stitch seems complicated, but really is not. With this video tutorial and a bit of practice you can crochet it in no time.

16. Apache Tears Stitch

Whether you want to crochet it flat or in rounds, this tutorial will teach you how amazingly easy it is.

17. Brick Stitch

It's the perfect stitch for a roof top or simply to use a different stitch with lots of colors.

18. Lemon Peel Stitch

You won't believe how easy this stitch is. I'm sure you'll use it all the time after learning it.

19. Long Wave Stitch

This stitch looks always different. The more colors you use the more special it will look like.

12. Suzette Stitch

One of my favorite stitches ever. So pretty and easy to crochet.

“Thanks for this Mini-Course!”

I think all of your patterns are very clearly written out, and the photos and tutorials spot on. The biggest reason to buy any of Nicki's products is that she does great tutorials. With all of Nicki's products, she is thorough. She takes the time to explain each step in a clear, concise manner. She shows how to do the stitch multiple times. She even includes tutorials on how to do certain stitches in the round and flat.
This e-book with included videos is perfect for someone wanting to advance their skills but nervous about trying. Nicki can help give them the confidence they need to progress.
Courtney Fritz

20. Rosebud Stitch

This stitch is so special and makes the perfect stitch for Mother's Day, birthdays or special 3D projects. Yes the rose buds are 3D and on top of the flat stitches behind. So amazing.

21. Plaid Crochet with SC

Plaid Crochet is already awesome, now learn how to crochet it using single crochet stitches.

23. Plaid Crochet with DC

Plaid crochet is even faster to crochet using double crochet stitches. So pretty, don't you think?

25. Honeycomb Stitch

This amazing stitch is perfect for washcloths or anything that needs a bit extra texture.

26. Bean Stitch

A gorgeous stitch that should be used more often. Texture and elegance is all it has.

27. Trinity Stitch

A single crochet type of stitch that is expanded and uniquely place to show off the beauty of crochet.

28. Quadruple Single Crochet Stitch

This stitch is a combination of normal crochet and Tunisian crochet. Try it out and be amazed.

29. Spike aka Eyelash Stitch

This stitch is pretty and so easy to crochet. You can use it for hats, scarves, blankets and more.

30. Woven Cable Stitch

This stitch screams cables. It's elegant and so beyond beautiful. It needs not much color to really make a statement.

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It includes 30 crochet tutorials in an ebook plus embedded video tutorials to guide you through each of them easily.

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