Quick Tunisian Crochet Mystery Crochet Along – Fun & Free Pattern

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Crochet Alongs are super fun. But Mystery Crochet Alongs are more interesting, and exciting and allow you to use yarn from your stash. This one is broken up into 3 parts over 3 days with a GIVEAWAY at the end.

So often I look at my stash and get so many ideas on what to crochet with it. Literally, as soon as I see certain color combinations, ideas are flowing. But I understand that not everyone does it that way. Some crocheters prefer the certainty of a pattern, how it looks at the end, and which yarn to use for it. Well, if you remove one of those items from the certainty, you create a mystery.

And that one item is “how the pattern will look at the end”. Combine that with a huge amount of crocheters working on the same pattern, trying to figure out the mystery of how it will look in the end, making this event a Mystery Crochet Along. The community feeling of an event like this is like no other.

Tunisian Crochet Mystery CAL - Standard Pin

Previous Mystery Crochet Along Patterns

Mystery Crochet Alongs are super fun. And many crocheters join my monthly ones each time. Some of the past Crochet Along Patterns can be found here.

But you can find the last Patterns of the Mystery CALs here:

Sign up for the Mystery Crochet Along

It’s best to be SIGNED up for my EMAILS so you get an email each time a NEW Part is available!

SIGN UP even if you’re already on my newsletter to get EARLY RELEASE EMAILS for this CAL!


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Why is it called a Quick Tunisian Crochet Mystery CAL?

Well, you will be crocheting a quick crochet pattern that features TUNISIAN CROCHET Stitches throughout the project which also includes 3 video tutorials in the written pattern. Meaning, it’s a great beginner pattern.

PLUS I will add many very fun twists to the pattern to keep the mystery alive and make the pattern more interesting with a big WOW at the end.

Plus the pattern will include fun customizations that you can pick and choose from or allow your creativity to go wild. But regardless. It’s worth joining the fun.

How will this Mystery CAL work?

Easy. You simply will follow each part once released – each one is a short and quick sign-up for early release emails above and of course join my Facebook group for release info and to show off your creations.

The Mystery CAL is broken up into 3 parts. Each part can be made within just about an hour or so. Videos will be provided for stitches or techniques that may be challenging for some.

While you work on the parts of the pattern, I encourage you to share your progress pictures in my Facebook Groups using the hashtag #JUNE24MCAL

You have until 6/22/24 to finish the pattern, post the image of the final product plus using the hashtag #JUNE24MCAL in my Facebook group (direct post into my group) to qualify for the Giveaway!

How do you have a chance to win in the Giveaway?

It’s very easy. But remember you don’t need to be part of it and can simply take your time for the pattern.

But here is how you qualify to be entered in the Giveaway:

  1. Join my newsletter (the sign up box above)
  2. Follow me on at least 2 of these social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube
  3. Post the image of your final product in my Facebook group
  4. Use the hashtag #JUNE24MCAL
  5. Post into my Facebook group with the image and hashtag no later than 6/22/24 10am, PT
  6. Optional: Share this Mystery CAL link with your crochet bestie on social media and tag me!

I will pick THREE winners to each win a $30 valued crochet surprise. The Giveaway Winner announcement will take place on my Facebook page on 6/22/24 at 12pm, PT (3pm, ET).

Mystery CAL Surprise

What will you need for the Mystery Crochet Along?

  • Mary Maxim GLIMMER Yarn (100% Acrylic, Worsted, 191 yds/100g):
    • Salmon – I used 1 FULL skein – I recommend 2 skeins due to tension differences
  • Mary Maxim STARLETTE Yarn (100% Acrylic, Worsted, 180 yds/100g):
    • White – I used 1 FULL skein – I recommend 2 skeins due to tension differences

I recommend those 2 colors for the entire project. But you can totally also pick 2 different colors that work well together. You could even use just Starlette or just Glimmer yarn or any other worsted yarn.

See ALL WORSTED Mary Maxim Yarns HERE

Mary Maxim Glimmer and Starlette Yarn-10

Can I use a different yarn?

Yes, you can switch to a different yarn brand if you prefer. But stick with worsted yarn!

Both Mary Maxim GLIMMER Yarn and Mary Maxim STARLETTE Yarn are on sale right now.

See ALL WORSTED Mary Maxim Yarns HERE

But it’s an ideal project as a yarn stash buster. Use leftover yarn if you have any. I would recommend sticking with my above recommendations.

What colors should I pick?

I recommend those 2 colors for the entire project. But you can totally also pick 2 different colors that work well together. You could even use just Starlette or just Glimmer yarn or any other worsted yarn.

Either stick with the colors I picked or pick your favorite colors. Remember you will need 2-3 color skeins in total. Although you won’t use all the yarn for each skein.

You can also pick 2 different colors if you like:

  • seasonal – I picked 2-3 colors that worked great together
  • 1 bold color and 1 neutral
  • colors of the same tone (example: light vs dark green)
  • colors opposite on the color wheel (aka complimentary colors), examples:
    • orange and blue
    • yellow and violet
color wheel

Get the Color Wheel HERE

Can I use a different hook size?

Yes, you can pick a different size, but I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you stick with a 6.5mm TUNISIAN CROCHET hook with cord . Focus on the pattern itself for this MCAL. It’s ok if yours is bigger or smaller than mine. This pattern is giving. Just stick with the same yarn weight and hook for the entire project that I recommend above.

When does the Mystery Crochet Along start?

The Mystery Crochet Along will be broken up into 3 Parts. You will likely not know what it will be until you see Part 3 of the CAL. As I want to make sure you all have the materials you will need for the Mystery Crochet Along, we will give you all about a week to collect your materials.

There MIGHT BE a few extra materials you need for part 3 that are optional. But I can’t reveal that until then to not spoil the surprise. But you will likely have those materials at home and won’t need to buy them.

Then we will get started. See the schedule below for each part.

We are pretty sure you will all like this Mystery Crochet Along Pattern as much as we do. Be sure to share this post with your crochet friends so they all can join in.

Are you excited yet? Let’s grab your materials. We will get started on June 17th.

Mystery Crochet Along Pattern Parts:

IF you would like the pattern ad-free you can join “The Crochet Club” membership as a trial or as a full member and get access to the Mystery CAL pattern ad-free and more than 400 patterns, even with interactive checkboxes to save your progress row by row.

You can join the “The Crochet Club” Membership here if you want to have the entire Mystery CAL pattern ad-free.

Already a member? Login HERE to see the ad-free version

Now, don’t forget to join Facebook Group “Crocheting with Nicki” and use the hashtag #JUNE24MCAL when posting/commenting about this fun MCAL!

Part 1: available on June 17th

Part 3: available on June 19th

Part 3: available on June 21st

HUGE Tunisian Crochet Party on June 22nd at 12pm, PT

Now, don’t forget to join Facebook Group “Crocheting with Nicki” and use the hashtag #JUNE24MCAL when posting/commenting about this fun MCAL!

Once this MCAL finishes, the next Mystery CAL will likely be in July 2024, as I am going to have them now monthly. Get ready for it 🙂 Just be on my Newsletter list and you will not miss it.

Tunisian Crochet Mystery CAL - Square
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  1. How do I sign up for this or do I just show up with my supplies?
    Thanks much
    The. (Brenda)

    1. Yes, get your supplies, join my group so you can show off your wips and ask questions if you have any or support others. And sign up for my newsletter so you can get the link to the parts of the CAL right away to your email when they are available 🙂

  2. I would love to join the CAL. Even though I am a beginner at crocheting. I have made 2 baby blankets. I’m currently working on 3 blankets and a shawl. But this sounds like it can be fun and a learning experience.

  3. I’m a group junkie, at least that’s what one lady in one of my other groups said. I will be there!

  4. Thanks so much Nicki. I really enjoyed your crochet along. This is the first one I have done.. Thank you also for teaching me the proper way to do an invisible decrease! I was previously omitting the final yarn over. It looks so much better, done properly. 🤗

  5. So excited! After watching the show, think I need to rethink my colors!

  6. Glad I found you. I haven’t a clue what this will end up as but it’s been entertaining thus far.

  7. I am a sucker for Mystery CALs! Trying the suggested yarn this time to see what I am missing. Thank you!!

  8. I have a vast amount of yarn in my stash what other yarns will work n the colors are not a problem either. It would be great if I could use up some of the yarn in my stash to make this. Any help u can give me would be appreciated.

  9. Check to see if there is a written mistake in Part 3. In writing it says chain 42. On the video you say there will be 53 single crochets. 53 single crochets will yield the right size but 42 will not.

  10. Thanks for slowing down part 3 a lot more then part 1! The only confusing thing to me is what you are calling the back loop, seems more like the front one, but I get that if I had turned the row and not flipped it it would have been the back, but how we are looking at it to do the stitch, it is more of the front loop. If you had written the directions totally out, I would have been mess!

  11. I started late but am enjoying this CAL which is my first. I am so glad to decide to try it! I cannot wait to finish my project and show it off. Thank you both for such a fun crochet adventure.



  13. Thanks again for all your hard work in putting together such a fun activity for your followers, like me ;>)

  14. These Mystery CALs are so much fun! Love learning new stitches while making them. Thank you!

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