At Nicki’s Homemade Crafts, reader experience and providing free and great crochet content whether it is crochet tutorials, patterns or product reviews and related information, is my most important aspect.

Collaborating with crochet and yarm brands is one way I can serve my audience better, so I want YOU!

If you own or are a team member of a crochet or yarn-related business, I would love to start a yarn or crochet sponsorship relationship or collaborate with you. We both have a lot to benefit from doing so!

I have many followers on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Youtube which are all increasing daily. Furthermore, I have an email subscription where people can sign up to receive weekly (3) emails from me about anything new that was published on my website.

So, how can Nicki’s Homemade Crafts, a crochet pattern and tutorial business, help YOU?

I can increase traffic to your crochet and yarn site, get brand or product awareness, as well as increase sales for your crochet and yarn products.

To provide you with some insight, below are my social media stats that are current as of 6/1/2021.

SourceFollower/Subscriber count
Facebook (@nickishomemadecrafts)100K (reach >1M)
Email Subscribers35K
Youtube Subscribers (nickishomemadecrafts)50K
Instagram (@nickishomemadecrafts)21K
Pinterest (nickiscrafts)97K

Current Google Analytics Stats for Crochet Site:

Media Packages

If you would like to run ads in my crochet newsletter, on social media or my website, please contact me for my current rates.

I currently offer the following media packages (referring to patterns, tutorials or reviews) as well:

  • 1 Blog post with social media shares
  • 1 Blog post with a Video with social media shares
  • Just social media shares
  • Just a video shared on 1 platform only
  • Just a video shared on all social media platforms (uploaded on each individually): Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, TikTok, Instagram

Please contact me for my current rates according to the media package(s) you are interested in.

So let’s collaborate as we can make a difference together! Just fill out the contact form below. Please be as detailed as possible. I will get back to you in about a day or less.