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Crochet Ebooks

Easy Chevron Blanket - Crochet Pattern

Live a Happier Crochet LIFE

You are a crocheter who either has just started to learn this amazing craft or you are more experienced and need a challenge.

No matter at which crochet stage you are in, you will find a crochet ebook here that will keep you occupied and satisfied for a while.

These are all the ebooks I have published so far. 

But believe me, this is not the end. I’m already working on several more that have been requested. Whether it’s for Crochet Tips and Tricks, Tissue Box Covers or Blankets. I promise you if there is a new ebook available, you will find it here.

Now check out the currently available ebooks. Make sure to tell your friends about them by using the social media buttons to share this collection.

Happy Crocheting 🙂


Close up of Rolling Waves Blanket

Crochet Pattern & Tutorial Ebooks

This ebook includes 20 Crochet Patterns for Hats & Beanies plus 3 Viral Tutorials to teach you step by step how to make the perfect hat or beanie every time. More info HERE

This collection included 15 of my most popular Scarf, Cowl, and Shawl crochet patterns with lots of pictures. Plus each pattern comes with a video tutorial as well. More info HERE

Get 30 Crochet Stitches plus video tutorial all in one ebook-video combo. It’s my most detailed ebook yet and the most popular one, too. More info HERE

If you never tried Tunisian Crochet before, then this is the ebook you need. It includes the most basic Tunisian Crochet Stitches plus Videos and patterns to help you practice. More info HERE

If you always wanted to learn how to crochet, plus get more information about yarn, hook sizes and abbreviations, then this is your go-to book to learn it step by step. More info HERE

If you need and easy crochet patterns, then this ebook with 15 Quick & Easy Crochet Gift Ideas is for you. It also includes links to video tutorials for some of the patterns. More info HERE

Would you like to be a
VIP Crocheter?

It’s called THE CROCHET CLUB which has almost 120 very happy members who love the freedom of getting crochet pattern pdfs, tutorials and resources made by request. 

That includes LIVE videos to teach you the crochet knowledge you can request every week. Come join this amazing, happy and fun community. 

(Hint: Over 80% pay the annual fee to save money and to not worry about monthly fees).

Ultimate Collection of Crochet Ebooks for Patterns and Tutorials


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