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Have you ever had trouble changing colors in crochet and wished you finally learned it the right away?

Do you feel upset and frustrated with the way you crochet when changing colors?

Is your tension uneven?

Do you have trouble reading patterns?

For everyone who's ever wanted to change colors ​ the right way

Change Colors in Crochet

Clean Color Transitions

So often we are faced with crochet patterns that tell us to change colors! But many times, these patterns don't show you HOW to change colors. Don't worry anymore! I'll finally teach you how to do it correctly using basic stitches and easy to understand instructions.

Change Colors while Crocheting

Change Colors for any Pattern

Have you ever crocheted a pattern and suddenly had to change colors in the middle of the row for only a short time? Well, I'll teach you how to change colors anywhere - in the beginning of the row or in the middle of the row. Even had to keep your yarn organized - not tangled!

Changing Colors in Crochet

Weave in ends - Neatly

Do you really know how to weave in all your ends such that they won't come undone, or ruin the look or feel of your finished product? I have a pulled proof method that you will blow your mind! Plus I'll share some extra tips and tricks along the way that you don't want to miss!

Change Colors in Crochet Workshop and Course (1)

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    As soon as you sign up, you'll get an email and get started with Workshop 1. We'll crochet a few rows and understand and learn the most important techniques in changing colors in crochet.

  • Workshop 2 Email 2

    On Day 2, you'll learn how to keep your yarn organized and finish up the project we started on Day 1. So many tips and tricks. You'll want to take notes!

  • Workshop 3 Email 3

    On Day 3, you'll learn how to weave in your ends the right way that doesn't make you frustrated and will actually make you want to weave in your ends. Live Happy with Changing Colors in Crochet.

  • Special Masterclass Email 4

    On Day 4, I will provide you with a quick review of Day 1 through 3, and will teach new information which will blow your mind! Be sure to join!

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The way you teach in the videos, makes it so easy to learn. You have taken me out of my comfort zone and enabled me to try different stitches I would never have tried if it wasn't for your course and teaching method.
Donna Y.
I like the fact that you speak clearly and get right to the point. You made difficult look easy and got me to come out of my comfort zone. Thank you for taking the time out of your family time to give your knowledge to a lot of us who took your course. 💕
Lisa S.
Everything is awesome loved all the content. Can't wait to learn more from you, love that you have video's and patterns together for us visual learner. Thank you so much.
Kelly G.

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