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Change Colors in Crochet
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Learn all the tips & Tricks to have less yarn to weave in & make it look pretty ***************************************** The Workshop & course are currently closed!


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Have you ever had trouble changing colors in crochet and wished you finally learned it the right away?

Do you feel upset and frustrated with the way you crochet when changing colors? Is your tension uneven? Do you have trouble reading patterns?

I can help YOU!

My name is Nicole Riley and I’m the crochet designer behind Nicki’s Homemade Crafts. For the last several months, I have gotten endless amounts of messages asking how to change colors the right away, make it look neat and also have less yarn to weave in. After I asked my followers and emails subscribers whether they wanted me to put together an easy to understand course, they all said “YES!” 

So, I did! I created a course that covers everything from the basic to the more advanced. With tons of tips and tricks on how to change colors the right away, with the correct tension and the least amount of yarn to weave in – no matter the project! 

You asked! I listened! And I created the most complete “Changing Colors in Crochet “Course ever!

But, I want to give you something for free! Yes! FREE! A complete workshop where I teach how you to change colors!

Change Colors in Crochet

This workshop will teach you how to change colors the right away, with the right tension! I will teach you step by step how to change colors with simple and understandable stitches! I will provide you with a load of information you can use right away! In fact, you won’t even need to know how to read patterns!

In fact, come to the workshop prepared! Have your yarn and crochet hook ready to go! You’ll be able to crochet with me at the same time!

This workshop is designed to teach you many tips and tricks on how to change colors, one workshop at the time. There will be 3 parts of this workshop and each one is build on each other.

SIGN UP FOR THE WAITLIST, so you’ll get noticed when it will be live again!

Change Colors in Crochet

Change Colors the right way

So often we are faced with crochet patterns that tell us to change colors! But many times, these patterns don't show you HOW to change colors. Don't worry anymore! I'll finally teach you how to do it correctly using basic stitches and easy to understand instructions.

Change Colors while Crocheting

Changing Colors anywhere

Have you ever crocheted a pattern and suddenly had to change colors in the middle of the row for only a short time? Well, I'll teach you how to change colors anywhere - in the beginning of the row or in the middle of the row. Even had to keep your yarn organized - not tangeled!

Changing Colors in Crochet

Weave in ends - the right way

Do you really know how to weave in all your ends such that they won't come undone, or ruin the look or feel of your finished product? I have a pulled proof method that you will blow your mind! Plus I'll share some extra tips and tricks along the way that you don't want to miss!

Free Workshop schedule // mark your calendar

The workshop will be held on my Facebook page on the days and times mentioned below.

  • Day 1 - TBD likely Jan 2020

    We'll start picking our colors and crochet a few rows and understand and learn the most important techniques in changing colors in crochet

  • Day 2 - TBD likely Jan 2020

    Learn how to keep your yarn organized and finish up the project we started on Day 1. So many tips and tricks. You'll want to take notes!

  • Day 3 -TBD likely Jan 2020

    Learn how to weave in your ends the right way that doesn't make you frustrated and will actually make you want to weave in your ends. Live Happy with Changing Colors in Crochet. Also, after the workshop, course launches early for those attend and signed up! You'll never get a better deal for this course again!

Why you want to attend! // this workshop will change your life!

Save your spot for the Free Workshop

This is your chance to live a happier, more fulfilled Crochet Life!

Imagine how many patterns you can finally crochet!

The possibility is ends! Thousands of patterns are waiting for you!

And you’ll get early access to my new Course “Changing Colors in Crochet” plus a SWEET BONUS! But you can only get access to both if you sign up now!

What are you waiting for?

Finally learn how to Change Colors in Crochet the right away

& live a happier and more fulfilled life!


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Change colors in crochet - the Course

This workshop gives you a small sneak peak on what to expect in the “Changing Colors in Crochet” course. You’ll receive 10X more information and tips and tricks you have never seen before. You’ll be a lot happier when crocheting after you finished the course.

This course is the first of its kind and is designed as a beta course and therefore will be the cheapest that it’ll ever be! Once the beta course closes, the price will be increased (by a lot!!) after that and won’t be opened for months! This is your ONLY chance to get this course at an incredible low price (I’ll talk more about in workshop)! 

You will receive support through each module and lesson in a secret Facebook group. 

What you'll get in the Course:

  • Learn ALL the basics when it comes to Changing Colors in Crochet
  • Learn 5 different crochet pattern techniques & how to change colors in each
  • The 5 techniques are: Graphgan, Tapestry, Fair Isle, Tunisian and Corner 2 Corner
  • Learn how to weave in your ends for any pattern
  • Bonus materials you don't want to miss! -> Use colored yarn in crochet without problems!
  • Plus so much more!

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