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Grow Your Blog
& Social Media
with 1 on 1 Coaching

I'll walk you through actionable Steps
specific for your Blog or Social Media Page

A Step-By-Step Roadmap To Success

Coaching for Bloggers

I’m going to show you how to grow your blog so that you rank higher with the right keywords, gain true fans and make sales. Even if you have tried other blogging ebooks, tutorials and courses before.

We tell ourselves we can do it all alone and figure it out. But that just wastes time and future sales. Learn the most important tips in one 60 minute coaching session and see results almost instantly.

Growing your blog and social media pages is like a snowball. Once you put the right actions in place, your business will grow to exponential heights.

You can choose between social media coaching and blogging coaching as shown in the options below.

Facebook Page Growth - 60min session

I will look at your Facebook page and provide to your actionable tips that will allow you to grow your reach, increases your CTR and gain true fans that will share for you.

SEO - 60min Session

I will check out one of your blog posts and provide you with informations and tips that will allow you to rank higher with the right keywords, turn strangers into true fans and increase your authority as you can use these tips for all your blog posts.

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Pinterest Growth - 60min Session

I will check out your Pinterest profile, as well as your pins to provide you with exact details on how your can improve your reach and CTR

Youtube Channel Growth - 60min Session

I will check out your Youtube Channel and videos and tell you exactly how to increase your ranking, watch time, and CTR.

Instagram Growth - 60min Session

I will check out your Instagram feed, stories and IGTV and as well as several posts and tell you exactly how you can improve your reach and followers.

Email Subscriber Growth & Content - 60min Session

You'll provide me with a sample of your email newsletter and I will tell you how you can improve your email content to gain higher CTR. Furthermore, I will provide you with additional information about how to get more subscribers easily.

Rise to the top

Increase Sales

More reach, and more followers means higher chances of sales. 

Learn how to grow your business one social media page and one blog post at the time.

You will be able to use your gained knowledge for future posts and grow even more.

count on Me

Social Media Strategist and Coach

I’ve grown my own blog, social media pages and business for the last 3.5 years to a full-time income. With most of my traffic coming from my Newsletter, Pinterest, Google and Facebook, I am able to successfully sell ebooks, courses and a membership to a 6 figure income.

I coach other entrepreneurs grow their business to help them be more successful and create potential to turn their blog into a full-time career.

I personally grew my Facebook page to 80K followers, Instagram page to 15K, Youtube to 36K, Email list to 30K and have 9.1M monthly viewers with a reach of 35M on Pinterest.

try, try again

Best Practices

I will provide with lots of information through a recorded video call where I will tell you exactly how to grow your blog or social media page. You will get access to the recording right after for you to review it and use over and over again for your own business.

I Have Great Answers

Ask Me Anything

As soon as you sign up you will get an email with the instructions on how to schedule your coaching session. You will also need to fill out a sheet and provide me with as much information as possible so I can help you during your coaching session the best possible way.

You can pay via credit card or paypal.

That depends on your current social media page or google rankings. You should see a faster growth (days to weeks) for social media pages. Blog posts rankings can take longer (weeks to months) which also depends on trends and seasons.

Yes, you will just need to check out 1 coaching session at the time. 

Yes, you can either book longer sessions (during check out) or book another coaching session for the same subject again if you need more help. You will always get more tips and details to help you grow further.

You can get your money refunded up to 1 week before your scheduled coaching session. After that, the sales are final.

No, I do not. Because I will teach you all my tips, but if you do not implement them, you will not see success.

I’ve been a coach for over 6 months and have successfully helped other entrepreneurs grow their business. I have attended the biggest conferences to learn how to grow a blog and business as well as social media. I learned from the best, from Sean Cannell, Pat Flynn, Rachel Hollis to Dean Graziosi, and Chalene Johnson. Furthermore, I’m a coach and Youtube Strategist for Rachel Miller, creator of Moolah Marketing. 

I strive to make my clients happy

So, let's be happy together!
I share tips and tricks about blogging and social media in my Newsletters.