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How to start a rounded rectangle for bag bottoms or shoe soles in 3 different ways - Crochet tutorial by Nicki's Homemade Crafts

When creating bags or even shoes/ shoe soles in crochet one usually, not always as it depends on the pattern, starts with a rounded rectangle by making a chain and then crocheting single crochets (or any other stitch) into each chain on both sides of the chain.

When using this technique you usually create gaps or holes like you see below.

In order to prevent or fix these holes or gaps, you can either crochet the surface crochet over it or you start by crocheting into the back bump instead of the front and back loops of the chain.

Let me show you what I mean.

The first technique: Crochet into the front loop and back loop separately 

Let’s say you create a chain of 8 and then are ask to crochet 1 sc in chain starting on the 2nd ch from the hook, well, you will then also crochet on the other side of that chain after crocheting 3sc in the corner (green and blue colored below).

But by doing so, most crocheters will start crocheting first in the front loops only, then place 3 sc in the corner (here light green) and then crochet into the back loops only when crocheting on the opposite side of the chain. That works, but for most people that will create gaps.

“O” = chain, “X” = single crochet (sc) Blue square: 1st sc of round 1 Orange squares: sc’s on elongated stretch of the chain, between the corners/edges Green and Blue squares: Corner/Edge where 3 sc’s are placed


Second technique: Surface crochet used as a fix for technique one

In order to fix these gaps, you can use the second technique which is the surface crochet. Will crochet over those gaps and close them using the surface crochet which is like creating a chain but over the existing “bars” between the gaps which I show you in the pictures below. The yarn runs in the back.

View from the front, yarn is running in the back, you are doing chains over the “bars” between the holes/gaps
View from the back, yarn over with yarn running in the back
After you yarn over, pull the yarn and hook thru the right side again (2 loops on the hook)
Now pull thru loop closed to the hook tip thru the other loop (like making a chain)


The first technique can be used with no problems, unless you can’t have gaps, in which case you have to fill them with the surface crochet.

Third technique: Back bump instead of front loops

Technique three uses the back bump of the chain and eliminates gaps from the beginning on and technique 2 is not needed after, which saves you time.

The bottom shows the technique 1, and the top shows technique 3

So, instead of going into the front and back loop of the chain when going around it to create round 1, you will crochet into the back bumps of the chain (instead of the front loops) and then crochet normally into the V’s that are now visible on the opposite site. That technique makes the gaps disappear and make the bottom more sturdy and saves you time and yarn. Win win all around.

Do you still not understand what I mean? No problem! Watch my video tutorial below for a very detailed visual explanation. I hope this helps and will clarify all leftover concerns or questions.



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