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Linked Crochet Made Easy Stitch

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44 pages of well-written Linked Crochet tutorials, tips and patterns with pictures and video links teaching you basics and beyond.

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44 pages with 17 Linked Crochet Patterns, 8 Linked Crochet Stitch Tutorials, all accompanied with resources and 16 video tutorials embedded for easy access and viewing pleasure to learn hours upon hours of crochet knowledge to make YOUR crochet work look cleaner, better and as perfect as you want them to be.

Linked Crochet Made Easy Pattern

1. Striped Bulky Scarf*

---> Exclusive pattern and not available anywhere else

2. Cat Bookmark

Easy and fast to crochet

3. Bulky Beanie*

---> Exclusive pattern and not available anywhere else

4. Large Pumpkin

Amazing 9 inch diameter realistic looking pumpkin for Fall

5. Small Pumpkin*

---> Exclusive pattern and not available anywhere else

6. Wash Glove*

---> Exclusive pattern and not available anywhere else

7. Striped Coaster*

---> Exclusive pattern and not available anywhere else

8. Double Thick Potholder

Easy to crochet without any increases

9. Small Bowl Cozy or Storage Basket

No increases - ideal weekend project

Popular and stylish

11. Armchair Caddy

Popular Pattern with many pockets

12. Zipper Pouch with Lining

Full tutorial and pattern provided

13. Washcloth

Easy project to learn linked crochet

14. Easy Wrist Pouch

Ideal to store crochet and yarn notions

15. Zippered Crochet Hook Case

No sewing needed! Fun detailed pattern and tutorial

16. Dishcloth*

---> Exclusive pattern and not available anywhere else

17. Pumpkin Trick or Treat Bag

Great storage for candy and other treats

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Nicole Riley Change Colors in Crochet Course (1)

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I have helped thousands of crocheters of all skills and ages learn how to crochet – from touching their first skein of yarn to helping people finish their most intricate and detailed afghans.

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