How To Crochet With Beads – Free Tutorial

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This is an easy and free tutorial showing you how to crochet with beads for beginners. The tutorial has both photos and videos for easy and quick learning.

With crochet, one can create some amazing and complex designs. They really stun and impress everyone who sees them.

However, not every eye-catching design has to be complex. One of the simplest and most elegant ways to dress up any crochet project is to add bead work.

Mostly used in jewellery, the bead work skills learned here could be carried to another project like an accessory or garment.

If you’re looking to learn how to add beads to your crochet projects, please read below for the tutorial.

How to crochet with beads for beginners

How To Crochet With Beads – Beginner Tutorial

Do you love crocheting and beading? Well then, you just combine the two.

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This post will explain to you how I crocheted the beaded double crochet (BDC). It is actually very easy.

It is an easy and effective way to crochet with beads and add an extra spark to your projects.

The wonderful and exciting thing about this stitch is that you can make it your own.

You pick the yarn, the beads and the order in which you add the beads to your yarn.

Does it take a long time to crochet with beads? Yes, it is quite a labor intensive process. However, the results are stunning and totally worth the extra effort.

Do you have to have the exact number of beads added to the yarn? No, but more is better, so you do not have to cut your yarn to add more.

Is that all worth the hassle? Oh, yes! It so is. Any girl (no kids under 3 years old please) would love to feel pretty wearing any crocheted creations that has beads on it.

In fact, before I started to learn how to crochet, my aunt made me some crochet gloves with beads that I still have.

They had some really nice beads added to them.  I was so happy when she gave me those as a gift.

Now, let me tell you what you will need to make the beaded double crochet stitch. It is very easy. The suggestions below are for the example I used for the tutorial.

What you will need to crochet with beads:

So first you will need some beads that are 1/8 inches in diameter, some #2 yarn, a needle (I used a bendable one with an adjustable eye, see the video to get a better idea) and a 2.75mm hook. That’s all.

Color nature with Copic markers!

How to crochet with beads instructions:

First you add the beads onto the yarn using the needle and push them back as much as you can.

Secondly, you either make a foundation double crochet (fdc) or a chain with a row of double crochet. Then, I slip stitched to connect the ends and and go in rounds.

Beaded Double Crochet Stitch

Then for the second round, I started with making a chain of 3 and then I used normal double crochets, but every other one I added a bead. Very easy.

So when you make a double crochet, you yarn over, pull through, yarn over, pull through 2, add the bead, yarn over and pull through 2. Done. To understand exactly how I added the beads, please watch the video below.

Here is also the Video tutorial on how to crochet a beaded double crochet (BDC):

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Crochet Projects With Beads

I have used this fun technique for a beaded bracelet pattern. It is a really quick and fun make that would be a perfect gift for someone special.

adding beads to crochet

FREE PATTERN: Beaded Bracelet

I have also found another crochet bracelet with beads that would be a lovely and super quick make, check out the pattern HERE.

Why not make a matching set and pair it up with THIS NECKLACE too? It would make a lovely gift set for a special occasion.

I hope you love this crochet with beads tutorial and the patterns I have chosen as much as I do. They are so useful and cute! 

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      1. Oops just saw my typo. Thanks for your quick response. I live in Australia so will just hunt around online. Cheers

    1. This weekend I will publish the pattern. Mine is a wrist band. It is very pretty?
      It can also be used for headbands, gloves, hats, scarfs. I do not know if I would use it for blankets. Also washing needs to be considered. I guess hand wash only. And mild detergent.
      Hope that helps?

  1. Hi! I have made a few crochet bracelets with beads and they are really beautiful! I would like to try this next! Very pretty and unique. I will need to head out to the store for #2 yarn because I only have #4 and crochet thread. I am excited to try this – maybe for a hat! Thanks for sharing! H~ P.S. Do I detect a slight German accent?

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