How to Crochet the Alternative Magic Ring Easily

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Learn how to crochet the Alternative Magic Ring easily with this photo and video tutorial. No more worrying about the Magic Ring ever again.

Have you ever had trouble with the Magic Ring when making a beanie, hat, basket or an amigurumi? Well, finally you do not have to worry about learning it anymore.

I get that some crocheters have trouble holding the loop to make the magic ring. Tension can be an issue and making sure it stays closed and never comes undone.

Alternative Magic Ring- Loop

Now when you look at the alternative magic ring above you might think that I used the magic ring for this, but I didn’t.

Crochet the Alternative Magic Ring
Video Tutorial

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Crochet the Alternative Magic Ring
Picture Tutorial

First, if you prefer a video tutorial, make sure you scroll down to see a more visual version of these pictures.

In order to crochet the alternative magic ring, start by crocheting a chain of 4.

Crocheting a chain for magic ring

Then slip stitch into the first chain to make a loop. Many crocheters know how to do this “type” of magic ring. But read further to see the magic happen.

starting Alternative Magic Ring

Next, crochet the amount of stitches needed for your pattern. Here I’m simply adding hdc stitches into the ring. Make sure you CARRY your leftover yarn with you while you crochet.

Alternative Magic Ring crocheted

Once you have finished added your stitches, slip stitch to the first stitch. If you want to hide your slip stitch check out this tutorial.

Crocheting the Alternative Magic Ring

Next, pull the leftover yarn you carried with you while you crocheted. That should close the hole a bit already. Then, using your tapestry needle, weave your yarn through the stitches for an additional circle (the first circle was done by carrying the yarn while you crocheted).

Sewing the Alternative Magic Ring

Now pull tight, fasten off and weave in your end. You should have a really tight alternative magic ring now.

Alternative Magic Ring

If you need more help or the above photo tutorial was not clear, check out my video tutorial below.

I hope you love this tutorial on how to use the alternative magic ring as much as I do. If you love this tutorial and technique, please use the social media share buttons above or below and share this pattern link with the world and your friends.

Alternative Magic Ring- Loop- Circle

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If you need to know how to weave in your ends such that they stay hidden, you should check out my tutorial where I share some tips and tricks that I use all the time.

Furthermore, once you know how to crochet the magic ring or the alternative magic ring, you are will be ready for more. I put together a complete tutorial on how to crochet the perfect beanie or hat.

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Crochet Alternative Magic Ring
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  1. Nicki, as always you did a super job of showing and explaining this alternate magic ring. You are truly awesome! Thank you again for your tutorial.

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