How to Crochet a Magic Circle or Magic Ring – Quick and Easy Tutorial

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Easy and detailed tutorial on how to crochet the magic circle to start your projects. Quick and secure way to start any project.

This crochet tutorial reveals how to crochet the Magic Circle which is also known as the Magic Ring. Although they have a different name, essentially the technique is the same.

This is an important skill to have and once you learn it you will never go back.

If this tutorial gives you trouble, however, try this alternative magic ring tutorial.

The Magic Circle uses the abbreviation MC whereas the Magic Ring appears as MR.

Be careful to not get confused with the abbreviation of MC as it also sometimes stands for Main Color. The pattern you follow should clearly explain what the abbreviation stands for.

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Why Crochet a Magic Circle?

When you learn how to crochet the Magic Circle you gain a very important skill. It is a great and super secure way to start a new crochet project.

Your crochet projects will look neater and more elegant when using this magic circle over a start using a chain.

When you use chan stitches connected with a slip stitch, you can not close the hole tightly.

However, by using the magic circle, you can close the hole in the middle more tightly.

This is because the magic circle is a combination of strands of yarn which are movable.

easy crochet magic ring

Let me now get you familiar with how to start a crochet project using this amazing technique.

Everyone should learn this whether they are a beginner or more advanced crocheter. Many crocheters do not know how to crochet it as they find it too difficult.

But if you learn it the right away, you will never use any other technique again.

The Magic Circle Tutorial is part of a “How to Crochet Beginner Guide Series”. You can find all of the Basic Crochet Stitches in my Basic Crochet 101 page.

How to crochet the Magic Circle – Video Tutorial

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How to Crochet the Magic Circle (or Magic Ring)

A full video tutorial can be found above as well, in case the picture tutorial is not as clear for you.

Magic Circle Step 1.

First, wrap your yarn around your hand, such that the longer yarn piece (that leads towards the yarn ball) is crossing over the shorter end.

magic circle tutorial

Step 2.

Next, remove your fingers from the loop, but hold the crossed over section with your finger tightly.

magic ring crochet tutorial step 2

Step 3.

Now pull the yarn that was crossed over thru the loose loop to make a new loop.

magic ring tutorial step 3

Magic Circle Step 4.

Hold the newly formed loop tightly with the loop underneath. Put your hook thru that newly formed loop (switch the hands first which hold that newly formed loop).

magic circle tutorial step 4

Step 5.

Now wrap your yarn around your non-hook hand as you normally do when you crochet. Now add your ring and pinky fingers into the loop to create tension. This is a part some crocheters do not do and therefore get frustrated. Be sure to add your fingers into the loop.

starting crochet ring video tutorial step 5

Step 6.

Now chain the number of beginning chains you need to make before creating your first stitch. In my case, I am crocheting single crochets, so I created 1 chain.

easy crochet magic circle tutorial step 6

Step 7.

Now start crocheting your stitches into the magic circle (around the yarn loop you made). Be sure to keep your pinky and ring finger in the circle while crocheting.

how to crochet a magic ring tutorial step 7

Step 8.

When you finished crocheting all your stitches into the magic circle that was needed for the first round, then you will need to remove your fingers from the ring and pull the short end of the yarn (yarn end).

photo tutorial step 8

Step 9.

Pull the yarn end until the circle closes completely. I usually weave in this end as I start crocheting the second round, but first I make sure it is somewhere knotted so it will not become loose later on.

crochet tutorial step 9

Now, you created a magic ring. Super easy, right? Again, if that seemed too complicated for you, be sure to check out my very detailed video tutorial.


I hope you find this crochet magic circle tutorial helpful and will use it when starting a new project.

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How to Crochet a Magic Circle
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