10 FREE Warm and Cozy Crochet Balaclava Patterns

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During the colder months, sometimes you need more coverage than a scarf or hat can provide. Whip up one of these free crochet balaclava patterns to keep you extra warm and cozy.

This year (2024) started off with an arctic blast that brought sub-zero wind chills to much of the US. And there’s nothing like the winter season to make us appreciate our warm and cozy crocheted winter accessories. But sometimes a simple crocheted beanie or scarf isn’t warm enough. If you need extra protection for your face, you need a balaclava!

What is a balaclava? Simply, it’s a hat that also covers your neck and part of your face. Some styles only expose the eyes. Others also show the nose, mouth, or chin. These versatile and functional accessories that have gained popularity for their unique blend of style and practicality.

For the purpose of this roundup, I’m sharing lots of unique designs of headwear that provide extra facial coverage. These easy crochet balaclava patterns go by different names, such as a ski mask, a monkey cap, or even a hooded cowl. But they are all perfect for keeping you warm so you can enjoy your favorite outdoor activities, even in winter weather.

These handmade creations not only offer protection against the cold but also allow you to showcase your individuality and crochet skills. You can tailor the balaclava to fit specific head sizes or incorporate unique embellishments. In addition to personal use, they can also make thoughtful gifts for someone who works or play in the cold.

10 FREE Warm and Cozy Crochet Balaclava Patterns

10 Free Crochet Balaclava Patterns

This roundup includes several free crochet ski mask patterns, balaclavas, and hooded cowls. You’ll find some simple patterns, like a hood in half double crochet. Others, like the mosaic crochet cowl, are a little more involved. But several of these include video tutorials so they are still very doable.

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This selection of balaclavas includes designs with various yarn weights, from worsted to super bulky. They include snugly-fitted balaclavas and some that are looser, with all different styles and sizes of openings. So you’re sure to find one that will fit your climate and your fashion sense.

All of these patterns are relatively easy to crochet, but there is some variation in skill level and time investment required to complete them. You can work up a faux fur hooded cowl in an hour or two. Or invest a little more time to a stunning balaclava from granny squares. No matter what, hopefully you will enjoy these patterns and find crochet inspiration for the winter season.

Garland Mosaic Hooded Cowl

Although I call this piece a hooded cowl, you can fold up the collar to protect the lower part of your face, much like a balaclava.

Worked in a beautiful self-striping yarn with gradual color changes, this mosaic crochet hooded cowl reminds me of sparkling icicles. But the cascading diamonds pattern is made using overlay mosaic crochet, which creates a thick fabric that will keep you extra warm and toasty.

Get the free MOSAIC CROCHET HOODED COWL PATTERN, right here on my blog.

Garland Mosaic Crochet Hooded Cowl Pattern

Faux Fur Hooded Cowl Snood

If you quickly need to make an accessory for cold weather season, it doesn’t get much quicker than this luxurious faux far snood. There are different ways to wear this item. You can bunch it around your neck like a cowl. Or pull it up over your head to use it like a balaclava.

If you haven’t worked with faux fur before, you may feel intimidated. But this cowl is super easy – just one long tube of single crochet worked in the round. For the best crafting experience, I recommend using stitch markers to help you find your stitches, since the texture of the yarn can make them hard to see.

You can find the free easy pattern for the FAUX FUR SNOOD/BALACLAVA right here on this site!

Crochet Faux Fur Hooded Cowl Snood Pattern

One Skein Balaclava

This beautifully-textured balaclava pattern uses 300 yards of worsted weight yarn, which translates to one skein in many of the popular brands of medium-weight acrylic yarn.

It gets its pebbly texture from the mini bean stitch, for which the designer has linked a complete written and video tutorial with step-by-step instructions on how to achieve this stitch pattern. This is an easy stitch with beautiful results and a great addition to your crochet skill set.

You’ll find this balaclava crochet pattern for free AT THIS WEBSITE.

One Skein Balaclava by Hook Heart Home

Snug Balaclava

When I picture a balaclava in my mind, I see something like this traditionally-shaped one with a classic look. The opening fits all the way up over your nose. But it’s loose enough that you can pull it down to take a quick sip of hot coffee from a thermos.

This close-fitting balaclava is a great choice for when you don’t want a lot of wind resistance, like skiing, snowboarding, or cold winter hikes. The fabric fits snugly to the head so it won’t blow off.

You can get the free crochet pattern BY CLICKING HERE.

Snug Balaclava by LisaAuch Crochet

Sherpa Balaclava Hood

For another super-quick option, check out this comfy balaclava made from simple stitches in jumbo weight fleece yarn. The hood covers everything but the eyes and can keep you warm, even at very cold temperatures.

The child’s size only has 17 rounds and the adult balaclava has 20. So you could make it this morning and wear it sledding this afternoon! It doesn’t take much yarn, either. You only need one skein to make the smaller size!

You’ll find the free pattern for kids and adults by CLICKING HERE.

Sherpa Balaclava Hood by Left in Knots

Turtleneck Hooded Cowl

This turtleneck hooded cowl, or “coodie,” can be worn with the ribbed neck folded down like a collar. Or when you need extra protection, you can easily fold it up to cover your mouth and nose.

The balaclava is worked with two strands of DK yarn held together. But a single strand of worsted or aran weight yarn would work as well, if that’s what you happen to have in your stash.

To get the free crochet pattern, FOLLOW THIS LINK.

Turtleneck Hooded Cowl by LisaAuch Crochet

Bobble Hood

Super bulky wool-blend yarn and a 9 mm hook give this hooded cowl a chunky look that really highlights the stitches. The bobbles in the collar add visual interest and extra layers of warmth.

To get the free written pattern, VISIT THIS SITE (requires a free sign-up to access the pattern). You can also purchase the yarn from this page, but the pattern is available at no cost.

Bobble Hood from Lion Brand Yarns

Hooded Cowl

This hooded cowl uses textured bulky weight yarn for a simple and traditional look. It’s made in half double crochet, which works up more quickly than a single crochet but has fewer gaps than a double crochet. So it’s both quick and dense for warmth.

You can choose from all different colors of Homespun yarn to complement your winter wardrobe.

FOLLOW THIS LINK to find the free crocheted balaclava pattern (requires a free sign-up to access the pattern).

Hooded Cowl from Lion Brand Yarn

Bunny Ear Up Crochet Hat

This sweet little balaclava for babies adds cuteness in addition to warmth. It’s just the right size for younger babies, ages 3 to 6 months. And it’s made from worsted weight plush yarn that will feel soft against baby’s skin.

This bunny hat would be the perfect prop for a winter photo shoot. Or if you live in a colder climate, it might even work for Easter!

CLICK HERE for the free digital pattern.

Bunny Ear Up Hat from Yarnspirations

Granny Square Balaclava Pattern

We’re seeing granny squares all over fashion runways right now, so this fun and colorful balaclava is right on trend. Choose your favorite yarn colors to make a one-of-a-kind accessory.

There are lots more options to customize this balaclava, too! If you want to provide more wind protection, you could substitute solid granny squares. Really, any style of 6-inch square would work with this pattern as long as you follow the included assembly diagram. You could even make a sampler from several patterns!

The free pattern is available at the THIS LINK.

Granny Square Balaclava from Yarnspirations

I hope you love these free balaclava crochet patterns as much as I do.

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10 FREE Warm and Cozy Crochet Balaclava Patterns
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