How to Crochet an Ice Cream Cozy Easily – Free Pattern

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This free crochet pattern is for an Ice Cream Cozy for an ice cream pint. This cozy was made with velvet yarn and comes with a full video tutorial as well.

Do you remember the last time you had ice cream at home? I do. I was sitting next to my hubby on the sofa watching a very interesting romantic movie. The fire was flickering in the fireplace and with the light dimmed I held my ice cream pint in my hand. It was cold, slippery, but I needed it.

I grabbed a towel that was way too big and made holding the ice cream carton uncomfortable. And then it happened. It slipped right out of the towel onto the floor. What a mess!

Without freaking out, I cleaned it up and saw in the corner of my eyes my velvet yarn. I knew immediately what I wanted to make with it.

Velvet Ice Cream Cozy - Free Crochet Pattern

I got right to it and made a velvet Ice Cream cozy for pints of ice cream. And of course, it works for sorbets, too, which I love just as much.

The velvet yarn makes the cozy soft and stable without slipping around and of course it keeps your hands warm and your ice cream cold while eating it.

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On top of that it also had a wonderful handle that prevents any slipping of the ice cream out of your hand. – ever. No matter if it’s summer or winter. You can now have your ice cream or sorbet totally undisturbed and full of enjoyment.

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Velvet Ice Cream Cozy Pattern

So let me get started and tell you what you will need in order to crochet this amazing pattern.

How to crochet the velvet Ice Cream Cozy


Stitches used (US terms):

Click HERE to learn these basic stitches

  • ch = chain
  • sc = single crochet
  • crab stitch aka reverse single crochet


3 rows x 3 sts = 1 square inch

Final Size:

4 3/4 (diameter) x 3 1/2 (height) inches


R1: Start with a Magic Ring and add 8 sc’s, close the hole, sl st to the first st
R2: 2 sc’s in each st all around, sl st to the first st
R3: *1 sc, 2 sc’s in the next st, repeat from * all around, sl st to the first st
R4: 1 sc in the blo in each st, sl st to the first st
R5 & 6: 1 sc in each st, sl st to the first st
Now change colors to the light blue
R7 & 8: 1 sc in each st, sl st to the first st
Change colors to the dark blue again
R9 & 10: 1 sc in each st, sl st to the first st
Change color to the light blue again
R11 & 12: 1 sc in each st, sl st to the first st
Change colors to the dark blue again
R13 & 14: 1 sc in each st, sl st to the first st
Cut the dark blue and weave it in as you use the light blue the last time
R15: 1 sc in each st, sl st to the first st 
R16: 1 rev sc in each st, sl st to the first st
Fasten off and weave in your ends.

Now let’s work on the handle of the Ice Cream Cozy.
With the dark blue yarn, chain 5
R1: 1 sc in each st, turn (4 sts)
R2 – 14: 1 sc in each st, turn

Fasten off and use the ends to sew the handle to the Ice Cream Cozy. Ideally, you want to attach it right where the color transitions happened to kind of cover them up.

Fasten off and weave in your ends.

Crochet Velvet Ice Cream Cozy

If you feel like you need more of a visual representation of this pattern, please watch my video below. Also, if you prefer an ad-free, printable pdf version please click the links above for Ravelry and Etsy where you can conveniently purchase a copy of this pattern.

Here is your Break-Through Moment: The Ice Cream Cozy Video Tutorial

This video shows you every detail and more about how to crochet this velvet Ice Cream Cozy. It will also explain to you at the end, how you can create your own graphs and make your own shadow crochet images using crochet.

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Velvet Ice Cream Cozy - free pattern
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