Easy Crochet Bracelet Using Turkish Star Stitch – Free Pattern & Tutorial

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This is a free easy crochet bracelet pattern that is suitable for beginner crocheters. It uses the Turkish star stitch which is a beautiful stitch with an interesting look!

I am so excited to share this easy crochet bracelet pattern with you! It uses the beautiful and very popular Turkish star stitch.

This is a stitch that creates a subtle texture and an interesting look!

You can make this bracelet in any colors to match your outfits and have an interesting accessory to add.

Why not make a couple of these bracelets in different colors and gift them to your loved one or a friend?

They are quick and easy to make using very little materials too. That makes them perfect to make for a craft stalls and markets. They sure would be a best seller.

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Turkish Star Stitch Bracelet - Free Crochet Pattern and Tutorial by Nicki's Homemade Crafts

Easy Crochet Bracelet Pattern Details

After so many requests and many tries to figure out how to be able to crochet the trending Turkish Star Stitch flat, I was able to do it.

YAY. Finally!

Right away I decided to use this stitch to make a bracelet that I will use as a sweet band. However, you can also use it as a mug cozy.

Once you know how to do this stitch flat, the possibilities of different projects you can use it for are endless.


Though the stitch can be difficult to start for some, it is actually not that hard once you get the pattern down.

You might have to watch the video for the tutorial I created multiple times. The video is on the bottom of this free pattern.

Some of my readers requested this tutorial to make blankets. I hope this is what you all were looking for and it will be helpful to create it.



You will need:

  • any type of yarn, depending on what you want to do with it (I used Knit Picks Dishie)
  • a corresponding hook (I used a 5.0mm)
  • scissors
  • tapestry or yarn needle
  • a button
Turkish Star Stitch Bracelet Pattern and Tutorial

Easy Crochet Bracelet Pattern Instructions:

As the Turkish Star Stitch is quite difficult to write out as a step by step instructions, please watch the video below first on how to create this stitch!

Also if you have never done this stitch in a round before, I highly recommend learning that. As that will make it so much easier to understand. Get the tutorial HERE.

Start Of Instructions

  • make a chain in the length of your desire (for this bracelet I used 8 chains)
  • starting from the second chain from the hook crochet 2 sc in every other chain (sk a st in between), if you made 8 chains, you will now have 4 sets of 2 sc’s (add the second color during the last sc, ch 1, turn
  • now start making the Turkish Star Stitch from behind, switch colors during the last stitch, ch 1, turn
  • crochet the Turkish Star Stitch from the front, switch colors during the last stitch, ch 1, turn
  • Repeat from * as many times as you need to in order to reach the length of your desired size for a bracelet
  • during the last stitch of the last round, use both colors for the last loop of the single crochet as you will not use both colors together to make the edge
  • crochet 1 sc in each row all the way around (from the front side of the bracelet) and placing 3 sc’s in each corner
  • on the last side, (after the corner stitches) crochet 2 sc, chain 6 (or more or less depending how large your button is), 2 sc and 2 sc in the corner
  • sl st when you reached the end and fasten off and add a button on the opposite side of the loop
Turkish star stitch pattern and tutorial
Turkish Star Stitch from the front
Turkish star stitch pattern and tutorial
Turkish Star Stitch from the back
Turkish star stitch pattern and tutorial used for easy crochet bracelet pattern
Bracelet after adding the edge and before adding the button
finished easy crochet bracelet pattern with a button fastening
Bracelet after adding the button, finished piece

Now you can use this Turkish Star Stitch Bracelet:

Turkish star stitch pattern and tutorial
easy crochet bracelet pattern using Turkish star stitch
Turkish star stitch pattern and tutorial

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Tutorial for the Turkish Star Stitch made FLAT:

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Turkish Star Stitch Easy Crochet Bracelet - Free Crochet Pattern and Tutorial by Nicki's Homemade Crafts
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