15 Most Amazing Quick & Easy Crochet Gift Ideas in one Ebook

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With the gift giving season starting, it can be very hard to find the perfect gift for your friends and family. Therefore, this Quick & Easy Crochet Gift Ideas ebook will provide you with 15 crochet patterns that will make your life so much easier. You have all the patterns easy to print and use for your personal use which all include patterns that one can make many of in a short period of time.

Quick & Easy Crochet Gift Ideas Ebook

After I realized that so many of my followers needed an easy way to get many of my already existing crochet patterns, I decided to create this ebook which will help you gets 15 of my most popular crochet patterns all in one ebook.

You will receive all 15 patterns with detailed material lists, photos, and of course, the detailed and easy to read crochet pattern. Furthermore, most if not all of the listed crochet patterns come with at least one video tutorial that will either show the entire pattern visually or provide you with parts of the most difficult parts of the pattern.

You can buy the ebook now on Ravelry or Etsy at your convenience. The entire ebook is one pdf file with 112 pages. As I understand that ink is valuable, I made sure that all the pictures are separated from the actual material list as well as pattern so that you can choose whether to print the pictures or not.

Usually, my patterns sell for $2.50-3.50 each, so $25 for the entire ebook is a major deal! Don’t miss it! You save more than $12! WOW!

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Buy the ebook on Ravelry here   Buy the ebook on Etsy here

Patterns included in the Quick & Easy Crochet Gift Ideas Ebook

  1. Cotton Bowl Cozy
  2. Beaded Bracelet
  3. Book Cover
  4. Cell Phone Pouch
  5. Pillow case with Flying Hearts
  6. Rose with Stem and Leaves
  7. Easy Keychain Cozy
  8. Easy Wrist Pouch
  9. Elephant Tissue Box Cover
  10. Cotton Potholder
  11. Honeycomb Washcloth
  12. Candle with Flameless Tealight
  13. Lacy Silk Fingerless Gloves
  14. Plastic Bag Holder
  15. Small Tissue Pouch

All of these patterns are not only easy, but super fast to make. Some of the Quick & Easy Crochet patterns are only made in under 30 minutes whereas some others might take up to 2 hours.

I, for sure, have trouble every year when it comes to buying presents for my friends and family. And if you are anything like me, you like to be home and just crochet. Well, then how about you make all of your gifts and presents for your friends and family yourself.

This Quick & Easy Crochet Gift Ideas ebook has everything you need in order to make any family member or friend happy. In fact, this ebook has enough ideas that it would work for a special loved one who was just married or moved into their new home. Or think about those time when you just want to say “Thank you” – even then you will have a gift idea ready.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your special ebook now that includes all the Quick & Easy Crochet Gift Ideas you will ever need.

Buy the ebook on Ravelry here   Buy the ebook on Etsy here

And remember, all the pictures are separated from the pattern which means you do not have to print everything out, but just the pages with the pattern on it. I understand that ink is not cheap, so I wanted to make this part easy for you.

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Quick & Easy Gift Idea ebook cover

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