10 Free Stylish Crochet Cardigan Patterns

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10 free stylish crochet cardigans is a list of the best crochet patterns perfect for making your own garments.

I was so excited to find out that my best friend from college was moving closer to our house. We were inseparable during our time at the college but as it happens our paths separated after. I couldn’t get enough of those times when we were just hanging around together, she was like the sister I never had.

Their car pulled up outside our house and I felt like a kid at Christmas waiting for Santa to come with all the presents. She stepped out of the car and I instantly recognised that cheeky grin she used to pull.

We run towards each other like in a cheesy movie and gave each other the tightest squeeze. It reminded me of the hug we gave each other on the last day of the college before we said our goodbyes.

Crochet cardigans were keeping them warm on a trip down the memory lane

Time flies when you’re having fun and before we know it’s gone dark. The crackling fire is warming up our legs. We sit close, shoulder to shoulder talking about times old and new. The toasted marshmallows are sending a sweet smell towards us. 

I run back into the house to grab a couple of crochet cardigans to keep our shoulders warm.

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“I love these” she says.

“I’ve made them myself” I said. “I will show you! I couldn’t decide, these are the 10 stylish crochet cardigan patterns I found” I said pulling out the phone from my back pocket.

a collection of 10 Free Stylish Crochet Cardigan Patterns

10 Free Stylish Crochet Cardigan Patterns

Striped Velvet Crochet Cardigan

Wrapped in velvet cardigan with its soft and cuddly texture is perfect for the cooler evenings. Its fit is slightly oversized to create the most comfortable crochet garment.

The easy beginner friendly crochet cardigan incorporates colour changes to add an interesting look. The velvet yarn is so lovely to work with and because it is super bulky the cardigan works up super fast too! Find the CROCHET STRIPED VELVET CARDIGAN – FREE PATTERN on my website.

Striped Velvet Cardigan Crocheted

The Grace Crochet Cardi Pattern 

The Grace Cardi is such a cute crochet cardigan that is so easy to make. It is the perfect pattern to practise making a cardigan. The raglan style means that it is worked from the neckline down.

What I love most about the yoke cardigans is that you can actually try them on as you crochet. This ensures the best fitting crochet cardigan that you won’t want to take off! The light and airy crochet cardigan is perfect for spring and summer season. Find the pattern HERE.

raglan style crochet cardigan

LA Bomber Style Crochet Jacket

Inspired by the stylish knitted oversized cardigans this crochet jacket has a slightly different construction. It is worked sideways from the hem upwards to the neckline. It is a great way to make a great fitting crochet garment.

With slightly cropped length and oversized finish it is inspired by bomber style jackets. The chunky yarn has a high wool content which means you will be nice and warm while wearing it. Check out the free crochet pattern on this website.

chunky crochet jacket pattern

Chunky Belted Crochet Cardigan 

This Chunky Belted Crochet Cardigan is so cozy and comfy and easy to create. Even a beginner that knows how to double crochet should be able to create this wonderful and elegant piece of clothing.

The addition of belt makes this cardigan so stylish as you can pull it tighter around your waist to accent your curves. CHUNKY BELTED CROCHET CARDIGAN – FREE PATTERN is available on my website. 

easy crochet cardigan pattern with a belt

Crochet Ruffle Sleeve Cardigan 

Get ready for the warmer months with this stunning crochet cardigan featuring beautiful ruffled sleeves. It is so easy to make but so beautiful to wear and complements any outfit.

This stylish crochet cardigan uses simple double crochet stitch all the way through. It creates a subtle shaping with easy to master increases and decreases. Find the pattern by clicking here.

elegant cardigan with ruffled sleeves

The Newport Wide Sleeve Crochet Cardigan Pattern

It works up super fast and is great for beginners who want to dive into garments as well as experienced crocheters who want to create a cozy cardi. The pattern calls for a cotton yarn which means you will be creating a durable crochet cardigan that will withstand may washes and wears.

The open front allows for the cardigan to be worn in warmer weather. However the extended length makes it perfect to wrap up in colder months. CLICK HERE for the pattern.

open front long cardigan

C2C Cocoon Shrug

You are going to love this crochet shrug! It is made with simple rectangles seamed together. The added details of crochet ribbing and collar finish off this simple crochet garment perfectly.

It is a perfect pattern for crocheters that struggle with seaming garments. The way this shrug is constructed means it requires minimal sewing. 

The type of fabric the C2C crochet technique creates means this cocoon shrug does stretch a little when you wear it. However this gives the shrug a beautiful “lacey” look. The pattern is available here.

corner to corner crochet shrug

Crochet Duster Cardigan Pattern

If you like the ease of crocheting blankets, but the fun of making your own garments, you’re going to love this long duster cardigan! This free crochet duster cardigan pattern has very easy construction and requires basically no seaming! 

The pattern very cleverly instructs to crochet the pockets first so they can serve as your gauge swatches! If you’d like a shorter sweater, eliminate some rows before the armholes. For a longer sweater, keep working until you reach the desired length. Follow THIS LINK for the pattern.

long crochet duster cardigan

The Spring Buds Cardi

This is a super-simple crochet cardigan pattern. All you have to do is crochet 2 rectangles, add some sleeves and seam! This cardigan is very easy to make, if you can work a single crochet and a half double crochet stitches, you’re on the way to creating your first crochet garment!

The combination of yarn and stitches creates lightweight cardigan, making it perfect for spring days or chilly summer evenings.

This cardigan has a casual, relaxed fit, the dropped shoulder design and 3/4 length sleeves make this a great wardrobe staple. Find the pattern HERE.

light and airy spring cardigan

Mathilda Crochet Cardigan Pattern

Made out of two simple hexagons this easy crochet cardigan pattern is a fun beginner-friendly way to create a women’s sweater you’ll love for a lifetime.

The oversized puffed sleeves and elegantly fitted waistline make this cardigan a great addition to any wardrobe.

It is a lovely addition to a skirt or pair of jeans. You can choose fun bright colors to liven up your closet, or stick with more classic neutral tones to match any outfit. Grab the free pattern from this website

cardigan from two crochet hexagons

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list of free crochet cardigan patterns

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10 Free Stylish Crochet Cardigan Patterns
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  1. Hi. I am working on the Curvy Girl Cable Crochet Cardigan. I am having a very difficult time with the directions for the cable part of the pattern. I have been crocheting for over 50 years and this one has me stumped. Are there clearer directions on the cable? I have asked several of my crochet friends if they can figure it out and they are also stumped as to the pattern. It seems to jump around from the pattern to the cable pattern and it just does not seem to look right. I have the back section finished and it is a beautiful pattern but the cable part is just not working correctly. Please help! Thanks!!

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