Clever Crochet Storage Ideas with these 5 Easy Patterns

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These are the top 5 functional crochet patterns for storage solutions to keep your items organized and stored safely.

It is the idea of keeping everything organized and tidy that excites me the most. I keep my bookshelf organized in alphabetical order. Every shelf and cupboard in my home is organized and every item has its place. I love notebooks and planners to make lists and plan my days. My working schedule is planned ahead for a couple of months. 

This gives me the sense of purpose and the feeling of achievement. The goals set could be as little as setting out the time to take the kids to the park!

My love for everything functional comes into my crochet designing too. I love designing functional crochet patterns that serve a purpose. Anything with pockets and different compartments to store or carry everyday stuff. I have put together 5 of my favorite crochet patterns for functional storage ideas and solutions.

5 Crochet clever Storage Ideas Patterns

5 Functional and Clever Crochet Storage Patterns

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1. Functional Crochet Hook Holder Pattern

This is by far one of my most popular paid patterns. This gorgeous hook holder looks like a book. It opens up and has one amazing function that I haven’t seen with any other hook holder.

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It has a large pocket at the back that is big enough to hold printed patterns. This functional crochet hook holder pattern has 3 different sections inside. You can keep your hooks organized in their individual pockets.

It has a smaller pocket with a closure that is perfect to hold any notions like stitch markers, tape measure, or scissors. There is also an open pocket that you can use to hold any leftover yarn or toy stuffing. Take a look at HOW TO CROCHET A CROCHET HOOK HOLDER WITH EXTRA STORAGE – EASY PATTERN

Crochet Hook Holder Crochet Pattern

2. Multipurpose Crochet Bag

I love project bags to carry my crochet projects around. However, I hate when they all end up in a big tangled mess. That’s why I have designed this gorgeous crochet bag to store all my hooks, yarn, and books in different compartments.

It has 8 different pockets created with removable dividers. This way you can adjust the size and number of pockets your bag has. I used my favorite suzette stitch and put together HOW TO CROCHET A MULTIPURPOSE CROCHET BAG – FREE PATTERN tutorial on my website.

3. Armchair Caddy Storage Crochet Pattern

I have to admit this is one functional crochet storage solution I literally use every single day. It sits on the arm of the sofa and holds all my essentials! I created 2 larger pockets on one side and 3 smaller pockets on the other side.

It is great to keep your hooks from being swallowed by the sofa. I lost count of how many days I have spent looking for my hooks only to realize I sat on them the whole time. HOW TO CROCHET AN ARMCHAIR CADDY EASILY WITH THIS FREE PATTERN will show you how to crochet this essential crochet storage solution.

Armchair Caddy crochet pattern free

4. Crochet Phone Stand Wedge

These phone stand wedges are such a great addition to make crocheting more comfortable.

They are great to rest your phone, tablet, or even a book on it to have a clear view of another functional crochet pattern while working on it. However, this crochet phone wedge has one great addition- pockets!

These are at the back of the wedge and are great to pop your hook, stitch marker, or scissors into when you are taking a break from working on your project. HOW TO CROCHET AN EASY PHONE STAND WEDGE – FOR BOOKS & TABLET TOO is a free pattern on my website.

Crochet Phone Stand Pattern

5. Plastic Bag Holder

This is such a versatile crochet storage solution. It has an opening at the top to put things you want to store into. You can hang it up using the string at the top.

This functional holder crochet pattern has a hole at the bottom which is used to pull the plastic bags out of still keeping them tidy and organized. It is such an easy and quick crochet pattern which only uses one skein of yarn! This PLASTIC BAG HOLDER – FREE CROCHET PATTERN is available on my website.

free crochet pattern Plastic Bag Holder

These were my top 5 functional storage solutions crochet patterns. However, there are plenty more functional crochet patterns on my website. I hope you found them useful and make some for your home to get you organized. 

Crochet clever Storage Ideas Patterns

I have recently been thinking about adding crochet storage to my bathroom and found this amazing Bathroom Organizer which is a free pattern you can find here.

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5 Functional Storage Idea Crochet Patterns
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