10 Amazing Free Thanksgiving Crochet Patterns

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A compilation of beautiful thanksgiving crochet patterns to make the celebrations even more special. Home decor items you must make this fall.

Fall is here! Fall is here! Soon, the leaves will start falling. The air will turn crisper. And all things Thanksgiving will start adorning our homes. With that thought in mind, you can crochet items to adorn your home for Fall and Thanksgiving.

I wanted to bring to you a collection of free crochet patterns that remind me of Fall and Thanksgiving. What a great way to decorate! I hope that you find something fun and amazing for you to crochet with this 10 Thanksgiving and Fall Free Crochet Patterns.

Thanksgiving Day is such a special day for people in the US. It is a day to give thanks for what you have and stop for a minute to appreciate the important things. I love when families and friends get together for a delicious meal. I love decorating the Thanksgiving table and love seeing the surprised. faces when they realised I made all the crochet decorations myself.

10 Amazing Free Thanksgiving Crochet Patterns

Which one of these would you make? I really like the pumpkin, the turkey, the acorns, the leaves, the wreaths, the blanket, the table runner, the spice… um, can we say I just like them all! It’s hard to choose which one of these 10 Thanksgiving and Fall Free Crochet Patterns will become a favorite and go to pattern. I hope you enjoy this round up!

10 Free Thanksgiving Crochet Pattern Round Up for Decorating Your Home

These Thanksgiving crochet patterns are must make for the celebrations. They are all themed around pumpkins, turkeys and fall season.

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Secret Pumpkin Tissue Box Cover

I just love how this Secret Pumpkin Tissue Box Cover hides your tissue box in a fun and decorative way! It is always handy having a box of tissues handy. However, they do not always fit in well with the fall decor. This is one of those decorations that you can not only use for thanksgiving but it will last all autumn long.

Secret Pumpkin Tissue Box Cover Free Crochet Pattern

Thanksgiving Turkey Kitchen Towel Crochet Pattern

Having to constantly pick up the towels off the floor and wash them because they’ve slipped off the oven handle yet again, gets old in a quick hurry. You can easily fix this problem by crocheting this super handy kitchen towel. You can even make it special and themed for certain time of the year. This turkey kitchen towel is the perfect one to use for thanksgiving.

It is made with 100% cotton yarn which is the go to yarn for kitchen towels and dishcloths. Find the free thanksgiving crochet pattern ON THIS WEBSITE.

Turkey Kitchen Towel Crochet Pattern

Turkey Belly Crochet Pot Holder Pattern

This adorably easy Turkey Belly Pot Holder is the perfect addition for the upcoming holiday season! It is super useful in the kitchen for the special thanksgiving meal. The holidays are fast approaching and that means it’s time to prep for all that cooking!

This lovely thanksgiving crochet pot holder pattern would also make a fun gift for friends or family. It even has a front pocket for adding cookie mix, spatulas, whisks, or other fun giftables! CLICK HERE for the free pattern.

Turkey Belly Pot Holder

Thanksgiving Crochet Turkey Napkin Ring

I am so in love with this cute turkey napkin ring and flatware holder. I will definitely be making these for the festive table set up.

The crochet pattern is super easy and works up so quick. So it does not matter if you are having a large group coming for the thanksgiving meal. You can crochet these up in no time. FOLLOW THIS LINK for the crochet pattern fit for any thanksgiving table!

Turkey Napkin Ring

Crochet Turkey Applique Pattern

This cute crochet Turkey would be perfect as a Thanksgiving decoration. You can use different yarn weights and hook sizes to obtain different sizes for this cute thanksgiving crochet pattern.

The body consists of a simple heart shape so it works up quick and is not too difficult. You can make a few of these and string them together to make a garland to hang over your fireplace or the front door.

THIS BLOG has the free pattern you can use.

Crochet Turkey Applique Pattern

Crochet Thanksgiving Turkey Pattern

These crochet turkeys are quite a pair! Made in classic amigurumi style, these cute turkeys have feathery tails that impress.

They would make a lovely toy gift for the little ones to play with after dinner. However, you can also use them as a fun and whimsical table center piece decoration.

They would certainly bring a fun element to the thanksgiving dinner. You can access the free pattern by FOLLOWING THIS LINK.

Crochet Thanksgiving Turkey Pattern

Turkey Hat Free Crochet Pattern

This hat pattern is so fun, easy, cute and fast! Perfect for the young (or young at heart!) that love wearing cool and funky hats.

Why stop with the crochet turkey madness at table decorations only? You can have fun and a real good laugh wearing this hat. Why not take a to your town’s parade wearing one of these thanksgiving crochet hats?

The thanksgiving crochet pattern is beginner friendly and once you make it, you might get many more ideas for some fun hats. Grab the free pattern FROM THIS WEBSITE.

Turkey Hat Free Crochet Pattern

Thankful Crochet Table Runner

Handmade decor items stand out more than store-bought items. This lovely crochet table runner pattern is not only great for Thanksgiving, but displayed at any time of the year.

I love the farmhouse style and feel of this beautiful table runner. It is chic and modern and would look lovely on any table. The crocheted word thankful is proudly displayed across the centre of the table. CLICK HERE for the free pattern.

Thankful Crochet Table Runner

Large Pumpkin Pattern

Although I already have made so many different pumpkin patterns, I simply couldn’t stop myself from making another one or two. The one pumpkin I didn’t have yet was a large one. One that looks like pumpkin you are about to carve to make it into a jack-o-lantern. Yes! A big one.

This pumpkin would make a lovely thanksgiving crochet decoration for your front porch. It also features the not as well-known crochet technique called “Linked Crochet”.

It’s a technique to allow you to use basic crochet stitches but reduce the number of gaps in between the stitches. In fact, it’s an early stage to Tunisian Crochet, but without needing a new special hook. FREE LARGE CROCHET PUMPKIN PATTERN AS FALL DECOR USING LINKED CROCHET is available on my website.

Large Pumpkin Pattern

Crochet Oak Leaves

These Fall Oak Leaves are super versatile! Imagine the possibilities of things you can use these leaves with. You can add these leaves to a wreath, or make a special thanksgiving crochet garland pattern, or even crochet some leaves to scatter on your mantle and table. They work up super quick and are great stash busters too!

I can imagine them decorating a special package or a seasonal greeting card too. CLICK HERE for the free crochet pattern.

Crochet Oak Leaves

I hope you have enjoyed this 10 Thanksgiving Crochet Patterns! These are some beautiful and fun creations that you can make to decorate your home! Be sure to share this collection with the world on social media using the buttons above or below.

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10 Free Thanksgiving Crochet Patterns
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  1. What a great round up! Scheduled and shared. I really appreciate you including my Acorn Pixel Art Square. That square was turned into a throw pillow, as you mentioned, and has been a lovely addition to our home. Now to make a pair, or something else to compliment it… Also loving that Turkey Wreath! It’s been on my list since I first received the email notification of it’s publication.

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