10 Free Crochet Overall Patterns for Summer

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A delightful collection of free crochet overall patterns, perfect for the summer or even at home.

This collection of free overall crochet patterns caters to every need, from charming doll overalls to adorable baby overalls to stylish adult overalls. Most of these patterns are beginner-friendly, ensuring that crocheters at any skill level can enjoy creating them.

10 Free Crochet Overall Patterns for Summer

Many patterns also include video tutorials to guide you through the process step by step. If you are a visual learner, this will be really helpful!

The majority of these designs call for worsted weight yarn or cotton yarn, making the projects not only versatile but also accessible with commonly available materials.

These patterns are thoughtfully designed with beginners in mind, ensuring that even those new to crochet can confidently create beautiful pieces.

Whether you’re crafting a tiny outfit for a beloved doll or a cozy, stylish piece for yourself, these patterns provide a delightful and rewarding crocheting experience.

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10 Free Crochet Overall Patterns for Summer

I have compiled a collection of crochet overalls for you to crochet. Whether you’re crafting adorable doll overalls, cozy baby overalls, or stylish adult overalls, you’ll find a variety of options to suit your needs.

Many of these are beginner-friendly patterns, so if this is your first-time creating crochet apparel, you are in for a treat with the many choices of crochet overalls. These are all free patterns as well!

Many of these patterns are size inclusive and customizable in size, making these patterns accessible to everyone. Because you can crochet overalls for everyone, you can make matching sets for you and your little one OR for you and your bestie.

Imagine dressing up your favorite doll in a handmade pair of overalls, gifting a new mom with a charming baby outfit, or crafting a unique wardrobe piece for yourself. These patterns not only bring joy to the maker but also to those who wear the finished pieces. So, grab your crochet hook and yarn, and dive into the wonderful world of crocheting overalls. Happy crafting!

Funny Dungarees

This cute overall pattern is for intermediate level crocheters, otherwise known as a beginner looking for a challenge and opportunity to learn more crochet techniques.

It is made with a soft worsted weight yarn and uses simple stitches throughout and it comes in sizes 6-24 months!

CLICK HERE for the free pattern.

Crochet Funny Dungarees

Forever Young Jumpsuit

This crochet jumpsuit pattern is beginner friendly as it includes basic crochet stitches, such as single crochet and double crochet. It is made of 4 panels, 2 back panels and 2 front panels and the assembly is very straightforward.

The fit of the jumpsuit is meant for an oversized fit, so it is loose and comfy. Perfect for the summer weather! The pattern comes in 8 sizes: S-5XL.

FOLLOW THIS LINK for this free crochet jumpsuit pattern.

Crochet Forever Young Romper

Overall Dress

This adorable crochet overall dress pattern is perfect for a beginner, especially if you are familiar with granny stripe stitches. Its labeled as easy-intermediate due to the construction part of the pattern.

The pattern calls for worsted weight yarn, which is usually always accessible from our large yarn stash! HA. Because the pattern is striped, you could easily just pull yarn from your stash, and it would definitely make a dent in it!

The coolest thing about this patter us that it comes many sizes from doll-adult! You could make a daughter and doll set, or my favorite a Mommy and Me set! AND there is a video tutorial for the pattern. It would be even cuter to use mismatch buttons too!

CLICK HERE is for the free pattern AND video tutorial.

Crochet Overall Dress

Easy Crochet Overalls

These easy crochet overalls are made from the bottom up. You start with shorts portion, and then the front and back are attached and worked up from the shorts! It is very easy to follow along with in the video tutorial of this pattern.

The pattern calls for worsted weight yarn, which makes this pattern accessible to beginners as well as seasoned crocheters. Who doesn’t have a stock pile of worsted weight yarn?

The design includes a cute little pocket on the front and features straps that tie instead of using buttons!

You can fide the video tutorial ON THIS WEBSITE.

Daisy Overalls

This delightful daisy crochet overall pattern is beginner friendly, especially if you’re looking to enhance your crochet knowledge and skills. You will learn how to attach these daisy granny squares together using a no sew method! Which is SUCH a useful skill outside of this project!

The pattern calls for cotton yarn, making it a cooler outfit to wear during the summer and super easy to wash!

CLICK HERE for the video tutorial.

Crochet Daisy Overalls

Granny Square Overalls

This free granny square overall pattern will be a breeze if you already know how to crochet a granny square. This pattern tutorial also utilizes the no sew method when connecting the squares together. It is very beginner friendly and will work up fast!

Granny square projects are always so much fun and make it so easy to be creative because of all the color combinations you can come up with. This would make a great stash-busting project for those small balls of yarn!

Grab the free crochet video tutorial by FOLLOWING THIS LINK.

Granny Square Crochet Overalls

Doll Overalls

This cute crochet overall pattern is part of a crochet-along series for making an amigurumi crochet doll and other accessories for the doll!

They are super simple to make! The pattern includes written instructions as well as a video tutorial for making the overalls!

The overalls are worked from the bottom up, so that you can try them on any of your dolls as you work. If they are too small for your doll, you’ll need to adjust your gauge/tension!

FOLLOW THIS LINK for the pattern.

Crochet Doll Overalls

Baby Romper

This free baby romper pattern is an easy beginner friendly design. It is worked from the bottom up. It calls for a lightweight cotton yarn. Making it nice and soft as well as washable.

It comes in one size: 0-6 months! So, your little one will get a lot of wear with these cute crochet overalls.

Find the written crochet pattern and video tutorial ON THIS WEBSITE.

Crochet Baby Romper

Crochet Romper

This crochet romper is super easy to crochet! It is customizable in size, making it size inclusive. It features a fun, lace design on the shorts and a v-neckline for the top.

The pattern calls for medium weight yarn and a small crochet hook to bring this adorable romper to life.

Click HERE for the video tutorial.

Crochet Romper

Granny Square Overalls

This pattern uses a less traditional granny square that has a floral motif. The overall crochet pattern is created by making good bit of these granny squares then seaming them together to create these pretty overalls!

It calls for cotton yarn like many of the others, so it’s cool for warmer weather and is easily washed!

THIS WEBSITE has the free pattern.

Crochet Granny Square Overalls

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10 Free Crochet Overall Patterns for Summer
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