Crochet Terms Translated into 9 Languages

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This detailed article will help you understand crochet terms translated into 9 languages so you can finally make the pattern you have been wanting to crochet for forever.

Everyone was a beginner at some point, even in crochet. And while we learn new stitches or stitch patterns daily as a beginner, we find crochet patterns from all over the world suddenly available within our reach. But sometimes, even that might not be enough to actually create the pattern you found and fell in love with as they are written in a different language.

Well, I am here to help you. I created a huge list of  basic and most commonly used crochet terms that are translated into 9 different languages.

Crochet Terms Translated into 9 languages

Now, you will be able to understand British (U.K.) crochet terms as well as German, Polish, Spanish, Italian, French, Russian, Dutch and back into American (U.S.) terms. Whether you need to know how to say, read or spell single crochet in German or any of the other languages you will now be able to do it. Finally!

So many times, I am struggling as I find awesome crochet patterns I want to share with my family and friends who also crochet. Well, most of my family and friends are in Germany and do not speak English. Now I can send them this link and they can translate the patterns for themselves, at least most of it. Google Translate can also help partially, although sometimes those translations are not as accurate, which is why I put together this amazingly long and detailed list for you all.

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I am sure this will be helpful to you and you can finally figure out the crochet terms in other languages for this desired patterns you have been staring at for ages.

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Crochet Terms Translated into 9 Languages

Translated Crochet Terms

Wow, I feel like this is the most detailed list available. Some other crochet websites split up other languages from the difference between U.S. and U.K. terms. Well, I felt like I needed to combine all of them together to make it even easier for you.

If you found this detailed article on how to these crochet terms are translated into 9 other languages, please be sure to share it on social media with the world as I am sure there are other crocheters struggling and need to know how to interpret these amazing patterns. Thanks for reading and sharing the Crochet terms Translated article.

Crochet Terms Translated into many languages

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  1. Can you please work on crochet translation for Portuguese. They have some gorgeous patterns I would love to dopay. Thanks

  2. Hi! There ‘re some mistakes in the Spanish translation :

    Skip: saltar (rematar is fasten off).
    Yo: coger hebra.
    Join into ring: unir formando un anillo.

  3. Translation of sl st (slip stitch) in French should be “maille glissée” instead of “petite maille”.

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