Seashell Cardi Crochet Stitch Tutorial on Facebook LIVE

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I am very excited about this upcoming event. I have talked about this amazing Seashell Cardi from Annie’s Signature Designs on Facebook LIVE for a while now and I am finally able to provide you with all the information you need to get your own pattern or kit and learn how to crochet the special stitches in this cardigan LIVE on Facebook. In order to attend the Facebook LIVE, you are not required to have the pattern already, but it would help for sure.

While I demonstrate those special stitches on Facebook LIVE on Annie’s Facebook page (recording is now available on the bottom of this page) I will also be there for a quick Q&A. So the best idea would be to get your pattern or kit already so you know what I will be talking about. I do highly recommend getting the kit for this pattern. When you get the kit you will receive the yarn and the pattern altogether. In fact, you even have a choice of either getting the pattern electronically or printed. So awesome.

So let’s start with the most important part: the Seashell Cardi. You can get the pattern or kit RIGHT HERE!

Seashell Cardi Crochet Pattern Tutorial

Although I usually have only free crochet patterns, this pattern was not designed by me, but I was asked to crochet it so I could provide a video tutorial for certain parts of the pattern. In order to do that, Annie’s kindly provided the pattern and the yarn for me.

The pattern is available in many different sizes and has the most amazing yarn to come with it. I sure hope you will try this pattern and get the yarn along so you know what I am talking about.

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Seashell Cardi pattern to crochet in beige

In order to follow along with the stitch tutorial, you need to make sure you do all of the following so you will not miss this event:

Seashell Cardi

Just like I do with all my Crochet Alongs, I want to provide you all with enough time to get the pattern, and the yarn so you will be ready for this special stitch tutorial on Facebook LIVE. This will also be your time to collect questions, so I can answer them during the LIVE event.

So mark your calendars for JUNE 16, 2018 at 12PM, PST! Also be sure to have your setting on Facebook correctly. Be sure to change the default setting under “following” on my Facebook page to “See first”. If you leave it on default, I can almost promise you will miss it. Facebook’s new algorithm does not allow me to have all my posts seen by all my followers UNLESS you change that setting to “see first”.

Facebook Setting to See First instead of Default to not miss anything

As I will be on Annie’s Facebook page for the LIVE event I will also be sharing this event to my Facebook page. Annie’s will also be sharing it to their other pages so we will have as many people as possible following along this amazing event.

Seashell Cardi Pattern

There will be thousands of crocheters attending this event, so be sure to be on time so I will not miss your questions.

Are you ready? I hope you are. I am so excited. So now, get your pattern and yarn and watch this event below:

Be sure to share this with the world on social media so other people will be able to join this amazing event as well.

Seashell Cardi Crochet Pattern Video Tutorial

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