Cute Crochet Heart Earrings – Free Crochet Pattern

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The Small Crochet Heart Earrings is a free crochet pattern. The pattern adds the perfect touch as jewelry or as a decal on any gift for Valentine’s Day.

The dress fit absolutely perfectly. Every hair on her head remained exactly where she had intended them to stay. The shoes shone and clicked with the right amount of noise. Yet something was still missing.

She frowned at the mirror. What could it be? Hmm. Oh! She rushed to her dresser and began rummaging through the drawers. No, no, no, no…yes! She found what she was looking for and triumphantly pulled them from the drawer – two little crochet heart shaped earrings. Once she placed them in her ears, she took another look. Yes. Just perfect. Now, she was finally ready to go out.

These cute little crochet heart earrings make the perfect accessory. They are not only quick to make, but super easy. It is a beginner friendly pattern. The pattern can also be used as a decal on any other pattern. Use it to make a special card or add to the gift wrap. The possibilities are endless.

Small Heart Earrings - Free Crochet Pattern

Crochet Heart Earrings Inspiration

These crochet heart earrings were one of the quickest patterns I have ever made! They are so cute to wear and so fun to make. It is a win win for me!

Secondly, you do not actually have to make these crochet hearts into earrings. You can use them for whatever your heart desires. Whether you would like to add a special touch to a gift wrap on the present for a loved one or make a special card, this crochet heart pattern would be perfect.

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This pattern is so cute and perfect for pretty much anyone. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced crocheter. I used Premier Anti-Pilling Everyday yarn, but you could use any other yarn. Just be aware to use a smaller or lager hook (depending on which yarn you pick).

You also need to keep in mind that the heart either shrinks or gets bigger than this pattern. I just love this heart so much, that I used it again, but this time for earrings instead of a keychain 🙂

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What you will need:

Crochet Heart Earrings Instructions:

For this pattern you will need to make 4 hearts (2 for each earring).

  • Ch 4
  • You will now work for every stitch into the same chain which is the 4th chain from the hook. Place these stitches in this order into the 4th chain from the hook: 3 tr, 3 dc, Ch 1, 1 tr, Ch 1, 3 dc, 3 tr, Ch 3, sl st into the same Ch as all the other stitches, do another sl st towards the back of the heart to hide the yarn
  • Fasten off and weave in the ends, unless you want to sew it onto something.

In order to make earrings: Sew the wrong sides of the hearts together and attach that double heart to an earring hook like it is shown on the picture above. It really is that simple.

In the video tutorial below you can see how I made a heart in two different ways. For this pattern I used the first heart pattern shown.

Small Heart Earrings Pattern

Here is the Crochet Heart Earrings Video tutorial:

This is a beginner friendly easy pattern. However, we all learn differently. So, if you prefer more visual help and like learning that way, I have created this great video tutorial for you.

It will show you in a great detail on how to make these crochet heart earrings. Follow THIS LINK for the tutorial.

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Small Heart Earrings - Free Crochet Pattern by Nicki's Homemade Crafts
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  1. Hi Nicki, these hearts are super cute. I made 4 and am thinking of making earrings. I guess I’m not sure of the best way to sew them together. Do you sew them with a needle and thread? Something else?

    1. I just used a normal tapestry needle and the same yarn to see it together. Not sure what the sewing stitch is called, but it is just normal loops all the way around. Hope that makes sense. Let me know if you need more help?

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