Linked Crochet Technique Top Tips and Crochet Patterns

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I have put together 5 tops tips and tricks for using linked crochet technique and how it’s similar and different from regular and Tunisian Crochet. 

Linked crochet is one of my absolute favorite techniques to use.  I love this special technique that not many people have explored before! It is such an innovative way of creating a crochet fabric.

This fun way of crocheting creates such a dense fabric with virtually no holes through your work. It is desired for sturdy projects that need to hold their shape or have no gaps for items to fall through.

I have put together all the top tips and tricks on how and when to use linked crochet. It takes a little practice to get used to crocheting in this technique.

However, with a little patience, it will open up a lot of new possibilities on what you can do with crochet. I have put together a quick list of some patterns that use linked crochet technique.

Linked Crochet Tips vs Regular Crochet 5 tips
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5 Top Linked Crochet Technique Tips and Tricks

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1. What is Linked Crochet?

Linked crochet is in its own category. It is a mix between standard crochet and Tunisian crochet. Standard crochet creates each stitch by itself, one at a time. On the other hand, Tunisian crochet creates many stitches at the same time. These are all connected together with a chain of stitches called the return pass.

However, linked crochet sits somewhere in between these two techniques. It creates one stitch at a time just like standard crochet. But it connects the stitches one at a time to the next stitch just like Tunisian crochet. 

So, if you haven’t tried Tunisian crochet because it looks a bit too complicated and you haven’t got Tunisian hook, linked crochet is a great place to start. It combines the best of both standard and Tunisian crochet.

2. What can Linked Crochet be used for?

Linked crochet technique connects all the stitches together so they are no longer stand alone stitches. It means working this way removes the gaps from your work. This results in very thick and stiff fabric with minimal gaps between stitches. 

This is a desired characteristic for projects which need to be sturdy without the need for big gaps. As an example it could be bags, pouches, mats, rugs, cushion covers etc. The possibilities are endless.

3. Linked Crochet Stitch Types

You can use this clever way of connecting stitches pretty much for any size crochet stitch. I have used linked crochet technique for single crochet in my tutorial on HOW TO CROCHET THE LINKED SINGLE CROCHET.

However, you can also apply Linked Crochet to HALF DOUBLE, DOUBLE and TREBLE CROCHET

But why stop there? You can absolutely use this type of crochet on taller stitches. Once you master the basic technique, you can apply it to any stitch! Check out this tutorial which uses linked crochet for a corner to corner stitch!

And YES, you can have Foundation Linked Crochet Stitches. Try them! They are amazing.

Linked Crochet Chainless Foundation Chains Tutorial

4. Linked Crochet Tips

My number one tip for using linked crochet technique is patience! Until you practice a little and get used to it, this crochet style might seem a bit slower. In order to connect the stitches, you insert hook through the loops of previous stitch rather than yarn over. 

The other tip I give you is to make sure to insert hook through the right loops. You need to take time to learn the anatomy of each stitch and make sure you are using the same loop on each stitch to achieve neat work. 

5. Crochet Patterns using Linked Crochet

I have used linked crochet for my latest crochet pattern – CROCHET WATER BOTTLE HOLDER WITH PHONE POCKET – FREE PATTERN AND VIDEO TUTORIAL. I combined linked treble crochet with standard crochet to give the holder a checkerboard effect.

Crochet Water Bottle Holder with Phone Pocket

This also gives the water bottle holder a little bit of stretch. It is especially useful to be able to fit different sized bottles inside. However, the phone pocket uses solely linked treble to make the pocket sturdy to protect your phone. 

The Armchair Caddy is another free pattern using linked crochet technique. It is an ideal storage solution for your crochet hooks, books, yarn, and more. Linked crochet makes this caddy sturdy and it holds the shape better. Take a look at HOW TO CROCHET AN ARMCHAIR CADDY EASILY WITH THIS FREE PATTERN

5 Tips for Linked Crochet Tips vs Regular Crochet

I really hope you find these tips and tricks for linked crochet useful. Why not pin it to your Pinterest Board so you can come back to it when you need to! Use the social media share buttons to let your crafty friends know about this article.

If you would like to learn this and many more fun techniques, join me in The Crochet Club! It is a membership-only club where I teach how to crochet different stitches and patterns. You will also get access to all my PDF crochet patterns. 

Linked Crochet vs Tunisian Crochet Tips
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