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Tunisian Crochet



Tunisian Crochet Beginner Mini-Course

50% off!!!

Price will increase soon for this ebook-video combo Mini-Course!

This is your chance to get an amazing Tunisian Crochet Beginner Mini-Course which includes a very detailed how to get started guide, 4 stitch tutorials, and 2 crochet patterns in an ebook plus videos for 50% off!

Save $15 with this Mini-Course!

Imagine this! You have been crocheting for a while now. But you are getting tired of doing the same thing over and over again. A good challenge is great for body and mind. The only thing you don’t have is: the knowledge to learn Tunisian Crochet quick and easily!

Well, this Tunisian Crochet Beginner Mini-Course has it all! Very detailed get started guide, which hooks are best for which crochet pattern, 4 in depth crochet stitch tutorials to learn the basics, plus 2 Crochet Patterns to practice what you learned all in 1 ebook plus videos embedded into the Mini-Course.

Every time you need reference Tunisian Crochet, this mini-course has you covered, for any situation.

But this mini-course’s price will increase soon! So hurry! So right now, it’s 50% off! If you would buy each pattern and tutorials individually you would spend more than $30, but wouldn’t even get the additional how to get started beginner guide. 

So this deal is unheard of! But it’s true!

What customers said about the Mini-Course:

What I appreciate the most about the mini-course is that there's a video tutorial for the different types of Tunisian stitches. And beyond the video, Nicki actually takes the time to thoroughly explain each stitch, showing both front and back, so that the stitches and how to make them are clear and understandable. And she doesn't just teach how to make the stitches, she provides a couple of patterns to make the tutorial more practical, utilizing the very same stitches you just learned.
Paula Daniels

The Crochet Tutorials and Patterns you get in the Mini-Course

1. Tunisian Simple Stitch

Starting with the most basic Tunisian Crochet Stitch, it is the foundation of learning and crochet in Tunisian.
Normally: this tutorial can't be found ad-free online - besides in this mini-course

2. Tunisian Knit Stitch

This is my favorite Tunisian Crochet stitch and once you tried it, it will likely be yours, too.
Normally: this tutorial can't be found ad-free online - besides in this mini-course

3. Tunisian Purl Stitch

This stitch looks so similar to the knitted version of it. It's beautiful and easy to learn. Try it and you'll be amazed.
Normally: this tutorial can't be found ad-free online - besides in this mini-course

4. Tunisian Full Stitch

This elegant stitch is so unique, you'll want to use it all the time in your projects.
Normally: this tutorial can't be found ad-free online - besides in this mini-course

Tunisian Crochet Stitches

“I love this Mini-Course with Ebook and Videos.”

As with any of Nicki's courses, this one is well worth the money. The e-book with videos provides any novice Tunisian crocheter with the tools they need to get started on Tunisian crochet. Nicki provides beginners with the basic stitches they will need to master in an easy-to-understand format. As a bonus, there are patterns that can be used to practice the new Tunisian skills!
Nicki is a fantastic teacher. She understands that students need to be able to see the stitches clearly and that the instructions need to be easy to follow. She takes the time to work through each stitch multiple times to help students fully understand the procedure. If there is any confusion, Nicki herself is always available to answer any questions.
Courtney Fritz
Tunisian Crochet Patterns

5. Tri-Color Tunisian Scarf

The first project, I would recommend is the Tri-Color Tunisian Scarf as it starts with a foundation round of Tunisian Simple Stitch. It then follows a beautiful pattern of just Tunisian Knit and Purl Stitches. It's the perfect beginner project to learn this technique.
Regular price: $5

6. Tunisian Block Scarf

Next, I would recommend the Tunisian Block Scarf as it has a row of Tunisian Simple Stitch. Then it uses only the Tunisian Full Stitch for the rest of the pattern. While making this and the previous pattern you'll easily learn how to change colors in Tunisian Crochet as well.
Regular price: $5

“This course will make you want to come out of your comfort zone... absolutely love it”

The mini course is very detailed and you explain everything so well. Me, who never even realized that you could do that, absolutely love it. Especially the ease of how truly easy it is.
This course will make you want to come out of your comfort zone. I did and even got the set of hooks that Nicki uses and are easy and awesome to use. Nicki will be there for you if you have any questions you may have. No question is too small even if it's been asked before.
Lisa Scogin

7. Start from Scratch Beginner Guide

With this guide, you can learn it all. Feel like a pro of Tunisian Crochet once you finished going through it. Which hooks are the best and why.. which hooks are better for one project over another... and so much more.
Normally: this tutorial can't be found ad-free online - besides in this mini-course

Tunisian Crochet Hook Set
If they've had troubles with Tunisian crochet, this course helps explain things in wonderful detail. You WILL understand how to do the basic stitches after using this course.
It showed (in clear details) how to do several Tunisian stitches, and also gave patterns in which to use those stitches. Perfect!
Dianne U

“If you have never experimented with Tunisian Crochet, this is a great mini-course to take!”

I didn’t realize just how many different stitches in Tunisian Crochet there are! You, Nicki, do a fantastic job explaining how to do them!
Brenda J Meineke

Get the Tunisian Crochet Beginner Mini-Course NOW for 50% off!

But HURRY, the price will increase soon!

It includes very detailed Tunisian Crochet Stitch tutorials, a complete beginner guide on the crochet hooks to use,  crochet patterns and more in an ebook plus embedded video tutorials to guide you through each of them easily.

Your purchase comes with a 7 day Money Back Guarantee.

If you see the content from the inside and you tried it out and show us that it will not work for you, we will refund you straightaway.