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Hat & Beanie Mini-Course

80% off!!!

Price will increase soon for this ebook-video combo Mini-Course!

This is your chance to get an amazing Hat & Beanie Mini-Course which includes 20 crochet patterns in an ebook plus videos for 80% off!

Save $80 with this Mini-Course!

Imagine this! The gift giving season is not far! And it’s getting cold. You and your family and friend need hats & beanies for the winter season. The only thing you don’t have is: right patterns with video tutorials!

Well, this Hat & Beanie Mini-Course has it all! 20 Crochet Patterns + 3 very detailed tutorials to make the perfect beanie or hat all in 1 ebook plus videos embedded into the Mini-Course.

Every time you need a hat or beanie, this mini-course has you covered.

But this mini-course’s price will increase soon! So hurry! So right now, it’s 80% off! If you would buy each pattern individually you would spend more than $100. 

So this deal is unheard of! But it’s true!

The 20 Crochet Patterns you get in the Mini-Course

1. Spiked Hat

This Spike hat looks harder than it is. The spike stitch is actually very easy and super fun to crochet.
Regular price: $5

2.Tie Up Beanie

This unique and special beanie is nothing like you ever seen before. From rectangle to tie it up in the back, it makes it special and o pretty.
Regular price: $5

3. Bee Happy Beanie

The Bee Happy Beanie uses single crochets with small Tunisian Crochet style stitches that make this hat so special looking.
Regular price: $5

4. Apache Tears Hat

Change the colors and this Apache Tears hat will look stylish for any event or preference.
Regular price: $5

I can't get over how DETAILED everything is in this ebook. For the visual learners, there's photos and even a few charts (read about how to make the perfect straight seam - GAME CHANGER)..
for the "read only" set there's SO MUCH description, you can't POSSIBLY go wrong, and for those who prefer video learning to "follow along", well, there's those links too.
I don't think I've ever come across a help/pattern book with this much information!
Heather Tait

4. St. Patricks Beanie

Whether you will wear this beanie for St. Patrick's Day or just because you love green or the texture, you will love this beanie.
Regular price: $5

6. Lattice Beanie

This beanie was one of my most popular beanies in 2016 and 2017 and it is still well loved and is so easy to make.
Regular price: $5

7. Sunset Hat

The sunset one evening inspired me to crochet a hat that looks just like what I saw. Using easy stitches, you make one too and look amazing.
Regular price: $5

8. Frosted Window Beanie

I love how the colors and texture make images appear you didn't think you created. This beanie really does look like windows and is just so beautiful for both woman and men, or even kids.
Regular price: $5

“I love this Mini-Course with Ebook and Videos.”

If you want to learn how to make hats for children or adults this is the course to take. Nicki does an awesome job on videos and writing out the pattern for you. Also she is there if you need help. I love watching these videos. They are so easy to follow and at least you can stop and start when you need to.
Evelyn Wallat

9. Kaleidoscope Beanie

Inspired by the yarn used, this beanie is easy and quickly made. I literally designed and crocheted it in 30 minutes. You can do it too!
Regular price: $5

10. Hubby's Home Beanie

I created this beanie while my hubby was traveling and wanted him to have a nice surprise when he came back. It's easy and the perfect beanie for men and women alike.
Regular price: $5

11. Everyday Bean Beanie

Featuring the bean stitch, this beanie is easy to crochet and uses simple colorful bulky yarn to show off it's amazing texture.
Regular price: $5

12. 30 Minute Hand Beanie

No hook is needed for this beanie. Yes you simply can crochet this one with your fingers. So fun and cool.
Regular price: $5

I've been crocheting for almost 20 years. I've made hats. I've made LOTS of hats. Some look like tubes with tops. Some are WAY too small, some could fit over an elephant, not just the head, but the body too.
I've read this ebook cover to cover, and I can't WAIT to see what I can make now. I firmly believe that this ebook can help me make a real hat one day.
Heather Tait

13. Ribbed Cable Textured Hat

I love cables and they shown off in this hat beautiful. No worries if you never tried cables. Video tutorials are included.
Regular price: $5

14. Sunset Striped Hat

This hat is so easy to crochet you won't believe you made it so quick and stylish looking. It might actually be your go-to hat in the end.
Regular price: $5

15. Knit-Like Cable Hat

Another amazing hat featuring cables. But this time also the crochet knit stitch. So fun and beautiful.
Regular price: $5

16. Reversible Textured Slouchy Beanie

This beanie can actually be worn 8 different times. YES! I'm serious. It's my favorite hat I ever designed.
Regular price: $5

“Thanks for this Mini-Course!”

I think all of your patterns are very clearly written out, and the photos and tutorials spot on. I have not done them all, ... It looks very easy.
Leona Nyberg

17. Denim Blues Hat

Both the texture and color really make this hat come to live. So pretty and elegant. You can make it as unique as you like.
Regular price: $5

18. Spiral Slouchy Hat

This slouchy hat is actually just made with single crochet stitches. Although it looks hard, it is very easy to crochet and looks amazing.
Regular price: $5

19. Chunky Knit-Like Hat

This hat is so beautiful chunky, you won't freeze at all while wearing it. It's also super fun to crochet.
Regular price: $5

20. Gift Beanie

Whether you make this beanie for the holidays or any other time of the year. It's an eye catcher and so fun to crochet.
Regular price: $5

Get the Hat & Beanie Mini-Course NOW for 80% off!

But HURRY, the price will increase soon!

It includes 20 crochet patterns in an ebook plus embedded video tutorials to guide you through each of them easily.

Your purchase comes with a 7 day Money Back Guarantee.

If you see the content from the inside and you tried it out and show us that it will not work for you, we will refund you straightaway.