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Crochet Bags Made Easy Project Stroller bag

“This ebook has it all! "

From project bags with pockets to a small pretty clutch for date night, this book has bag patterns for every occasion. As a visual learner, I love how Nicki’s instructions include several photo and video tutorials. She explains everything in great detail so that even newer crocheters can understand. This is a must have for crocheters of any level.
Christine Blue of Spotted Horse Design Co.

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Crochet Bags Made Easy Table of Content

1. Well Written Ebook

86 pages of well-written Crochet Bag Patterns with pictures and video links teaching you basics and beyond.

Value: $100

Crochet Bags Made Easy 20 Patterns

2. Repurpose and Reuse

Learn to crochet bags once and reuse these patterns over and over again for an endless amount of projects!


Crochet Bags Made Easy Pattern example

3. Variety of Patterns

These 21 Crochet Bag Patterns – with 5 exclusive patterns that are either not available for free on my website or not available anywhere – are for anyone, from beginners to advanced crocheters!

Value: $100

Crochet Bags Made Easy with video tutorials

4. Detailed Video Tutorials

Hours upon hours of detailed video tutorials explaining the most challenging and interesting crochet techniques

Value: $97 

Introducing the
"Crochet Bags Made Easy" Video Ebook

86 pages with 21 Crochet Bag Patterns, all accompanied with resources and 11 video tutorials embedded for easy access and viewing pleasure to learn hours upon hours of crochet knowledge to make YOUR crochet work look cleaner, better and as stylish as you want them to be.

Crochet Bags Made Easy Patterns

Combining Linked Crochet with Filet Crochet for a sturdy stylish bag

Boho style bag made with t-shirt yarn with fringe, flower, and a hidden pocket

Stylish Bag with different stitches, a zipper and lining

---> Exclusive pattern with zipper and cute ocean waves

Adorable bag with zipper that lays flat with standing pockets when opened

6. Chunky Project Bag*

---> Exclusive pattern with easy stitches and bag bottom to stand when filled

Cute multi-purpose backpack with all the features of a store bought one!

Popular Bag with removable pockets and lots of pockets to fit more than yarn

Incredible design with removable pockets to flatten the bag or have more storage

10. T-Shirt Yarn Clutch*

---> Exclusive pattern that is stylish, sturdy and your best date accessory

Bag Patterns

Adorable, but easy bag with lots of storage for WIPs and yarn

Large Bag with lots of storage and stylish stitches

Popular pattern makes an ideal Project or Stroller or Wheelchair bag

Incredible elegant design with lining, closures and sturdy straps

Stylish Bag using only 2 colors - with graph and written out color pattern

---> Exclusive pattern with additional color design options for many holidays!

Small, but mighty and popular pattern for your quick and small WIPs

--> Exclusive pattern with stylish features and lining to make it long lasting

Fun pattern with easy construction and sturdy design for many WIPs

Beautiful and easy stylish clutch for your next date night or elegant event

Easy and simply design using just a rectangle

“Every crocheters must-have ebook!"

This is a beautiful set of patterns! Made a couple of them and love it!!!!
Brenda M.

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Crochet Bags Made Easy cover

5 Exclusive Bag Crochet Patterns
Only Found In This Ebook:


“ I LOVE Nicki's Crochet Ebook! ”

I loved the ebooks it had a very good variety of cute items to whip up in a jiffy! Thank you Nicki I love it as with all of your patterns and courses! Everyone should join us at the TCC!
Kimberly P.
Crochet Bags Made Easy on tablet

Ebook, Resources and Videos

You'll get LIFETIME-ACCESS to this Video Ebook with lots of videos, patterns, stitch tutorials, and extra tips. If I ever decide to add new content you will get access to it without having to pay a penny more!

No subscription is needed for this amazing "Crochet Bags Made Easy" Video Ebook.

Once you purchase the Video Ebook, you will instantly have access to the PDF ebook with all the tips, patterns and tutorials to download. Once you print the ebook - if you choose to - it will feel like you just bought a physical book.

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Hi, I'm Nicole Riley

"I've designed and created over 200 original Crochet Patterns, and helped 1000's of crocheters learn Crochet.

NOW, you can learn it too, cause I put this Crochet Bag Made Easy Ebook together for you to learn crocheting bags and purses and practice them while saving time and crochet happier and be more relaxed."

I am the creator and founder of Nicki’s Homemade Crafts, The Crochet Club – a VIP crochet membership, and many popular crochet video courses and ebooks. I have been published and sponsored by many of the top yarn and craft companies around the world.

I have helped thousands of crocheters of all skills and ages learn how to crochet – from touching their first skein of yarn to helping people finish their most intricate and detailed afghans.

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