Nicki’s Crochet Podcast Episode 11 with Lorene Eppolite from Furls Crochet

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In every episode of Nicki’s Crochet Podcast, Nicki reveals the most interesting crochet designer secrets. Episode 11 features Lorene from Cre8tion Crochet and Furls Crochet.

A lot of people might not know how Lorene from Cre8tion Crochet got into crochet designing. I am excited to get all the details and share them with you in my latest episode of Nicki’s Crochet Podcast.

You might have seen Lorene on many Furls Crochet live streams before. However, she also has stunning designs and we have some juicy details that not everyone will know.

I’m so excited that Lorene agreed to join me for my podcast called Nicki’s Crochet Podcast where I try to reveal crochet designer secrets and allow you to see designers from a totally different perspective.

You get to submit your questions, too. In fact, you can even request whom you would like me to interview in the future.

Are you ready to watch the 11th episode with Lorene from Cre8tion Crochet?

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Summary of Episode 11 with Lorene

Lorene was taught how to crochet by her grandmother and shares her very first projects and how she started making finished items to sell.

About 6-8 months later she transitioned into crochet garment design and turned it into a full-time successful crochet business.

She started as a crochet blogger designer and enjoyed the journey through Cre8tion Crochet.

I was surprised when Lorene shared what her original profession was which also had a lot to do with her business name. It is a unique name I really love and you will be amused by how it came about.

Lorene shared a funny story about how she first got in touch with Furls Crochet and her initial conversation with Harrison, the founder.

She joined the team six years ago and worked her way up through different positions within the company and ended up being the company CEO.

I was sad to hear that Lorene has now sold her crochet business but it was a necessary decision to make the “living thing” strive again.

Lorene shares a little bit of behind-the-scenes on how Furls hooks are made and the different types. When asked whether she has a favorite, she might have just picked one particular hook. Curious to know which one?

I was excited when Lorene shared some sneak peeks into where Furls is heading as a company. They are developing and adding more products, incorporating different crafts like knitting and weaving, and maybe even adding some more yarn lines.

Crochet Foundry was an initial idea of a crochet magazine between four designers. It has grown beyond their imagination. They loved the idea the magazine represented, however they could no longer invest their full attention in it.

So, they decided to sell it to Furls Crochet and developed it further. Lorene and Pam are still very much involved with the magazine, however, it is a larger team that looks after it now.

It has size-inclusive garment designs, homewares, and some amigurumi too. It has grown from a quarterly to a monthly magazine and there might be some plans to make it a printed magazine.

Grab your crochet project, and crochet while you listen to the entire episode 11 on Youtube.

I must say Furls hooks and products are my all-time favorite tools to use when I crochet.

I am excited to share my special coupon code NICKI15 for 15% off you can take advantage of it and get some of these amazing products for yourself.

Do not forget to check out the fantastic Crochet Foundry Magazine too which is full of incredible patterns from garments, homewares, and smaller items too.

Furls Crochet Polaris Hooks

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Podcast Episode 11 Lorene, CEO of Furls Crochet

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Podcast Episode 11 Lorene, CEO of Furls Crochet
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