Beautiful Swirly Crochet Heart Hat – Free Pattern

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Free pattern for crochet heart hat for women using waistcoat stitch. It creates a beautiful swirly heart pattern throughout the beanie.

After falling in love with the Waistcoat Stitch AKA the Knit Stitch, I needed to create yet another pattern. This is the Swirly Crochet Heart Hat pattern. The two other patterns that also use the waistcoat stitch are the Love is in the Air Beanie and the Snowflakes Messy Bun Beanie.

I created the Swirly Crochet Heart Hat pattern after so many people requested it! It was after they saw the tutorial I created for the waistcoat stitch on both, my Facebook page and my Youtube channel. This pattern is slightly different but similar to the stitch tutorial.

I designed the crochet heart hat pattern for an adult/teen head. However, you can adjust it to make it bigger and smaller. The pattern includes a specific stitch repeat. You can make more or less of it to change the size of the beanie.

crochet heart hat free pattern

Grab the Swirly Crochet Heart Hat PDF

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I used a 5.0mm hook for the pattern and I used the Premier Anti-Pilling Everyday Worsted Solids.

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Free Swirly Crochet Heart Hat

How to Crochet the Swirly Heart Hat

Materials needed


4 wst x 4 rows = 1 square inch

Stitches used

  • SC = single crochet
  • BLO = Back Loop Only
  • Waistcoat Stitch(wst), pictures with instructions on how to change colors using the wst are in between the pattern also

NOTE: These instructions are for a teen/adult crochet heart hat. You could make it smaller or larger by just stopping earlier or extending it more. You can also use it as a messy bun/ponytail beanie by closing the hole temporarily or permanently only a little bit.

If you don’t do it permanently, then you can always change it back and forth. In fact, I can even use it as a neck warmer/scarf sometimes.

In order to change the size of the pattern, the first thing you need to know is the head circumference of the person you are making the hat for.

Furthermore, you will also need to know the height of the hat which can be made bigger depending on whether you want the hat to fit snuggly on the top of the head or be slouchy (just add more red yarn rows to extend it).

Written Pattern for the Swirly Heart Hat

Crochet Hat Brim

With color A and a 5.0mm hook make a chain of 8 chains

Row 1: 1 sc the second chain from the hook, 1 sc in each stitch across, ch 1, turn (7 sts)

Row2: 1 sc in the first stitch, *1 sc in BLO, repeat from * till the second to last st, 1 sc, ch 1, turn (7 sts)

Row 3-69: repeat row 2

Feel free to extend or shorten the brim according to the head circumference of the person wearing it.

Fold the brim band in half and connect the ends by slip stitching them together to make a circle.

Do NOT cut the yarn, continue below.

Crochet Heart Hat

Round 1: Using sc, crochet 67 stitches all around (you can increase or decrease the amount, but keep in mind that the heart pattern requires a 4 stitch repeat, meaning the pattern is a multiple of 4 stitches, and since there is a shift to the left for the red hearts, you will need one less stitch, so if you have a multiple of 4 being 68, subtract 1 for the shift having 67 stitches all around), DO NOT sl st to the first sc of that round! BUT for the final sc of that round finish the sc with color B (so last loop of sc is in color B). Just continue now with the written repeat below.

Starting round 2, use the waistcoat stitch from now on!

For the 4 stitch repeat, crochet *3 wst in color A, then 1 wst in color B (finishing stitch with color A), repeat from * all around, never do a sl st, until you finish your work. Counting the rows, I did 32 rows before fastening off and closing the hat. Again, the video I created on Youtube is very helpful for this if you do not understand what I mean.

Pictures below are just to show how to change colors, ignore the pattern shown (the pattern below is not the same as for the Swirly Crochet Heart Hat!). In the picture below, the dark red would be the red heather in the hat pattern. The green would be the toasted marshmallow in the hat pattern. So you can see the first loop is red, but the stitch is finished with green (toasted marshmallow for the hat).

start of changing colors for the waistcoat stitch
changing colors for the waistcoat stitch aka knit stitch
Waistcoat stitch change colors

How to close the Hat:

Close the Swirly Crochet Heart Hat

Now you can also add a pom-pom for which I have a tutorial HERE if you need one. 🙂 Enjoy your new hat!

Inside of the Hat looks like this:

crochet heart beanie pattern - Free Crochet Pattern by Nicki's Homemade Crafts

Video Tutorial for the Swirly Crochet Heart Hat

It uses a special stitch that I call the waistcoat AKA knit stitch. Don’t be scared about the way it sounds, it is actually very easy and once mastered is very fast to create. To learn the Waistcoat Stitch please click HERE.

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Swirly Heart Crochet Hat Pattern
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  1. Hi! THANK YOU for the pattern! I am new to crochet and this site so forgive me but I used the coupon code but still haven’t gotten the pattern. What did I do wrong! THANK YOU again.

    1. Welcome 🙂
      If everything went well in Ravelry, I should have gotten an email, but sometimes it takes a bit longer, but it should be in your raverly library already. Please check there 🙂
      IF not there, please contact raverly to figure out what went wrong.
      I hope that helps:-)

  2. Do you have any restrictions on the use of the pattern after purchase (i.e. a group doing a project, or sale of hat {not the pattern})?

    1. Hi Laurel,
      thank you for contacting me. Well, I do not want my pattern being distributed unless it is a link to my website where people can find the pattern themselves. In regards to the actual hat being made from it, feel free to sell, donate or gift it. It would be nice if I am credited as the creator to the pattern tho. I hope that answers your question. Feel free to contact me again, if you would like to do anything additionally that I did not mention above. Thanks again, Nicole

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