The Crochet Crowd – A Detailed & Honest Book Review

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This detailed and honest book review is all about “The Crochet Crowd” which is now available through Amazon.

Mikey and I go back a few years. Although I watched several of his videos on his Youtube Channel, I never thought I actually would have the honor to become friends with him and chatting with him once in a while, especially lately.

Facebook friends are like real friends, right? Asking for a friend here! LOL

Anyways, the first time Mikey and I were in contact was when I goofed named my Cotton Bowl Cozy “microwavable”. He emailed me kindly and ask me to change it since it was too confusing and dangerous as I couldn’t guarantee that the yarn wouldn’t catch on fire. Valid point! So I changed it immediately and thanked him immensely.

Most recently I messaged Mikey and we were chatting about crochet designer insights. Out of the blue, he offered to feature me in a Spotlight. When I say I cried – so did my husband don’t tell him I told you – I mean it. I’m honored and grateful for him featuring me in an entire blog post! You can read it HERE.

But that’s not it! NOPE! Mikey always goes beyond! He even featured me as 1 of the 20 Best Crochet Blogs in 2021. WHAT? Can someone please hand me more tissues? LOL

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So now, let’s dive right into Mikey’s and Diva Dan’s new book called “the Crochet Crowd” which they generously sent to me for me to write an honest review. And that they will get! 100% honest and detailed.

Let’s go!

The Crochet Crochet Book Review Detailed and Honest

A Crochet Book Like No Other

“The Crochet Crowd” Book is no ordinary crochet pattern book! It’s so different – in a great and fascinating way!

Not only is the book made in a landscape print, but it’s also easy to read with a great layout.

As soon as you open the book you can feel that this book has Mikey and Dan written all over it. The pictures and the table of content say it all.

But it doesn’t stop here. Once you actually start reading the book, you realize you get more than just Mikey and Dan! So much more! Let me explain.

The Crochet Crowd Book Review - table of content

Get “The Crochet Crowd” Crochet Pattern Book HERE

All About Mikey of “The Crochet Crowd”

The book starts out with a complete background, almost like an autobiography of Mikey and how he found his love in crocheting, the community and wanting to give, and of course Dan.

I literally couldn’t put down the book. It caught my full attention from the first to the last word. With many surprising details, I never knew about Mikey or Dan.

The story, featuring many pictures from his childhood and beyond, is mainly based on Mikey himself. But it also explains how Mikey and The Crochet Crowd became who they are today.

So many things had to happen in his life to end up where they are now. Successful, giving and super talented Crochet Designers and Business Owners like no others. The “crowd” not only is loyal but follows them where ever they go – in person or digitally.

The Crochet Crowd Book Review Mikey's story

Mikey’s and Dan’s Journey

It’s simply incredible how Mikey and Dan met, their move to Nova Scotia, and how they now simply complete each other.

You can feel the energy of the story and the designs in the pictures and their faces.

I have a whole bookcase filled with crochet and craft books, but no book is like “The Crochet Crowd”. I loved reading about their journey, including the crocheters whose life changed because of Mikey and Dan and the community they build.

The Crochet Crowd Book Review - Patterns

The Crochet Crowd Designers and Patterns

If you know Mikey and The Crochet Crowd, you know right away that they build a community like no other. And that includes designers!

This crochet book features patterns designed by Mikey and Dan, but also designers from The Crochet Crowd community.

The Crochet Crowd Book Review - more patterns

The designs are detailed, with diagrams and lots of helpful tips. And let’s not forget to mention how beautiful they are. Stunning designs created for beginners, intermediate and advanced crocheters in mind.

The Crochet Crowd Book Review - crochet patterns

Crochet History and A Day in Mikey’s Life

But Mikey doesn’t stop here. Besides including 15 incredible crochet patterns, he also includes fun stories, even about the first crochet pattern ever written, in between the general story of his journey or a crochet pattern.

The pages are designed with lots of creativity and fun surprises to keep you in the book, inspired and motivated.

After reading this book, all I wanted to do with inspired others, crochet more, and change the world, just the way Mikey and Dan have done this far.

As a crochet designer myself, I also love how Mikey provided us with a behind-the-scenes journal-style chapter telling us all about how a normal day for him looks like. From getting up early, checking in on the team and the world to crocheting late at night.

It makes me feel like I’m not the only designer with a crazy interesting workday. Although, just like Mikey said, crochet never felt like work at all.

The Crochet Crowd Book Review - craft show prep

Finishing the Book with Designer Spotlights and Craft Show Tips

To finish up, “The Crochet Crowd” book gives an insight into the team that runs the show of The Crochet Crowd in the background, plus designers who are featured in this well-written, unique book.

Furthermore, Mikey also added a nicely laid out chapter with lots of tips to have a successful Craft Show, perfect for any time of the year, but especially helpful during the Craft and Fall Season which is right before the Gift Giving Season.

Get “The Crochet Crowd” Crochet Pattern Book HERE

Mikey, THANK YOU, for writing such an inspirational and well-written crochet book that includes way more than just crochet patterns. I loved reading about your journey. You inspire me to become a better designer and serve the community more than I already do.

If YOU haven’t gotten your copy of this book yet, don’t hesitate, because it’s a book that needs to be in your bookcase right now! But you will not leave it there for long because you won’t be able to resist making these awesome patterns included in the book. They are simply stunning!

The Crochet Crowd – A Detailed & Honest Book Review - square
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