Free Tutorial: Samurai Crochet Relief Stitch

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This is a free tutorial for the beautiful Samurai Crochet Relief stitch. Easy and quick to make stitch with an interesting look and texture. The tutorial has both photos and videos.

I love Japan. I love the food, the language and the culture.

So, of course when I see there’s a stitch with “samurai” in its name, I’m very curious to know why.

Yet despite my searching, I could not find out how the stitch got its name.

I am left only to guessing. My best guess would be that this crochet relief stitch resembles the texture of fabric worn by the samurai (although I couldn’t find any proof to support this hypothesis).

Secondly, the strand of yarn across the stitches might resemble the samurai sword maybe?

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Regardless of why this stitch is named that way, I am excited that I have discovered it.

Samurai were the aristocratic warrior caste of medieval and early-modern Japan.

The samurai, perceived as a representation of an obsolete feudal institution, was abolished in the 1870s due to the government’s desire to integrate them into the professional, military, and business classes.

The samurai has a very rich history. I recommend a look-through on Wikipedia if you desire to learn more.

Inspired by the rich culture, I am excited to bring you this amazing crochet stitch.

I am even more excited to use this stitch in my projects.

To learn more about how to create the samurai crochet relief stitch, please continue to read below.

Samurai Crochet relief Stitch - Crochet Stitch Tutorial

Samurai Crochet Relief Stitch

When thinking about creating a new crochet pattern, I came across the Samurai Crochet Relief Stitch on another website.

I instantly fell in love with this stitch, the stunning texture created in such a simple, yet effective way.

This stitch is also known as the Cable Stitch to some crocheters. I can see the simple resemblance to crochet cables.

However, I find that this crochet relief stitch is much easier to work.

It is not just for experienced crocheters, but also easy to learn for beginners. All you need to know is how to crochet a chain and how to crochet double crochets.

So let’s start and I will teach you how to do this beautiful stitch.

I do have a video below on how to do this stitch from the start, in case the pictures are not enough.

If you would like to explore different crochet stitches and techniques, why not LEARN MORE ADVANCED CROCHET STITCHES HERE? The tutorials are free on my website.

Crochet Relief Stitch Written Instructions:

1.Make a chain of multiples of 4 plus 3 (examples: 12+3, 16+3, etc) -> the last chain of 3 counts as a dc

2. sk st (which is chain number 4 from the hook), place 1 dc in the next 3 sts               Samurai Crochet Relief Stitch Samurai Crochet Relief Stitch

3. yo, from the back go insert the hook into the skipped stitch, yo, pull thru the yarn (be sure to keep the tension not too loose, but also not too tight) you now have 3 loops on the hook), finish it like a normal dc (yo, pull thru 2, yo, pull thru 2)

 Samurai Crochet Relief Stitch Samurai Crochet Relief Stitch  Samurai Crochet Relief Stitch Samurai Crochet Relief Stitch

4. repeat from step 2, until the end of the row, 1 dc in the last chain, turn

5. ch 3 (counts as 1 dc), sk st, place 1 dc in the next 3 stitches

6. yo, from the back go insert the hook into the skipped stitch, yo, pull thru the yarn, finish it like a normal dc                                                   Samurai Crochet Relief Stitch

7. repeat from step 5, until the end of the row, 1 dc in the last chain, turn

8. repeat steps 5 thru 7 until you are done with your pattern

Samurai Crochet Relief Stitch close up
reverse side

Video Tutorial for Crochet Relief Stitch

If the photo tutorial is a little confusing, I have also filmed a video tutorial explaining in detail how to crochet this relief stitch.

You will be surprised just how easy this stitch is to work up. You can use it for so many different crochet projects.

Anything like crochet blankets, scarves or hats would look absolutely stunning in this stitch.

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I hope you love this super cute samurai crochet relief stitch. I can not wait to use it in my next crochet project.

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