How to Change Colors in Corner to Corner (C2C) Crochet

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Changing colors in Corner to Corner Crochet is much easier than you might think. Corner to Corner, also known as C2C, is a way to crochet using a graph via pixels from one corner to another corner. A video tutorial is provided, too.

Once I published the Alphabet and Numbers C2C Blanket as a Crochet Along, I knew I had to create a tutorial to teach how to change colors in C2C. Some crocheters might get intimidated by corner to corner crochet, but it’s actually much easier than you might think.

How to Change Colors in C2C - Corner to Corner

In fact, crocheting corner to corner prevents the project from getting boring and repetitive. When you use a graph to crochet a blanket using C2C it creates a lot of fun, excitement, and relaxation.

If you’ve never crocheted C2C before, please check out my detailed beginner tutorial for it. I’ll teach you how to get started, and how to increase and decrease in C2C. Once you mastered the little square as a practice, come back here and learn the next step: changing colors in C2C.

If you want to learn more tips and tricks in changing colors in crochet, even corner to corner, check out my very popular Workshop and Course for it.

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Did you know you can also crochet corner to corner horizontally, instead of diagonally? It’s called the Tulip stitch (no it’s not a flower in this case) and is very fun to crochet.

Furthermore, I have a crochet pattern using corner to corner that would make the perfect beginner project once you learn how to change colors. It’s a free crochet pattern called Rainbow C2C Hat with Unicorn Pom Pom.

C2C Color Change Tips – Video Tutorial

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How to change colors in C2C graphgan Easily with these 5 Tips

Make sure you already know how to crochet C2C. If you don’t check out my Beginner Guide.

The graph below is a practice graph. I reference it in the video tutorial and it helps learn all the tips and tricks for changing colors for C2C and prevent having a lot of yarn to weave in.

C2C graph practice

1. Tip for C2C Color Changes

Using the above graph and double crochet stitches, crochet until you reach the first different color pixel. In order to change colors, do not finish the blue pixel, During the last DC, change colors as shown below.

2. Tip for C2C Color Changes

Make sure to carry your blue yarn with you, as you will need it after the red pixel again. You only carry the yarn when the surrounding pixels and following pixel (after the red) is the same color.

Change Color in Corner to Corner dc

3. Tip for C2C Color Changes

Then once you made your red pixel, you also do not want to finish the pixel, as you need to crochet blue again. So change colors during the last red DC. Then pick up your blue yarn and pull it through one of the stitches of the neighboring blue pixel, then finish up the last red DC with it. The video tutorial below shows in detail how to do that.

4. Tip for C2C Color Changes

If you need to change colors and the horizontal neighboring pixel is the same color, you can easily pull the yarn over and then crochet over the pulled (“carried”) red yarn to make the pixel.

Change colors in C2C tip

5. Tip for C2C Color Changes

If you need to crochet a C2C pixel that is farther away, do not carry the yarn unless the neighboring colors are the same. In the below example, the colors are not the same and you need to pick up the yarn again. You could start a new bobbin, but in this case, you pull a big loop and let the loop hang. That prevents the yarn from being unraveled and you have enough yarn later to weave in your ends. Then continue to crochet.

Change colors in corner to corner trick

You now learned 5 easy tips to change color in corner to corner. I show all steps more visually below in the video. I mention in the video I have 3 tips when it’s actually 5. But I combined a few tips so I said 3.

Here is my Corner to Corner (C2C) Youtube Playlist which has MORE C2C videos!

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Change Colors in Corner to Corner (C2C)

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I also have more stitches you might want to learn. Check out my Ultimate List of Advanced Crochet Stitches for more inspiration.

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How to Change Colors in Corner to Corner -C2C
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