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The Tunisian Simple Crochet is like a combination between crochet and knitting, but is is very simple. It starts out that you use an extended crochet hook and you crochet loops unto the crochet hook for the entire row (looks like knitting at that point) and then you work your way back (crocheting part). It is very sturdy and tide and less stretchy than other crochet stitches. But it works up pretty quick and is very easy.


Below you will find photos showing you have to create this beautiful stitch. Also I have a video below where I show and teach you exactly how to start this stitch, how to increase in 3 different ways and how to decrease in 2 different ways. I hope that will help you learn this stitch very quickly and you can use it right away for some fun crochet projects.

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Here are now the instructions for the Tunisian Simple Crochet:

1. Start with a chain with a length of your choice

2. Push the hook thru the 2nd chain from the hook and yarn over

3. The next picture shows how it will look like after you pulled the yarn thru. Now you will work on the next chain to the left and repeat the same process until the end of the row. You are accumulating loops on the hook just like knitting.

4. After you reached the end of the row, it should like this:

5. Next you will yarn over and pull thru the first loop (closest to the hook) only.

6. For the next loop and all the following (working our way back to the right), you will yarn over and pull thru 2 loops.

7. By the end of this row, it will look like this:

8. Now you will work on the next row, and ignore the very first vertical pole to the left of the hook and pull the yarn thru the second vertical pole from the hook, yarn over and pull up a loop.


9. Continue towards the left, pulling up loops.

10. Now we do the same as step 5 and 6, after which it looks like this:

11. Continue to repeat steps 8 through 10, as long as you need for your project.

In order to learn how to increase and decrease using this stitch, please watch the video below as I show in detail exactly how to do that.


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