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DAY 7 of the Valentine’s CAL

Valentine’s Box

This box is made quick and is so adorable. It is used for all the creations you made all week. Just placed all of them in there, give it as a gift or sell the entire Valentine’s box plus crochet creations (not the patterns of course). This is our last day of this years Valentine’s CAL. I hope you enjoyed it. Thanks for being there and participating.


What you will need:

  • 1 piece of posterboard 22x28inches (I got that one at my local grocery store, but Michaels has it to) which I got it in color red, but feel free to pick a different color (for gift box)
  • colored paper is optional (for hearts)
  • tape and/or glue, ruler, pencil for the box
  • scissors and yarn needle

The final box size will be about 10×10 inches.

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1. cut 2 pieces out of the cardboard (1st piece is 12x12inches, 2nd pieces is 12 1/8 x 12 1/8 inches)

2. using a ruler, make lines 2 inches inwards on both pieces. See picture below for more info


3. using the ruler bend right on the lines inwards, and then do it with your hand to bend it all the way. Do that for all the sides on both pieces.


4. Bend the corners inwards into a point while lifting up two sides


5. Do that for all the sides/corners

6. Now use glue or tape to glue to corners, like this:


6. Now you finished the box and you could leave it as is, or add hearts as I did. To make the hearts, take a colored or even white piece of paper (I had small colored papers that are 3×3 inches)


7. Fold the paper in half to make a triangle and optionally draw a heart, or do it free handed


8. Cut out a heart (we folded the paper to make both sides of the heart equal)


9. Now glue on the hearts as you wish. DONE.



Now you can add your Valentine’s crochet creations you created all week and either give as a gift or sell as a gift package.

This was the last day for our Valentine’s CAL. I really hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed hosting and creating these patterns. Let me know what was your favorite pattern and if you have any other ideas on what you would like me to make/create.


Love, Nicole

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