How to Make a Pom Pom 4 Different Ways

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I have put together 4 different ways on how to make a pom pom. These are fun and versatile techniques to make this quick accessory to decorate your items.

The seasons are definitely changing. We are slowly coming to the time of the year when many people will wear hats again. It’s becoming quite chilly outside and a hat or beanie sounds like a great idea to keep our heads and ears warm.

You can certainly wear a slouchy beanie. But just how fun is it to wear a handmade hat with a super cool and fun or fluffy accessory that will set you apart?

Most of the crocheters I know like putting them on their hats. However, they are not only fun to make but they are also super versatile. You can certainly use them to top a hat or a beanie. This is the most traditional use.

However, you can use pom poms on each end of a long scarf. You can even decorate your finished blanket or a cushion cover with them. All you need to do is attach one to each corner of your make to add a touch of fun to your home decor. 

How about attaching one to your favorite crochet bag or zipper pouch? They will certainly look super fun to wear. 

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Make Pom Poms for Hats 4 ways

4 Ways to Make a Pom Pom

I am sure there are some super creative people who can make pom poms many different ways. Today, I am going to show you the four most common ways on how to make a pom pom. I used all these techniques to make this cute accessory for my projects. They are all different and fit certain projects better than others. 

Video Tutorial to Make 4 Different Pom Poms

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1. Faux Fur Pom Pom

To make this super fun and fluffy faux fur one you do not need a crochet hook. This type is made from a faux fur fabric you can buy from any fabric shop.

They would look lovely on top of a handmade crochet hat or even attached to a handbag.

Faux fur pom poms are faster to make than traditional yarn ones. Depending on the yarn you use too, faux fur fabric poms might be a cheaper alternative too. 

For this super fun tutorial, you will need your materials, such as faux fur, tapestry needle, scissors, bowl, and a pen to trace a circle, about a foot of yarn, and polyfill.

The process is really simple. Firstly you need to draw a circle on the back of your faux fur fabric and cut it out with sharp scissors. Secondly, with a sharp but strong needle use a running stitch all around the circle about 1/4 inch away from the edge to stop it from ripping. Then put a little stuffing in the middle of the circle so that it holds its shape when it is used. Lastly, pull it closed tightly and secure the ends. You can then use these strings to attach the pom-pom to your favorite hat or handbag. 

And that is literally it, as simple as that! Take a look at HOW TO MAKE AMAZING FAUX FUR POM-POMS FOR HATS EASILY tutorial right here on my website. 

Faux Fur Pom-poms made

2. Reversible Faux Fur Pom Poms

I think in the long run, faux fur and reversible faux fur pom poms will save you so much more money and time. It goes a lot faster making a faux fur pom-pom than a yarn one. 

For this tutorial, you will need the same materials as for a classic faux fur pom with only one little change. You will need 2 different colored faux fur fabric circles. 

The process is very similar too. You will need to cut a circle out of each colored faux fur fabric. Once you have your 2 circles of faux fur, lay the non-faux fur sides on top of each other. Now you will weave your yarn with your needle on the edge (about 1/4 inch from the edge) all around in the circles, holding them together at the same time. 

Once you reach that 3/4 point of the circle, stuff the two layers with a little bit of stuffing, but not too much. Now pull on the strings to close it on whichever side you would like to use. To use the other side, simply turn it inside out. 

I think this is one of those tutorials where a video tutorial will make more sense. Check out HOW TO MAKE AMAZING FLUFFY REVERSIBLE FAUX FUR POM-POMS EASILY

How to Make amazing Reversible Faux Fur Pom Poms

3. How to Crochet a Faux Fur Pom Pom

The Faux Fur Pom Pom is a free crochet pattern on my website. It is ideal for a quick project to add an amazing feature to your hats and beanies. It’s fun and easy to make too. Perfect for the Fall and Winter seasons.

As we are heading into gift-making season many crafters, crocheters and knitters are working on their hats and beanies. We all want to make them beautiful with one small extra accessory. This Faux Fur pom will give it that extra flair it needs.

The only tricky thing with crocheting with faux fur yarn is that you might not be able to SEE the stitches. But you sure can FEEL the stitches due to the band that holds the faux fur together. It’s not too thick that it would take away from the faux fur feeling, but it allows you to feel the stitches.

FAUX FUR POM POM – FREE CROCHET PATTERN – IDEAL FOR HATS is a free tutorial on my website using WeCrochet’s Fable Fur Yarn Skeins.

You simply crochet a basic ball or sphere shape using the faux fur yarn. I suggest using a smaller hook for the holes to be smaller and contain the stuffing better. 

4. Yarn pom pom

These are probably the most common makes. So easy to make and fun to use. You can even make these with your kids as a super fun project. 

The most important thing and the secret to a nice full looking one is a good pom maker. I have used many over time but my favorite is THIS ONE from WeCrochet. 

Make a Pom Pom with Pom Pom Maker from Clover

I have a fun video TUTORIAL: HOW TO MAKE A POM-POM WITH A POM-POM MAKER on my website which shows you how to use the pom pom maker. Or learn how to make a Pom Pom with multiple yarn colors like this Unicorn Pom Pom.

Unicorn Pom-Pom DIY Tutorial Clover

One quick tip for a secure pom pom that will not fall apart is a dot of glue on the knot that secures the yarn strands together. 

You can have so much fun with the traditional yarn pom pom. Did you know you can make different animals, foods, vegetables or anything else with a these fun makes? I really love THIS BOOK which has so many amazing tutorials for panda, tiger, apple, or orange pom poms to name just a few.

Pom Pom Pom Book

I hope you enjoyed these tutorials on how to make a pom pom. If you think your crochet friends would enjoy it too, why not share it with them and the rest of the world! You can share the link or use the social media share buttons below!

What to use them for?

As pom poms are mostly used for crochet hats, why don’t you check out my tutorials on HOW TO ALWAYS MAKE THE PERFECT BEANIE OR HAT – CROCHET TUTORIAL. I will give you some amazing tips and tricks to succeed in making your first crochet hat even if you have never made one before!

There are plenty of free crochet hat patterns on my website. I have just released EASY STRIPED CROCHET HAT – FREE PATTERN USING SILT STITCH. It uses the super easy but oh-so pretty CROCHET SILT STITCH TUTORIAL – EASY VIDEO STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS. I have included a super detailed video tutorial which will help you master this lovely crochet stitch. You can then use this stitch for a matching scarf and gift it to a loved one.

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