The Best List of Unique Gifts For Crochet Lovers

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This is the Ultimate List of Gifts to make a Crocheter happy. As a gift-giver, this is a list you’ll want to keep bookmarked for gifts for crochet lovers for birthdays and Christmas.

It was only a few months ago on my birthday that I wished my hubby would have seen this list. I may have gotten lovely gifts I will cherish forever, but I would have rather had a different present. Not that I’m picky but more functional. I prefer getting gifts I can use, not sit in the corner and collect dust, regardless of how pretty, special, and expensive they are.

Most crocheters are probably like me – functional and not wasteful. But there is one thing we like seeing sitting in a corner and will stare at it for hours if we can and then it is yarn! Lots of it.

To make the gift giving easier for everyone, I created this Ultimate list of awesome gifts a crocheter would really want and would make them happy. If you are a crocheter, send the link to this list to your loved ones and friends.

And if you are a gift giver, you now must check out this list to find a great gift idea for the holiday season, Mother’s Day, as a Birthday gift, and a special occasion. You will be able to find many unique gifts for your favorite crocheter. The list includes gifts such as a gift card, crochet projects, a crochet tote bag, a pom pom maker, a yarn ball winder, and more crochet gifts which all make a thoughtful gift for a crochet enthusiast. Some of these gifts even make great stocking stuffers as a special gift for an avid crocheter.

Ultimate list of presents to make a crocheter happy

See the links I provided to get the amazing items for your crochet friend or family member faster. It is also more convenient for you to bookmark this list for future reference.

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This list ranges from everything a crocheter would want – from yarn to buttons, to a Cricut Maker to a sewing machine as well as lots of crochet hooks and so much more.

So, let’s get right into the very long list of items any crocheter would be happy to get as a gift! In case I missed any awesome gift ideas, please let me know in the comments and I will add them!

Ultimate List of Unique Gifts For Crochet Lovers

Most, if not all links listed below are affiliate links. If you want to know more about it, please see my Disclosure page.

Crochet Patterns

Most Crocheters need patterns to create crochet products. If you know your loved one loves a specific style of patterns, then these ebooks are ideal as a gift. See all crochet ebooks here

Crochet Membership

Besides a vault with over 400 ad-free patterns, a crocheter also loves a fun-filled community with extra direct support from a designer (me!). The Crochet Club Membership is an amazing gift for any crocheter. See more details about this membership here

The Crochet Club Membership

Luxuries Crochet Hooks

Next on the list is the most luxurious crochet hook in the world: FURLS CROCHET HOOKS! If you do not get your loved one anything, get her a Furls Crochet Hook. It will make her crocheting experience so much better and happier. Happy Wife, Happy Life, right?

WeCrochet Dots Hooks

If you prefer a more affordable hook set, then get the WeCrochet Dots Hooks. They are longer than Clover hooks (no more pocking your hand) and light as well as ergonomically friendly.

Get the entire set with free caddy here

More Ergonomic Crochet Hooks

When my husband asked me last year what I really wanted as a gift, I said ERGO HOOKS. And I am so glad I said it and got them. They are a life changer! Here are some that are the most popular and the best in different sizes (click to buy).


Crocheters also want different skeins of YARN in different yarn weights! I personally love worsted weight yarn the most. Here are some of my absolute favorite yarns to work with:

Crochet Kits

Many crocheters, although they have many patterns and yarn, might just not have the right yarn for their patterns at home. These kits allow you to get both the pattern and the yarn at the same time. These kits make amazing gifts. Here are all of my Mary Maxim Pattern Kits.

Crochet Books

Crochet books that were written and published by Edie Eckman. She is super detailed and clear in her books. I have almost all of hers and love them all. Click each image below to check out these books.

You can find even more Crochet Books, including Stitch Dictionaries, which I love right here.

Ottlite 3 in 1

OMG, when I got this Ottlite 3 in 1 as a gift from my husband, I was beyond happy. I know this is a gift many crocheters desperately want! I promise you! This is a MUST HAVE! I’ve had this lamp for 5 years now and it never broke! Get it HERE


Crocheters have to block their projects to make them look good. Steamers are very important for this task.

Blocking Mats

But with a steamer, we also need blocking mats. I use this set all the time and it’s my absolute favorite to block my crochet.


When crocheters make a project, whether it is bag or anything else, something very easy and cheap is often needed to give the project an extra special touch: BUTTONS, many of them and in different versions. I have conveniently listed several options below for you to purchase!

Project Bags

Alright, let’s be clear. Crocheters, same as knitters, have lots of on-going projects which are also known as WIP’s (work in progress). Well, we need a place to put them all and be able to take them with us. I am showing you below the most requested and loved project bags any crocheter or knitter would want!


Another highly loved and cheap item is a Knitting Thimble that can be used for crocheters and knitters a like, especially for those of you that have problems holding the yarn for along time. Get it HERE

Yarn Bowl

Another item on the long wish list is yarn bowls in different shapes and sizes. Currently, this one is my favorite. Just click on the image itself to purchase.

Crochet T-Shirts

Any crochet lover will be thrilled to have a t-shirt that displays their love for yarn and crochet. Here are a few different ones

Yarn Cutter Pendants

If we don’t have scissors by our side, then this yarn cutter pendant is perfect for cutting yarn quickly and easily.

Yarn Needles

Once a crocheter finishes their project, they will need a yarn needle or tapestry needle to weave in their ends. Here are a few of them to explore and get for your crochet lover.

Cricut Maker

Something that is literally wanted by any crafter or crocheter is a CRICUT MAKER! They are so amazing. You can cut so many things with them and have endless possibilities for creations. It is a MUST have as a gift! You can also the Cricut Maker from Amazon here

Cricut Maker

Comfort Crochet Products

When crocheting or knitting a lot, one can get really sore after awhile. Sometimes the little things would make a crocheter or knitter very happy, which is ICE PACKS and COMPRESSIONS GLOVES! Click on the images below to purchase.

Measuring Tapes

Is there one thing, that seems to disappear all the time, when crocheting or knitting? YES! It is tape measures! So if you but some, buy them in bulks, as they constantly seem to take off like a snake 🙂 Click on the image to buy it.

Handmade with Love Buttons

For us crocheters to show our passion for this beautiful craft, we like to showcase it with “Handmade with Love” buttons that also go really well, when selling our gorgeous creations that usually take hours or days to make. Get them HERE

Stitch Markers

Stitch Markers are super important when crocheters work on projects. Unfortunately, we lose many of them. Fortunately, they are affordable. So get a bunch to always have some on hand.

Pom Pom Makers

During the Fall and Winter time, crocheters create many hats. Pom Poms naturally fit on top of hats and beanies. With this set, you can create many very fast. You can even use pom poms for other things, like decor, rugs, and pillows.

Yarn Winder and Swift

Additional Accessories that seem to be often asked for and well loved are non-plastic stitch markers, pom-pom makers, yarn winders and storage units for yarn. They are all listed below (click to buy)

Yarn Storage Cabinet

Most crocheters have lots of yarn that needs to be stored somewhere. This storage cabinet was my go-to storage solution for a few years when I first learned to collect yarn for my yarn projects. Yes, collecting yarn is an important and separate hobby then crocheting itself. LOL

TSA Approved Scissors

16. When traveling, we would like to take our WIPs with us, but sometimes when going on a plane we do not know which scissors are TSA-approved. I found some that should be good to go (I do not guarantee that TSA approves these). Get them HERE

Sewing Machine

17. Most crocheters and knitters need or want a sewing machine. It can be so helpful to have it not just for our project, but to also fix up clothes at home. Get this Singer Sewing Machine HERE


18. Have you thought about how crocheters and knitters make their creations? well, they need patterns that are available on websites, PDFs, or on videos. Having an iPad can be so helpful to make items faster and quicker without having to turn on a computer or use the tiny screen on our phones. And yes, you do NOT need to go to the Apple Store to buy it. Get it on Amazon HERE

Gift Cards

Have you thought about gift cards yet? Well, most people do not like gift cards, well, WE DO! Especially visa gift cards and gift cards to crafts stores such as Michael’s and JoAnn’s so we can buy lots and lots more yarn! There is never such a thing as enough yarn! Please understand that 🙂

Crochet Hook Case

Crochet hook case! I love this one so much. Get it HERE

I think that list is pretty long and has lots of useful, well loved and wished for items on the Ultimate List of Gifts to make a Crocheter Happy.

For any crocheters or knitters, if you have more ideas that need to be added, please let me know and I will add them. Also be sure to share the link to this page with other crocheters and of course your gift givers!

For all the gift givers, this is a very useful wish list that should be bookmarked and always kept on hand for future gift ideas! Trust me! You will be loved more and more if you get items from this list.

Thanks for reading all the way through and for making your friends, and family members who crochet or knit very happy.

Gifts for Crochet Lovers
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