FREE Tiny Crochet Backpack Keychain Pattern or AirPods Case

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Use this tiny crochet backpack keychain as an AirPods case, for spare change, or to organize any small items you need to carry around. It’s a quick and easy pattern to make for a last-minute gift, too!

Are you constantly losing valuable time looking for your AirPods? Well, if you have an hour and a small amount of yarn, you can easily fix that problem! Add a keychain to his adorable tiny crochet backpack and you can clip it to your purse or belt loop. Then you will always have your earbuds handy.

There are so many uses for this little bag other than an AirPods case. You could use it to corral your loose change, hair ties, lip balm, jewelry, gum, or mints … You get the idea. What will you store in yours?

With the holidays coming up, you can easily make a whole bunch of tiny crochet backpacks as stocking stuffers or gift card holders. It’s also the perfect size for a doll backpack. You could even make matching backpacks for your little girl and her favorite doll!

Tiny Crochet Backpack Keychain Pattern or AirPods Case

The pattern was a Design CAL

Recently I created a new type of crochet-a-longs and they are called Design CALs. They are hosted as part of my “The Crochet Club” membership and can only be accessed as a member.

These Design CALs are super special because members have input on how the pattern turns out. We start the pattern with an idea and every week the pattern or theme is extended until it’s done. All through video tutorials, one each week. But some ideas are also just finished in one week with one video, like the Tiny Backpack.

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There is a new Design CAL each month now. Currently, we’re working on one small crochet pattern per week. In October 2023, we focus on Thanksgiving, and then Christmas and Winter patterns.

This Tiny Backpack crochet pattern was designed in July 2023 in The Crochet Club. It was a highly requested pattern and made a fun project.

Crocheting a Backpack

This tiny backpack boasts all the features of my mini backpack, just in a smaller scale. It has carry straps, a loop for hanging, a button closure, and even a tiny drawstring. Actually, it’s a great jumping-off point if you want to learn how a backpack is constructed but don’t have time for a larger project right now.

I used Premier Minikins to make this crochet backpack keychain but you could substitute any sport-weight cotton, acrylic, or blend. It only uses less than 100 yards of yarn so this is a great project to use up your scraps.

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Crochet Backpack Keychain PDF

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This pattern is also available as an ad-free, printer-friendly pdf pattern that can be purchased at the links below for only a small fee.

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In “The Crochet Club” membership the pattern is interactive with check-off boxes so you can keep track of where you are in the pattern (and saved per user login) without any ads and is printer-friendly!

So let me now get started and tell you what you will need in order to crochet this amazing pattern.

How to Crochet a Tiny Backpack



7 sts x 8 rounds = 1 square Inch

Final Size

2.25 x 2.5 (H) inches

Stitches used (US terms)

Click HERE to learn these basic stitches

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Free Written Instructions for the Crochet Backpack AirPods Case Pattern

R1: ch 10, starting from the 2nd ch from the hook, 1 sc per ch, 3 sc in the last ch, turn, now crochet on the other side of the chain, 1 sc in the ch until the last ch, 2 sc in the last chs

R2: 2 sc in the first ch, 1 sc in each st, until you hit the 3 sc from the last round, crochet 2 sc in each of the 3 sc’s, then continue the round, 1 sc per st, until the last 2 sc’s, crochet 2 sc’s each in those 2 sc’s

R3: 1 sc, 2 sc in the next st, 1 sc in each sc until you hit the 3 increases from the last round (6 sts in total), crochet (1sc, then 2sc in the following st) 3 times over those increases, then 1 sc per st until you hit the last 2 increases of the round, crochet (1sc, then 2sc in the following st) 2 times over those increases

R4: 1 sc in the blo in each st all around

Tiny Crochet Backpack Keychain Pattern or AirPods Case Bottom

R5-16: 1 sc in each st

R17: *1 sc in the next 2 sts, ch 2, sk 2, repeat from * all around

Backpack Flap

R1: Magic Ring and add 6 sc, close ring

R2: 2 sc per st

R3: *1 sc, 2 sc in the next st, repeat from * until the end of the round

R4: *1 sc in the next 2 sts, 2 sc in the next st, repeat from * until the end of the round

R5: ch 5, sk 2 sts, 1 sl st over the next 14 sts, ch 3, sk 1, 1 sl st until the end of the round

Tiny Crochet Backpack Keychain Pattern or AirPods Case Flap

Sew backpack flap on the back of the backpack

Tiny Crochet Backpack Keychain Pattern or AirPods Case Flap Back

Sew a button to the front

Tiny Crochet Backpack Keychain Pattern or AirPods Case Front Button

Add an icord or ch 30-40, then sl st into each ch, then weave the cord through the holes of the backpacks last round

Tiny Crochet Backpack Keychain Pattern or AirPods Case Drawstring

Optionally add 2 backpack straps (like an icord) if you don’t use it as a keychain

Tiny Crochet Backpack Keychain Pattern or AirPods Case Straps

You are now done and can use the tiny yellow backpack for your earbuds or other tiny items. I hope you enjoyed the pattern. Please share it with the world on social media using the links above or below. Thanks.

Tiny Crochet Backpack Keychain Pattern or AirPods Case

That way you will find it easily again when you need it and you also provide the world and your friends with the ability to gain extra crochet knowledge as well. And to top it off, you help me as it allows me to create more content that you love already and want to see more of – free crochet patterns and tutorials. So, thank you for sharing.

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Tiny Crochet Backpack Keychain Pattern or AirPods Case
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