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A Design Crochet Along, aka Design CAL, is a crochet along that provides the crocheter with involvement in the pattern creation around a specific pattern theme. Each part comes with a full video tutorial and written pattern.

What is a Crochet Along?

Have you ever joined a Crochet Along which is sometimes simply known as a CAL? Well, there are many different types. But they all have one thing in common. A Crochet Along is simply an event where you are given a pattern in parts and you work through each part, published at a certain time of the event, with a large group of people.

These CALs are really fun and entertaining. Most of the time, you also learn something new, like a stitch or technique. They can be challenging for some and easy for others. But they do bring crocheters together, typically online, and provide a lot of fun and excitement.

In fact, some crochet alongs even provide videos for stitches, techniques, or for each part of the pattern. In my experience, I have seen crochet alongs hosted mostly in Facebook Groups, typically the ones the designer already created.

Most of the time, the CAL is announced and provides the material list and date ranges of the event as well as a sign up form for the participant to get notifications when a new part of the pattern becomes available.

Types of Crochet Alongs

So let’s talk about the different types of crochet along. I will not be covering knit-alongs, although they are the same just with a knitting pattern.

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  • Traditional Crochet Along, just known as a CAL, where you know the pattern ahead of time
  • Mystery Crochet Along, aka Mystery CAL, where you may or may not know the theme of the pattern but will be provided with some information such as the material list and some hints – they are very exciting and fun
  • Stitch Along, which is usually the same as a traditional CAL, but you’ll learn lots of different stitches as you make a fun pattern you know of ahead of time
  • Design CAL – brand new, invented by me, Nicole Riley of Nicki’s Homemade Crafts
Design Crochet Along

What is a Design CAL?

Recently I created a new type of crochet along and they are called Design CALs. They are hosted as part of my “The Crochet Club” membership and can only be accessed as a member.

These Design CALs are super special because members have input on how the pattern turns out. We start the pattern with an idea and every week, for 4 weeks, the pattern is extended until it’s done. All through video tutorials, one each week. So each Design CAL has 4 parts.

What Design CAL Participant’s INPUT looks like

There are many ways how TCC members can have input on how the pattern will look like. Here are a few ways:

  • The initial pattern theme idea
  • Pattern voting which one will be hosted the following month(s)
  • Stitch ideas to incorporate
  • Pattern features to add (like zippers, pockets, drawstrings, etc)

But members will NOT write or design the pattern directly. They will have input and I will make the final decision on the pattern design. BUT you can always change the pattern up as you wish! Being creative is the fun part in the crochet journey!

How often will there be a Design CAL?

There is a new Design CAL each month now within The Crochet Club. We just finished a special and very pretty Chevron Stocking which is currently only available inside the membership.

We’re starting a new Design CAL next week which is a Yarn/Hook Storage Container with lots of pockets.

The yarn ball cozy was designed in early summer of 2022 in The Crochet Club. It was a highly requested pattern. In the first week, we created the bag base, then the following week extended it to make the bag body. In week three we added all the pockets and then finished it the following week with the bag handle and buttons.

You’ll be able to find all the video tutorials in The Crochet Club as they are exclusive to the membership.

Some of the past Design CALs hosted in The Crochet Club:

  1. Flower Mandala
  2. Yarn Ball Bag Cozy
  3. Chevron Wave Christmas Stocking

How do I join a Design CAL?

So now that you know you can have a say on what a pattern can look like, what features it can have, get videos and extra support, as well as an ad-free pattern, you may want to know how you can join a Design CAL?

Sure! All you need to do is become a “The Crochet Club” (aka “TCC”) member. You can join the monthly, quarterly, or annual membership. The trial membership does not include the Design CAL for the first 7 days until you become a full member.

Would you like to join the next Design CAL?

You can sign up HERE to become a TCC member.

When is the next Design CAL?

At each beginning of the month, we have a new Design CAL in “The Crochet Club”.

The next Design CAL starts on Tuesday, 8/2/22, and will be a Yarn/Hook Storage Container with lots of pockets.

All you need is some stash worsted yarn, your favorite corresponding hook, and a plastic or metal container (any size you wish – an old Halloween, Dollar store container, or cut Vinegar bottle will work fine).

In the following months, we’ll be crocheting a Filet Crochet wall hanging, hair drying towel, soup bowl cozy with pockets, and so many more. It all depends on the votes in The Crochet Club membership Facebook group post.

The members decide what they want. Then I provide the guidance and the pattern and LIVE video each step of the way.

But in the end, you have the freedom to make your own version. I’m just your leader, but you can make your own choices along the way.

So what do you think?

Would you like to join the next Design CAL here and become a TCC member?

Will the Design CAL pattern be available outside of TCC?

Yes, eventually it will be. But usually not right away. Usually, a month or two after the event ended. But the videos for each pattern will stay exclusive to The Crochet Club.

Design CAL
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