11 Cute Crochet Cat Hat Patterns

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I am bringing you something fun and cute – crochet cat hat patterns! Lately, I have been making some for my cats and can not wait to share them with you.

I know the saying goes a dog is man’s best friend. However, I think this definitely applies to cats too! In fact, any pet that is close to your heart can be your best friend.

When it comes to cats, they show so much love! I have been thinking of some cute gifts for them. And this is where the idea has come from – crochet cat hat patterns!

These patterns are quick to make so you get instant satisfaction from completing a project. And the options of personalizing a hat for your furry friend are endless. All you need to do is change colors and add a few different elements and you will have a crochet cat hat for any occasion.

Although these patterns are specifically aimed at cats, there is no reason why you could not adjust the patterns to fit your dog. The patterns I designed are completely adjustable and can be made larger for dogs, ponies, or horses! The possibilities are endless.

Hilarious Cat Hat Crochet Patterns

Tips for making crochet cat hats

The main thing when it comes to a crochet cat hat is the fit! Firstly, you want your furry friend to be comfortable while wearing and posing in their new hat!

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As every cat is different in size, the best thing you can do is use a pattern that can be easily adjusted. The easiest patterns to adjust would be patterns that are worked top-down.

These start at the top of the crochet cat hat and incorporate increases into each round. You will follow this pattern until the hat is as wide as the space between your cat’s ears. Once you have reached the width you can stop increasing and add a bit of height if you wish to. This depends on the style of hat you are making.

The alternative is to make holes on your crochet cat hat for the ears to poke through. You would follow the pattern until the desired width of the gap between the ears. Then you would make another round where you chain stitches and miss stitches to create two openings. These then become the ear holes.

Another important thing to think about is the ties. These are essential if you want your cat to wear the crochet hat for more than five seconds. You want to place the ties on either side of the hat and tie it under the chin. Of course not too tight so the cat is still comfortable.

Crochet Cat Hat Patterns Video

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11 Cute Crochet Cat Hat Patterns

As I said before, cat hat patterns have been on my to-make list for a little while now. I have designed a few so far but definitely plan on making many more!

I have been searching for some cute and fun patterns to share with you. It is so funny how you can dress up your cat just by adding a cute hat on their heads. You can make them personal, seasonal, or simply crocheting things you like and enjoy.

Below are some of the patterns I have found and simply had to share with you all on one page. I hope they will inspire you to make some for your four-legged friends.

1. Cat Witch Hat

This free crochet pattern is for a cute witch hat for cats. This pattern is made using only single crochet stitches so it would be a perfect beginner project. It is worked top-down with holes for the ears to poke through.

I have added a few more round after the ear holes to make a wider brim on the hat just like a witch. CAT CROCHET WITCH HAT PATTERN – EASY AND FREE is available on my website.

Cat Crochet Witch Hat Free Pattern

2. Cat Santa Hat

This Cat Santa Hat would be a cute accessory for your kitty to wear for the Holiday Season. They are fun and fast to crochet and simply bring a smile on everyone’s face when they see them being worn on cats.

This hat has an added faux fur brim and fun Pom Pom. It has no ear holes so you can customize it to the width of the gap between ears. You can get the FREE CROCHET CAT SANTA HAT PATTERN on my website.

Cat Santa Hat Crochet Pattern

3. Cat Elf Hat

Cat Elf Hat is another fun and cute hat to wear for the Holiday Season. Wouldn’t it make a great family Christmas photo if the kitties wore elf hats?! It has added a crown to it which means this hat could also be adjusted to a birthday hat!

CUTE FREE CROCHET CAT ELF HAT PATTERN is available on my website as a free pattern.

Cat Cat Elf Hat Pattern

4. Cat’s Unicorn Hat

This beginner-friendly crochet project would make an excellent costume or photo prop for your smaller four-legged friends. These unicorn crochet cat hats work up very quickly. They fit most adult cats and extra small dog breeds too. CLICK HERE for the pattern.

Crochet Cat Unicorn Hat Pattern

5. Cat Sombrero Hat

This quick and easy crochet pattern creates a festive little sombrero designed to fit your smaller four-legged friends. It is also a great stash buster as it only requires a very small amount of each color. FOLLOW THIS LINK for the pattern.

Cat Sombrero Hat Pattern

6. Cat’s Frog Hat

A great beginner-friendly crochet cat hat pattern for frog lovers! Adding a frilly edge and big frog eyes make this hat stand out from the crowd. Follow THIS LINK for the pattern.

Cat Frog Hat Pattern

7. Cat Strawberry Hat

My all-time favorite fruit – strawberry combined with crochet and cats? I think this is by far the best combination ever! A great way to use up odds and ends, and build up your pet’s wardrobe of adorable costumes. Also works great for photoshoots! CLICK HERE for the pattern!

Cat Strawberry Hat

8. Cat Pumpkin Hat

Pumpkin season might be over but I could not help myself when I saw this cute pattern. I think it will make your cat the cutest pumpkin in the patch! Find the pattern HERE.

Cat Pumpkin Hat

9. Cat Christmas Tree Hat

This crochet Christmas tree hat pattern for cats, small dogs, and other small animals is perfect for the upcoming holiday season! Just imagine all the possibilities of decorating a mini Christmas tree hat! Click ON THIS LINK for the pattern.

Cat Christmas Tree Hat

10. Turkey Cat Hat

Super cute crochet turkey hat that is perfect for Thanksgiving! Turn your cat into a super cute turkey in the photos. Find the pattern HERE and make a cute accessory for your furry friend.

Cat Turkey Hat Pattern

11. Curler Crochet Hat for Cats

This is by far one of the best and funniest crochet cat hat patterns I have come across when searching! It is a fun but also easy to crochet pet hat pattern. It has two options for the hair curlers – either real curlers or crochet ones. VISIT THIS LINK for the pattern.

Cat Curler Hat Pattern

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11 Cute Crochet Cat Hat Patterns
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