Cat Crochet Witch Hat Pattern – Easy and Free

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This free crochet pattern is for a cute witch hat for cats. This pattern is made using only single crochet stitches as well as Brava yarn from WeCrochet.

If you know that I love hats, you may also know I love cats! I have 2 sweet cats, a 13-year-old boy named Yokie and a 12-year-old girl named Lilly. We used to have another cat, but our adorable 7-year-old tabby boy Nibbles passed away last year. But Lilly and Yokie are very happy and love attention all day. So much so that the Fall Season and upcoming Halloween celebrations gave me an idea to make a witch hat for them.

Isn’t it so cute?

Free Cat Crochet Witch Hat Pattern

Cat Crochet Hat Pattern

I think I’m hooked. HAHA! As I love crocheting hats and of course love my cats, I truly believe you will see more cat hat patterns in the near future. What do you want to see next? A Santa Hat? Feel free to email me or leave a comment below.

But is cat hat-making different from normal crochet hats? Yes, a bit. They are a lot smaller of course and usually include holes for the ears to poke through.

But does that make them harder to make? No actually not. And of course, they are much faster to make too. Just be aware that not all cats love having something on their head and it should be easy for them to remove it if they wish to kick it off. So don’t tie the hat on too tight!

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Ready to make one, too?

Get the PDF of the Cat Witch Hat

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This pattern is also available as an ad-free, printer-friendly pdf pattern that can be purchased at the links below for only a small fee.

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So, let me now give you the supplies you need in order to crochet this cute pattern.

How to crochet the
Cat Witch Hat

Materials you will need


5 sc stitches x 5 rounds = 1 square inch


4.5 (h) x 5 (diameter) inches (including brim)

Fits adult cats

Stitches used in the pattern

Learn all the basic crochet stitches HERE

Lilly Girl Cat Crochet Witch Hat Pattern
Lilly cat wearing the crochet witch hat

Free Written Pattern for the Cat Witch Hat

This cat witch hat is made from the top down. You’ll keep increasing, add holes for the ears, then the brim, and lastly add the ties to finish it up.

You’ll be crocheting in continuous rounds, so be sure to use a stitch marker. Only turn when mentioned, otherwise, it’s crocheted in rounds.

Crochet Top Down Cat Witch Hat

R1: With the black yarn make a magic ring or an alternative magic ring and add 7 sc

R2-3: 1 sc in each st

R4: *1 sc in the next 2 sts, 1 sc inc, repeat from * one more time, 1 sc (9 sts)

R5: 1 sc in each st

R6: *1 sc, 1 sc inc, repeat from * (4 times), 1 sc (13 sts)

R7-8: 1 sc in each st

R9: *1 sc in the next 2 sts, 1 sc inc, repeat from * (4 times), 1 sc (17 sts)

R10-11: 1 sc in each st

R12: *1 sc in the next 3 sts, 1 sc inc, repeat from *

R13-14: 1 sc in each st

R15: *1 sc in the next 4 sts, 1 sc inc, repeat from *

R16-17: 1 sc in each st

In Purple only:

R18-19: 1 sc in each st, then switch back to black

R20: *1 sc in the next 2 sts, 1 sc inc, repeat from *, 2 sc in the last stitch (34 sts)

Adding the Cat Ear Holes to the Witch Hat

R21: *1 sc, 1 sc inc, repeat from * 6 times, turn

R22: *1 sc, 1 sc inc, repeat from * 9 times, cut yarn

Skip 5 sts on each side (leave open for ears)

So skip 5 sts where you turned in R21 and reattach the yarn, then repeat R21 and R22

R23: 12 fsc, then start crocheting on the other side, *1 sc in the next 3 sts, 1 sc inc, repeat from *, finish this side with 1 sc in the next 3 sts, then 12 fsc, then start crocheting on the other side again, *1 sc in the next 3 sts, 1 sc inc, repeat from *, finish this side with 1 sc in the next 3 sts

R24-25: 1 sc in each st

Fasten off and weave in your ends.

Crochet the hat ties for the cat witch hat

Do this twice:

Attach yarn to the area behind the ear opening, ch 31, start from 2nd ch from the hook, 1 sc in each ch.

Fasten off and weave in your ends.

Crochet Witch Hat Pattern for Cat

Be sure to join my Crochet Facebook Group and show off your cat witch hat. I would love to admire them and cheer you on as you’re working on creating it and after you finished it.

I’m also always here to support you through this and any other pattern and tutorial. Simply ask in my group and me and other amazing and kind crocheters will help you along.

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Cat Crochet Witch Hat Free Pattern
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  1. Hi,
    Thank you for sharing this pattern. I think I found a mistake. On row 6 it says *1 sc in next 2 sc, sc inc.* repeat from * to *, 1sc (13 st). I’ve torn it out and recounted and there is no sc after the repeats and there are only 12 st not 13.

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